**DEAD18** [05] Chara Dreemurr

Karl Jak

Level 1
Apr 24, 2019
Appearance –

Chara looks pretty average in physical build. a little shorter than average at 5 feet tall, the brown hair and eyes and relatively plain (by DA pretty-people and giant monster standards), is punctuated by mostly normal clothing, mainly in the way of a green hoodie and jeans combined with pink gum boots that will probably come in handy in the splatterfest to come. She is recognizable as 'female' outside of her looser clothing, but definitely of a more petite build that makes it difficult to tell one way or another under her thick hoodie and loose jeans.
Personality – Chara is a merry snarker in most situations, tending to have some snappy reactions to situations and always willing to go along with something stupid if it'll lead to a cheap laugh at the end of the day. she tends to be agreeable, relaxed and happy to slip you a can of snakes if she thinks she can get away with it. This tends to hide her deeper thoughts and more serious side.

As the former 'judge' of her society - someone who evaluated the risk of powerful individuals and chose whether or not to allow them to survive in her world - Chara is always evaluating friend and foe, suspicious and curious, fishing out responses to things in order to determine who she's surrounded by. She will bait whatever she can from people to determine appropriate responses, weaknesses and strengths, and she is not above playing the chess-master to create appropriate results. It is not incorrect to say that she manipulates friends as much as enemies, even if her goal is positive outcomes, and that she lacks a certain level of empathy on the front.

Beneath that… Chara is still a very scarred, nineteen year old woman barely out in the world, and despite the mental maturity she has gained, she has also found a taste for enjoying the deaths of those who have earned it. She strives to maintain a business-like outlook in combat, but dealing with some of the worst the Crossroads have to offer, she has found she finds a certain satisfaction in ending lives and inflicting torment on the pitiless and merciless. As she understands the inherent problem with that outlook, and out of risk of falling down a slippery slope herself, she tends to keep that part of herself under lock and key.

She tends to avoid shows of strong emotion in public, keeping all that hidden behind her own persona and keeping calm, particularly in combat.

She tends to act stupider than she is and put on a heroic, cocky attitude, and she ultimately would like nothing more than to spend time messing around if given the opportunity. She also enjoys talking about her brother a lot and will not miss an opportunity to talk about how cool he is. she's that sort of big sister.

When she's forced into combat, she tends to stick to a much more solid and stoic mode, giving out the occasional barb, and picking her opponents apart with a fairly blank expression. with the unmaking in particular, she has a much more hardline stance of eliminating them from the world and will do so with a robotic precision.

Despite being very diligent at studying people, she hates actual, physical hard work and will avoid it as much as she can, unless it’s for something she really wants.

Her favorite kind of food is anything including Chocolate - really likes it.

Possible Reactions –
-In general: Chara is friendly but distant to anyone at first meeting. While she'll be the first to offer a handshake, she will also avoid being touched to an almost violent degree, particularly by human beings or humanlike people. She is more amiable and friendly around kids and non-humans, and is also a shameless flirt, though rarely with actual intent in mind. Chara's type is generally anyone she can make uncomfortable with such an insinuation, though if someone actually deigns to flirt back she will fold into complete shyness rather quickly. She's always the type to try and make friends first, but is cautious on first meetings. this fades a little the longer she knows someone.

-upon meeting goofy types: will absolutely push it along and see if she can't make the situation even goofier. As a deadpan snarker who regularly encourages Chaos and nonsense, she's fairly relaxed around these types, and will usually be supportive, not interested in bursting their bubble when there's fun to be had.
-Upon meeting serious types: Chara will generally throw around a joke or two and generally be just a little annoying, if only to gauge responses, but she does stick harshly away from breaking any serious boundaries, however.
-Upon meeting villainous types: while treating violence as the last option on her docket, she's also fairly quick to resolve to kill someone if she sees hard evidence they're the type beyond redemption, especially when she is currently in the murder-death-kill game, but she will take steps to de-escalate situations and avoid pointless conflict when appropriate and believes that killing anyone is ultimately a sin.
-Upon meeting humans: Despite this, she is also mildly speciest towards humans due to past abuse, and bears more distrust towards them than any other race. while it's something that she's learned not to allow to shape her first impression, it might shape her second or third if someone's caught in the middle of a situation with an bad look, and is something a mental effect could easily play on and use against her.
-In longer conversations: Chara's the exact sort who will avoid sharing anything about herself but constantly push the other party to, avoiding being the center of attention but dedicating herself to solving other people's problems. This often can lead to unintentional mom'ing of other people and tends to happen without Chara trying to make it happen. Still, she tends to keep a relaxed and calm tone for most of the conversation, having an unshakeable, relaxed vibe.

