The Medium

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Level 1
Jul 26, 2018
Overview/Notable Features – The Medium is many things, some of them beautiful and others terrible nightmares.

On its most surface level, it is a digital connecting point between all of the Crossroads. Think of ‘the cloud.’ Probing deeper reveals the more metaphysical aspects that link together the minds of every living entity in the Crossroads, much like a massive, sprawling spiderweb. Think of a brain like a radio, and The Medium is a pirate radio station, and with careful fiddling anyone can tune in.

The deeper you delve into the Medium, the more abstract the reality that you experience becomes. Some individuals will reside wholly within these dreamlike realms, while most denizens of the Crossroads will only experience those depths in their dreams.

Time passes very strangely in The Medium, and you never know how much time (if any) will have passed when you return to the physical realm. If you are in The Medium physically, you still need to eat, drink and sleep normally, and take damage normally as well.

Terrain/Climate – Because of its mutable and multilayered nature, there is limitless variability in the ‘look’ of the Medium. The only constant is that things are rarely the same, although there is some plasticity to the most ‘surface levels’ of the Medium that mimic civilizations.

Wildlife – Again, there is nearly limitless variability in the ‘life forms’ you find in the Medium, due to its nature. You may speaking to someone only to find out they are a sentient computer program or the by-product of someone’s dreams.

Writing in the Medium: The Medium may be used to write extensive flashbacks or dream sequences that may not otherwise fit into your narratives. You may also use it to write online games or similar concepts of stuff on the internet. All of this should be done in moderation. Abuse of the Medium will be tamped down very quickly.

Travel to the Medium – Physically travelling to and from the Medium works just like travelling to any other World. How you enter the Medium often reflects the experience you desire. You may utilize some kind of magic or metaphysics en route to a strange land of dreams, or you may upload yourself like a computer file. Feel free to describe your entry into this World in any way you feel like. You may interact with the Medium through dreams or digital platforms, but you will be somewhat easily countermanded by things that physically exist there. When you leave the Medium, you must pay 100 Coin, but you may exit to any World.

Points of Interest ("Layers")

The Cloud:
The Medium is a network that connects everything in the Crossroads. Traditional digital spaces exist as a part of the Medium and can be accessed via technological or magical means. Data is exchanged across worlds in this way.

The Deep Web: Some take the extra step and will directly upload themselves to the Cloud. These individuals enter a massive digital network of sentient programs and various other digital creations. Like the rest of the Medium, the Deep Web is in flux and very fluid; however, there are some locations that are constants. Go out and explore them!

The Dreamscape: All dreams in Multerra are connected by The Medium, which means almost every sentient being will experience the Medium at some point in their life, even if their experiences are only in their subconscious. Most individuals have their own little dreamscape that they’ll never leave… think of them like clouds that float and drift in the Dreamscape. Trained individuals may ‘lucid dream’ which allows them to control their dream self. Some may take it a step further and physically enter the Dreamscape. These persons are able to exit their personal dreamscape and enter the vast eternity that is the Dreamscape.

What these individuals find is a realm that is constantly in flux. Physical laws don’t necessarily exist as you would expect, and the landscape itself is fluid. Even so, there are some settlements and tangible points that exist in the Dreamscape that are attractive to dream walkers or physical visitors. Be wary that oftentimes the most pleasant-looking things are dangers in disguise. Idyllic landscapes may warp into sentient nightmares in the blink of an eye. What might seem like a post-modern city might invert or turn inside out the next moment. Sometimes pathways lead into infinite loops.

Nothing is as it seems in any region of the Medium.
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