Victor Wolfe

Victor Wolfe

Level 4
Sep 10, 2018
Mesa Roja
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User name: Victor Wolfe

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Character Name: Victor Wolfe

Character Source: OC

Starting Location: Inverexe

Physical Tendencies:
  • Power(P): 20%
  • Toughness(T): 5%
  • Quickness(Q): 40%
  • Skill(S): 35%
Personality Tendencies:
  • Aggression(A): 10%
  • Cunning(C): 65%
  • Diplomacy(D): 25%
  • Support(S): 10%

  • Enterprising
Physical Description:

Victor at 6'3 is lanky and slim, his body having very little fat but some very well defined muscles. His face is young, handsome, and almost always adorned with a smug grin, his blond hair reaching down to his shoulders frames his crimson red eyes with their piercing glare, no warmth contained within them, only hunger for life's pleasures.

Victor is usually seen in his black assassins uniform, its gold trims adding to the challenge of remaining stealthy and fabulous at the same time, the golden crest of a lion still emblazed on its back, a memento of better times.

Character History:

After the events of his second DA Victor once again felt that he was being dragged to another world, no introduction from a small creepy child this time. The assassin had experienced this before when he was dragged from a possible death at the hands of rebels, eager to kill the top imperial assassin.

Growing in power from a very skilled human, to almost on the level of the heroes of myth Victor thrived in this new environment, despite numerous setbacks from hostile natives and other super-powered undying ones. Eventually rising as a Lord of a certain desert city, his badge of office still pinned to his cloak, The lord and diplomat felt an emptiness as he was yet again yanked from his home, all the progress and ambitions, destroyed at the hands of unseen forces once again.

However, the opportunity to carve his own path free of the restraints of his former Kings laws was not lost on the assassin and thus along with apprehension, the former diplomat set out to earn his place.


Twin Daggers (300) (1250)
Damage 6 (600)
-Ranged (300)
Damage 2 (200)
-ongoing (200)
-Weakness(does not work on creatures that cannot bleed) (-50)

Description: Adjusting to the world and his powers more Victor is now able to use his increased physical skills to accurately throw his daggers. His power to manipulate matter now being used to break them down quickly should he ever be disarmed or miss their target giving him quick access to his most trusty twelve-inch long blades. Ever seeking improvement Victor has given the blade a serrated edge to cause bleeding over time.

Stealth belt(800)
Concealment (Sight & Hearing) 4 (800)
--Ongoing (400)
--Limited (-200)
--Removable (-200)
Description: At the push of a button on his belt Victor becomes harder to see due to a distortion field from the belt that fits Victors form. Now upgraded this bubble is even harder to spot and traps all unwanted sounds within. This lasts until the assassin is hit breaking the bubble.

Fused Assassins body (5400)
Agility 7 (1400)
Endurance 7 (700)
Speed 7 (1400)
-Ongoing (700)
Damage 4 (400)
Move Object 4 (400)
-Ongoing (400)

Description: Using even more of his potential power Victor is now even more of a force to be reckoned with his reflexes and speed going far beyond that of a normal human, and his endurance and formidable fighting skills returning to the sharpest they have been in years,
When Fused Victor is able to enhance his already substantial power beyond his bodies own limits, massively increasing their reflexes, endurance, speed and strength. (when unfused for now Victor is at a 4 in endurance, agility, and speed. And a one in move object. When fused this is boosted to 5s and a 3 for move object until they stop holding back and their hair starts glowing gold for the ability scores seen above.

Reapers eyes (2000)
Healing 2 (400)
--Ongoing (200)
Healing 4 (800)
--Limited (Mortally Wounded) (-200)
--Triggered (Mortal Wounds) (+200)
Teleport 1 (300)
--Limited (Mortally Wounded) (-50)
--Triggered (Mortal Wounds) (+50)
Adaptation (Nonbiological Anatomy) (300)
--Limited (Mortally Wounded) (-50)
--Triggered (Mortal Wounds) (+50)

Victor's passive genetic healing helps him to absorb and repair wounds. Upon being mortally wounded Victor's body will fade from existence, healing his wounds and reappearing within ten feet of his location of death within a few seconds. This ability also causes Victor's eyes to glow red, the stronger the healing rate, the brighter the glow. (This does not prevent death from judged fights)

Communicator (50)
Communication (100)
-Removable (-50)

Description: A device able to send text as well as voiced messages much like a smartphone.

Restructuring (600)
Variable Creation 2 (400)
--Ongoing (200)
Description: Due to his experience in the last world, Victor has learned how to focus atoms and restructure them into objects that come to mind, be they food, or utility objects like jars. Only just remembering he has this power Victor can only summon objects less than 2 ft in dimensions.

Potara Fusion (600)
Fusion (500)
-ongoing (100)

Description: Summoning a single Potara earing Victor is able to fuse with anyone else who can summon one.

Fear Aura(1100)

Debuff 4(Agility) 400
- affects multiple 2 (400)
-ongoing (400)
-weakness (-100) only works on things that can feel fear.

Description: A 40ft aura that Victor can target within at will to make anyone he wishes have their fear reactions triggered, often causing shaking and terror, the most basic level of his fear aura ability being assaulted by the negative energy makes the average person struggle to maintain their motor skills and reflexes.

Kamehameha (1450)

Ability Effects:
Damage 7 (700)
- Ranged (350)
- Affects Multiple 4 (1400)
- Indiscriminate (-350)
- Concentration (-350)

Descriptor: Victor his arms back in an arch gathering blue energy between his palms, concentrating for ten seconds, if able to fully charge he can launch the ball of energy into a cylindrical beam hitting up to an 80ft wide area with a blast of pure ki.

How much Essence did you spend? 13250

How much Essence do you have left?

Spec Ops Trooper
Minion (300)

Daggers (150)
Damage 3 (300)
-Removable (-150)

Light Armour (400)
Protection 2 (200)
-Ongoing (200)

Trained Officers (1500)
Endurance 3 (300)
Agility 3 (600)
Speed 2 (400)
-Ongoing (200)

Descriptor: The elite special forces of the Neo New Babylonian military structure, these forces originated as mercenaries who after being given a very generous offer by the assassin emperor decided to become his permanent guard and servants. Equipped with Stygian silver daggers and chainmail armour these elites pack a punch.
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