Relics, Trinkets, and other Loot


Trinkets are a small-scale treasure, classified under Consumables, that can be discovered through participating in Staff Events or as rewards from staff for great writing. Trinkets may come in the form of customized Consumables, multi-use Consumables, or even ‘permanent’ Consumables. Usually the ‘longer lasting’ versions will be much weaker than those that are true Consumables.

While Trinkets are often very unique, they are also prevalent enough that there is no central ‘list’ of the ones present in Multerra, especially since some of them may not be permanent fixtures. Feel free to leaf through some of the Character Profiles if you’re curious for some examples of Trinkets.

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Relics are powerful items that will fall into the hands of lucky and/or skilled adventurers as they journey through the Worlds of the Crossroads. No two Relics are alike, and all of them provide some sort of temporary boon to their owner. All Relics come with a set of Abilities and Effects that can be activated once per scene at the cost of 1 application of Focus.

Standard PVP guidelines apply to all Relic owners, which means that holding a Relic doesn't force you to accept any Challenge you don't want to (unless you also have a Bounty); however, dying in a Staff Event (like Dante’s Abyss) or while combating high-risk PvE elements related to any ongoing Crossroads saga will cause you to drop your relic on death. If you were slain as part of a PvP challenge, the Relic would go to your killer. If you died in a large Event or while contesting an ongoing saga, your Relic may go to a partner (or worse, to an enemy)!

Please also be aware that Relics are 'character locked' until the death of said character, to prevent hoarding or using someone else to serve as your bank while you go off into a high-risk situation.

You can find a list of the known Relics and their owners by traveling to this thread.

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While the two categories above reflect some of the more common treasures you may discover or hear about while journeying in the Crossroads, they do not represent all the opportunities you have to discover unique prize or strange rewards.

Some other treasures include Map Fragments. These rare items are said to come in sets of an unknown quantity. Collecting enough Map Fragments is rumored to temporarily grant the powers of an Arbiter and allow a faction or individual to craft a World in their image.

While most treasures are commonly extensions of the Consumables system, that doesn’t mean a traveler might not be rewarded with a mobile or stationary Base along the course of their journeys. Who knows, as part of the ongoing Crossroads saga, you may slay a fierce enemy and have their Minions swear fealty to YOUR cause. As they say, the sky’s the limit.

Lastly, the Coin you earn from Quests is technically a form of loot as well, even if most of you won't feel compelled to roleplay it as such.