Dealing with Death and Dying: Chara's died a fair few times and it hurt every single time, so the idea of death doesn't particularly scare her or faze her. The death or loss of someone else, especially if they can't come back, affects her much more, but due to the sheer amount of times she's seen people she's cared about die the intimidation or shock value of losing someone has been diminished, though not entirely lost.

Relationships –

Caustic -- As a member of the scientific community Chara is actually aware of Caustic’s existence and finds him utterly repugnant. Will not hesitate to kill such a violent human being.

Lilith - not quite a frenemy or a rival. Enjoys her company, feels there’s a real person there underneath it all and will take a friendly tone… but also understands that killing an immortal masochist is a victimless crime, and is looking forward to it.

Sigmund - cute dork. Unfortunately a little insane for Chara’s taste, but she’d be willing to work with him under the right circumstances. Would be trying to date the cultist if she didn’t know she would always, ultimately, be #2 behind Gal’skap for Sigmund’s love.

Josuke - a very strong, reliable guy who has a lot of growing left to do and a heart of gold to do it with. Chara is casually friendly with the guy, though she doesn’t exactly look to him for his brains.

‘Combat’ Style – Chara's fighting style could be considered surgical. She watches her opponents after throwing out any opening moves she can and upon finding a weakness mercilessly exploits it. She is unlikely to take risks and uses her knives as 'jabs' to find positions to exploit. She is unlikely to do too much smack-talk, but will cut down opponents mercilessly if the situation calls for it. She's less the 'boast about the win' type, unless someone gets around to threatening her brother, which will leave her in a far more sadistic mood, ready to extend ‘punishment’.

as a 'Judge', she does feel the need to explain to those she fights exactly why she's chosen to judge them as a threat, beforehand, and will try to appeal to their better senses, but if the opponent wants to cut it short she's got no problem cutting their life just as short. As a result, on the first opening of hostilities, Chara is not likely to attempt a sneak attack.

Eligible Abilities –Abilities/Skills:

Shortcuts: 825 essence
Teleportation 3 - 900
+150 - affects multiple 1
-150 - limited - only when visually unobserved
-75 - weakness - cannot be used if her legs are restricted.

Chara is able to use ‘shortcuts’ to walk around the world, keeping herself mobile with a simple move of her feet from one place to another. Somehow, the next step happens to be where she needs to go. This cosmic change is caused by her subtly altering the ‘coding’ of the crossroads itself, changing where she is about to go to where she needs to be. For reasons Chara does not fully understand, this coding becomes more rigid whenever another sentient being of the crossroads views her directly with their own sight, and thus stops her from using the ability, and thus, Chara cannot use this ability while being actively observed. She can, however, bring others on her shortcuts by taking them by the hand. This is limited to two people at a time, due to the obvious issues of her only having two hands to hold other people’s with.

Additionally, as this ability requires Chara to take - a step or two - she cannot use it in situations where her legs are restricted in some way, making this a less than reliable way to escape leg binding, or to escape should she be temporarily paralyzed. Teleportation can still be used if she has a limp, but there is no instance of ‘look ma, no hands.’ to be had.

Trained body: 400 essence
Agility 1 200
Speed 1: 200
Chara is a spry kid with a deceptive amount of speed from combat experience. She is no trained assassin and has obtained this speed and agility without much in the way of real training, but it lets her stay on her toes and dodge the attacks of an average mook.

Act - Check: 150 essence
Sense 3 (extrasensory): 300
-Concentration: -150

Chara’s natural magic ability is that of a seer - able to perceive details at an advanced level of those around them. This ability lists details to them that they can read the same way one would read a book, but is limited due to some lack of training and understanding of the skill. Most magical barriers can guard against this internal scrying the same way it can block any other ability.

