Changing Characters, Alts, and Retirement

Changing Characters

In the event that you would like to change your character, that’s an option you have. There is a cost associated with switches if it has been under 6 months since you last switched characters or joined, however. You need at least 50 Tokens (See Donation thread) to apply for a Character change in this case. Paying 50 Tokens also means you don't lose any of your current Essence.

To Change Characters after it's been 6 months: If you’re below Level 3, you simply redesign a new character as if you were joining fresh.

If you are Level 3 or higher, you can retain some of your Essence (Coin and all Coin-related purchases are always reset) as determined by this formula:

  • Your Current Essence is halved and added to your new starting Essence. If this process would reduce your Essence below 2000 it would simply reset.

Whatever number you wind up with is how much ‘extra’ Essence your new character will have when you design them. Good luck and have fun.

And please wait at least 6 months between changes or use Tokens to reset the timer.

Alternate Characters

An extra character is a luxury. You may unlock a 2nd character slot through the use of Tokens and 3rd/4th character slots via a one-time Donation (See Donation Thread). Once you pay for an alternate character, you would register an account and follow the joining procedure like any new character.

If you want anything beyond that, you’ll have to prove yourself to the Arbiters.

Please note that your characters cannot interact in a ‘meaningful gameplay sense.’ You can’t have them exchange items or participate in the same non-personal storyline (ie a Challenge, Event, or Quest of any kind).

Retiring Characters

Once you reach Level 10, your character reaches ‘Retirement’. The form of this retirement may come in various shapes and sizes. You may turn your character into an NPC. You may continue to write them, but Essence gain will be disabled (retaining a character past retirement also counts as a ‘character slot’). You may also have your character perish in some impactful manner. There may be other forms of ‘retirement,’ but we don’t want to spoil all the mysteries.

Regardless of the context of your retirement, they will be immortalized in the Hall of Legends, as well as having some legacy that will endure in the world.

After you retire your character, you will create a new Level 1 character, as if you were joining for the first time. This new character, however, will have a 5% boost to their Essence gain.

And yes, you may tie this new character into the story of your old character.

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    Jul 23, 2018
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