Travel and Questing in the Crossroads


Transit can be accomplished in many ways. Opening a sci-fi portal that leads onto one of the other planets, getting a ticket onto a starship or even touching a magical crystal ball. Travelling can be explained in any way that’s reasonable for your character. For the most part you can travel any time for any reason, there’s just a few exceptions: you can’t transit in order to join events or conflicts already in progress, nor can you use them to EXIT any events or conflicts already in progress. Otherwise you’re free to come and go as you please.

Community Quests

Coin can be earned by completing Quests, which are community sourced. Anyone can create a Quest of any design they like (so long as it doesn’t break the canon of the universe), and anyone may complete them if they meet the requirements laid out by the Quest. If the Quest is completed, both the Quest giver and Quest doer earn Coins. The amount of Coin that’s paid out by the Quest depends on the required word count.

The Quest Giver does not need to actively participate in a Quest, and if they do, their word count does not count towards completion.

All Quests must follow this structure:

  • [Quest Name]
  • Quest Giver:
  • Quest Length:
  • Quest Location:
  • Quest Prerequisites:
  • Quest Description:
  • Repeatable? Y/N

Quest Giver must be the person to have put out the Quest, and the success payout will go to them. It must be the CHARACTER that put the quest out into the world, having it make some kind of narrative sense that the character needs a thing done. There must be some sort of exchange between the two characters for this to all happen.

Quest Length is the overall minimum length of the Quest in terms of word count. You must pick one of the following lengths when submitting a user quest, and the Quest rewards for both the Quest giver and completer are set by the length (Quest lengths that fall between these ranges will default to the lower reward):

  • 1,000 Words - Completer: 300 Giver: 60
  • 2,500 Words - Completer: 1,000/ Giver: 200
  • 5,000 Words Completer: 2,500/ Giver: 500
  • 10,000 Words - Completer: 6,000/ Giver: 1,200
  • 15,000 Words - Completer: 10,000/ Giver: 2,000
  • 20,000+ Words - Completer: 16,000/ Giver: 2,700

You may also choose to give out anything else that has an equal value to the normal Coin rewards, such as Consumables, Bases or Minions, or a mix of any of those options plus the leftover Coin. The non-Coin rewards are calculated at their raw value, not including the discounts afforded by Affinities.

Quest Location is on which world (or worlds) this Quest takes place. It can even be a very specific location, such as a City or a Base.

Quest Prerequisites are anything that act as a gate to entry. These can be mechanical or lore related, such as: you must have a Skill Mastery or Effect type, you must be of a certain faction, or have completed some other task. The prerequisites are entirely up to you, but the harder a quest is to accept, the less likely it is to be completed.

Quest Description is the main body of the Quest. You must explain what exactly must be done in the Quest in order to complete it. These prerequisites can be as specific as you like, but play by the spirit of the rules: don’t make Quests so vague that any writing could complete them. It should be specific enough that if someone read the posts of a completed Quest they could tell what the objective of the Quest was. If you’re unsure if your quest is too vague, try adding in a few more details. If you try to cheat the system, you will face OOC consequences.

World Quest

There may be Quests that are created by the staff on the site, called World Quests, and they may follow different rules for how much Coin is earned.

Some World Quests may be especially dangerous, require special actions or include other oddities. World Quests are bound by no rules, and may pay a variable amount of Coin, Not Coin, or Nothing. Bounties are almost always World Quests.

You may request a World Quest from staff if you are struggling to think of a storyline. Doing so will cost you 5 Tokens.

Please note that you may not do a World Quest and and any other Reward-granting storyline concurrently. Finish one before starting the other.

Community Quests, World Quests, and requests for World Quests can be found here.

Chaining/Continuing a World Quest

In nearly all instances, you can elect to continue a World Quest. The price to continue a Quest is 10 Tokens for the first chain and 15 for the second. To request a Chain, you must be able to provide a summary to a Staffer, so they can devise a proper twist to the on-going story. Once your Chain request is processed, you’ll receive a fresh set of requirements and continue with your story arc. Continued Quests reward twice the Coin for the first chain and three times the Coin for the second chain.

Disclaimer: Note that a World Quest Chain implies that each subsequent World Quest builds off the previous one in some manner. We don’t intend to micro-manage every Quest Chain but if we spot players writing Chains that aren’t connected in any sort of way, rewards may be rescinded and other consequences might also be involved.

Writers may Chain together three Quests in this manner, although rare exceptions may be made based on the number of individuals or the growing scale of the story.

Writing Quality Bonuses

At its core, Multerra is a community for people to gather and roleplay fantastical adventures, whether those be dramatic, comedic, thrilling, or some bizarre homunculus of settings and genres.

Multerra, however, also aims to satisfy a niche for people who love to write for the sake of writing, and who are focused on using the prompts and stories they tell here as a vessel to improve their own writing skills and practices.

As a result of wanting to satisfy the niche of aspiring writers out there, Multerra allows people to submit their completed threads (personal threads or quests) to staff for review. In an effort to standardize the process and trim out personal tastes or biases, a common rubric (click to download a pdf) is used to ‘score’ a thread based on whether it is PvP or PvE. When you submit your thread for review, it will be read and scored along the lines outlined on the rubric.


You can achieve one of four different reward ‘tiers’ based on how you are scored on the rubric.

  • Non-Tiered (Score less than a 5 in one or more Writing Descriptors) = You have earned a free entry in the upcoming Book Club. A staff member will also offer you a potential follow-up prompt for your story.
  • Tier 1 (Score at least a 5 or a 6 on all Writing Descriptors) = You have earned a Trinket, valued at up to 1000 Coin, to be designed by the staff member who reviewed your thread. Thread must be a minimum 4000 words.
  • Tier 2 (Score at least a 7 or 8 on all Writing Descriptors) = You have earned a Trinket, valued at up to 2000 Coin, to be designed by you (it must in some way be relevant to your plot). Thread must be a minimum of 4000 words.
  • Tier 3 (Score at least a 9 or a 10 on all Writing Descriptors) = You have earned a Trinket, valued at up to 3000 Coin, to be designed by you (it must in some way be relevant to your plot). Thread must be a minimum of 4000 words.
  • Note: Submissions must be less than 20,000 words (you may specify X number of posts for a thread that is too long). This limit is to reduce staff time on what is essentially a volunteer activity.

Writing in a group? Everyone is free to submit, but please keep in mind that each individual must meet the minimums listed above. If you do not meet these requirements, you can still submit the thread for the Writing Participation bonus.

You can submit your threads for this bonus using the thread here.

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