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As mentioned in the Rules, Tokens are a site currency awarded for community participation. You can amass them to unlock certain luxury things, but you'll also need to spend them on staff-intensive parts of the system, like Character Changes and Quests.

Ways to Gain Tokens
Review all Book Club entries (+20)
Vote for Multerra 10, 20, or 30 times in one month (+5, 10, 15)
Submit a Wiki entry and have it approved (+10, but if you really WOW the staff, you can also earn 100E)
Refer a new member (+10, when join app is approved / +5 when they hit Level 2)

Uses for Tokens (unless noted, all cosmetic bonus last for one month)
Character Change (without essence loss) (50)
Character Respec (50)
Refund a Single Purchase (5)
Reset the Switch Cooldown (5)
Get a custom World Quest (5)
Add an Emoji to Discord (20, good for at least 6 months but probably forever)
25 Coin (per 1 Token)
Have a Staffer of your choice (pending availability) read a post of your choice (1 post or 800 words, whichever is more) (25)
Get Jade to call you "my liege" in chat, regardless of context, for a week (other staff and terms of endearment available at their leisure/discretion) (25)

What about donating to support the website?

We appreciate anyone who is willing to support the RPG monetarily. Currently it costs $455 (click me) dollars to renew the server each year. Our next renewal date for hosting is on 5/23/23. Every bit helps. Donations help to keep the admins stress-free in regards to money issues. We also, as noted in other places, occasionally pull in outside voices and hands to help design board content. Having a ‘war bank’ stashed away allows us to pay for new stuff without having to dip into our own pockets (and real talk, all your Admins are dirt-ass poor for a myriad of different reasons).

Our donation link is: Donation Link!

What about the Domain Name?

Domains are renewed on a yearly basis as well and I don't plan on counting it among the site costs since they're so cheap and I renew all of mine in bulk.

What do I get for donating?

Aside from our thanks and admiration, donations of at least 10$ receive a 'Donation Benefit' (a donation perk, you might say... but we use that word elsewhere in our system). These Donation Benefits are linked to cosmetic changes to your appearance on the site and its attached Discord. You can also use a Donation Benefit for a free character swap or to unlock that second character that people often covet so much.

Uses for Donation Benefits -- Unless noted, all cosmetic changes to boards or Discord last for one month per Perk

Second Character (1 time only)
Color Name (Forum or Discord)
Switch or Respec without Essence Loss
Change the OOC Discord or Forum Name
Add an Emoji to Discord
Third Character (requires a $50 Donation)
Fourth Character (requires a $75 Donation)

I have a lot of Tokens, can I spend them to get some of these things? -- You may “convert” 5 Tokens into a $1 donation. This, of course, means you’ll need 50 Tokens to be able to get any of the Donation Rewards


We have a Patreon that can be found here!

Patreon benefactors unlock one of the above Donation Benefits once per month.

Patreon benefactors get placed into a special user group which increases their inbox, gives them a bolded username on the forum, and gives them a special Green name for Discord. This user group allows that individual to see into several of the staff development Channels.
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