An announcement to all gamers out there


Level 1
Sep 28, 2019

My name is Aeris, and I write to you today to present to you the new MMORPG that I have just launched, The Shardworld 3.0!

Set in the Medium and requiring only a Shardworld Five-Sense VR Pod (available now at your local electronics retailer!) we aim to be accessible for players all around the planets of Multerra! Whether you are living in the cities of Erde Nona or out in the frigid wastelands of Inverxe, you too can enjoy the marvels of Five-Sense Virtual Reality to immerse yourself in the game deeper than ever before!

The Shardworld spells Immersion with a capital I, for we aim to make your experience unforgettable. Let yourself be whisked away to a world like no other! In the Shardworld, you can become anything you want: a treasure hunter that explores the unexplored, an adventuring archeologist set to discover the truth, a glamorous influencer dressed to win every contest, a master craftsman that turns any material into marvelous equipment, or even a legendary hero who saves the world. Become the hero you want to be!

I look forward to meeting everyone in-game!

For any questions and concerns, contact me anytime at aeris@mediumail(dot)mt