Additionally, as Chara looks through this way of seeing the world, everything around them tends to change to code. While an incredibly disturbing way of seeing the world around them, it does allow them to see on a plane most are unaware of, allowing them to notice hidden things when they use the skill. The problem with seeing a bunch of unlabelled numbers, however, is that they don’t explain themselves, leaving Chara the problem of figuring out a bunch of unlabelled code in real-time.

This lends itself to making any information Chara notices difficult to translate at times, even for as simple a thing as determining the size, dimensions, and movement of things she sees in this fashion. Thus, any esoteric information can take her minutes to even hours to obtain with this skill, and in the heat of the moment she needs to concentrate to use this ability properly.

Fire magic - 100
Damage rank 2: 200
Ranged: +50
Chaotic: -50
Side-effect: Draining/overheating: -50

Chara can use fire magic in small bursts, the signature magic of the Dreemurr family. Being a ‘monster’ type magic style and due to Chara’s comparative lack of practice with it, preferring a precise approach, she’s quite terrible at it, needing to put a lot of concentration in for very simple effects, but can make various balls of flame to support her commands. Unlike the other Dreemurrs, however, they’re on the smaller side and lack the same level of power by a long-shot.

Because Chara has a very large lack of practice with the fireballs in question, she's far from accurate and if intending to hit a human-sized target can often miss outright at even a middling distance, and lacks any sort of precision with the blasts, making it impossible for her to do precise targeting or consistently hit small targets. The fact she doesnt use fire magic combined with the fact the heat is felt by her as she channels the blasts through her body causes her to overheat and suffer fatigue very quickly - a few blasts in quick succession leaves her unable to fully catch her breath and start sweating. continuous use can overheat her and cause her to go through heatstroke.

Ambition Severers
Ability Effects:
Damage 4 (400)
Ranged (+200)
Affects Multiple 1(+200)

Descriptor: Chara summons a row of red magical knives behind her back that accelerate towards a target at high speeds, blanketing an area with a shower of blades made of crimson magic. these bursts of magic cannot be picked up and quickly fade once they've struck their target, but cut sharper than any ordinary knife would. Chara used to be restricted to not moving while summoning these blades, but as time has gone on and certain traumatic situations have occurred, she's learned to fire on the go.

Essence Cost: 800

Ability Effects:
Protection 3 (300)
Ongoing (+300)
-Limited: slowly reaches potential with damage (-150)
-weakness: Never available when emotionally compromised. (-75)
-Concentration (-150)

Descriptor: Chara's soul is that of determination, allowing her to impose on reality with nothing but sheer force of will. this determination frequently needs a kickstart, however, especially when her particular brand of determination tends not to wake up until forced...
As Chara gets more injured, this protection slowly goes into effect, causing damage to be lessened or simply not happen as things strike her. It often appears inexplicable, as though an energy blast simply winks out, or as if damage that was there one second disappears in another, as though it didn't happen.

This ability can be a pain to actually use, however. As stated, it takes significant damage already inflicted on Chara for this ability to go into effect, as well as a reasonable amount of focus and willpower on not taking damage. This requires Chara to be mentally on-tempo as well - if she's driven by rage, entirely too complacent, depressed, or just generally distracted, this ability won't work even if Chara actively tries to access it.

Essence Cost: 225

Name of Ability?
Ambition Refuters

Ability Effects:
Damage 5 (500)
-Ranged (250)
-Area of effect 1 (250)
-Indiscriminate (-250)
-finite (-250)
-Concentration (-250)

Descriptor: A knife of red magic that periodically flashes a stark golden yellow, marking it as different than the rest of Chara's usual attacks. This blade is usually sent in the middle of one of Chara's standard barrages, and explodes with violent force, creating a golden explosion. This blast will harm anyone in range, and dispel any ambition severers or other magics Of Chara caught in the blast. this spell requires Chara some magical energy and time to create, focusing energy into a new version, though she usually has a magical 'charge' stored up before any given battle. It takes Ten seconds of time for Chara to restore her supply after using it up, and she can only hold on to one at a time currently. It also requires the majority of Chara's focus to aim and set off the explosion - a lapse in concentration can cause it to simply evaporate as a dud.

