**DEAD09** [20] Nico Cinder

Karl Jak

Apr 24, 2019
  • Personality – Nico Cinder drinks monster for breakfast. Nico Cinder plays a demonic guitar like no one's business, and practices his tattooing on his own limbs. While he is a tad on the cocky side, this overconfidence does not stem from a place of arrogance or narcissism, but of ambition, a desire to will things into existence. To be
    ABLE to. Grew up on "that" side of town, but didn't let it kill him. Cares deeply for friends, though they are far and few in between. He prefers it that way. Mildly Angry, Very Punky, Somewhat Anarchy.

  • Possible Reactions – has a thing against authority figures, yet also has no desire to fill their position. General distaste for anyone putting on airs, ex: a "holier than thou," or other pretentious attitudes. Will be kind in turn to kindness, but will generally not initiate interaction unless he has a good reason to. Does, in fact, hold a grudge. An antagonist would soon find themselves being antagonized, perhaps for the first time in a long while. Nico can be a spiteful creature.

  • Relationships – Nico does not care to concern himself with the affairs of mortals at this time.

  • ‘Combat’ Style – Prefers a tactical advantage like an ambush to rushing in head first, but will always enjoy a good crash and burn, should the situation call for it. A "best defense is a good offense," if you will. Would only abandon a teammate if they were rubbing him the wrong way for some reason. Nico is agitated this year. It may be “on sight” season.

  • Eligible Abilities –Demonic Influence (Agi 3 End 1)

  • Extra – Nico thinks you are pretty cool. Also, he caught an iguana the size of your left arm and didn’t know what to do with it, so he just left it in your backyard. Check on your pets.

  • Quotes –
    • “BAP! Is the sound your fucking face makes when I bounce this shiny piece of metal off of it, bitch.” - Nico Cinder
    • "Walking is for losers. Destinations are for Gods and their Devils." - Nico Cinder
    • "NOOOOO NOT THE NEWPORTS!" - Nico Cinder
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