Essence Cost: 250
Cast-iron Stomach

Ability Effects:
Adaptation: disease (50)
limited: only food-borne (-0)
Adaptation: Chemical or Toxic environments (50)
Limited: only food-based (-0)

Descriptor: While Chara's mother is an incredible cook and she has somewhat adapted to Cevanti life, Chara's life among monsters was problematic - she is used to eating Hamburgers made with glue and sequins, Steaks made entirely out of cardboard, or hot dogs made out of water sausages. Thus, her own digestive system has adapted to a society in which a pack of instant noodles is the pinnacle of fine dining, letting her eat actual garbage with basically no negative effects. which she has also done. This does leave Chara immune to most gastronomical issues, including actual poison, though things that affect the blood, through breathing, or basically any other source still render her as helpless as the average human. It also makes her gross.

Name of Ability?
Daddy's Girl

Ability Effects:
Master skill group: Green thumb (gifted Affinity)
Knowledge: biology 5
Knowledge: Botany 5
Profession: Florist 5
Knowledge: Conflict resolution 5
Profession: Medic 5

Descriptor: Chara spent a lot of her time with her dad growing up, tending to monopolize her time whenever Asriel was busy learning from mom. Asgore's teachings left her with a fantastic understanding of living creatures, in particular plants, and even more particularly, flowers. She did learn more than that, however, as Asgore ensured she understood how to end conflicts peacefully - for even as a child, Chara's powers would make her a danger if she did not know how to do this - and medical care on human beings, a craft not often practiced in the underground, in case she needed to help herself or another human. Chara spent a lot of time working with her father and absorbed absolutely everything she could of what he knew on these subjects

Essence Cost: 250
Judge's Tools

Ability Effects:
Skill group rank 5: (gifted affinity)
Awareness: Lie detection (rank 5)
Knowledge: Psychology (rank 5)
Knowledge: body language (rank 5)
Skill: information gathering (rank 5)
skill: Composure (rank 5)

Descriptor: Chara Dreemurr Was once a judge - someone who was given the power to decide, and then judge, the humanity of someone who she had met. While her power of scanning others gave her a lot of information, she was further trained in the art of telling truth from lie, knowledge from falsehood, and just what can be told unintentionally by a single facial expression. She's also learned to keep her own emotions away from her face when she's properly prepared, keeping her mind sharp even if her emotions grow hot, though she is still a far cry from her teacher in these aspects.

Essence Cost: 250

Skill group - Quantum physicist - 300
Science: Math - rank 6
Science: Physics - rank 6
Science: Quantum Mechanics - rank 6
Science: Cosmology - rank 6
Investigation - time-space anomalies - rank 6

Affinity: Gifted
Chara is, surprisingly, a scientific prodigy, learning quite a bit from the king of the monsters during his stay under Mount Ebbott and following up on it by publishing papers. She has a Ph.D in Theoretical physics and a good amount of understanding under her belt from a surprising amount of time spent studying the subject. She’s what one generally considers a genius in the field, garnered in part from her unique understanding of the world around her, and has kept busy learning all she can in several fields.

Extra – Chara tends to avoid contractions around people she's not familiar with , and only commonly uses them around her brother, though she'll occasionally add them in and break this rule if it is vital to the flow of the conversation - and sometimes she also just slips.

Chara usually has a form of unique synesthesia tied into her sense effect that causes her to see the whole world as code, requiring focus to see the world normally. This is usually going to be disabled during the event, but as a result, she occasionally speaks as though the people and objects around her are one giant computer simulation.

Chara's eyes turn red when she uses magic but also whenever she's surprised, inwardly freaking out, distressed or emotionally overwhelmed in general.

When Chara uses an excessive amount of Magic to the point of absolute exhaustion, or while she's already very exhausted, She tends to start leaking a Black, tar-like substance from her eyes and mouth. While it looks very edgy and scary, it's actually lost blood mixed with expended magic and is likely to make her both dizzy and make it pretty damn hard to see.
Quotes – "greetings. My name is Chara."
"Yeah, you go ahead and do that. I'll supervise."
"No, trust me, they're edible. I just tried a few. you just need to pluck the mold off. Though it does add to the flavor, so maybe not all of it?"
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