**DEAD19** [04] Father Gascoigne

Karl Jak

Level 2
Apr 24, 2019

Father Gascoigne is an exceptionally tall, middle-aged hunter. He has pale skin, silvery grey hair, and commonly covers his eyes with a cloth blindfold. He has numerous scars across his body from the hunt and a decent amount of shaggy facial hair-- despite his priestly clothing, he appears rather unkempt, especially after a long night of killing beasts.

He commonly wears a thick, layered Hunter’s garb, which essentially boils down to a long and leathery dark coat, a wide-brimmed cap, and a sturdy pair of boots. He also wears a holy shawl around his neck, the tattered material serving as a testament to Gascoigne’s prolific hunting. A pungent beastly smell tends to hang about him wherever he goes, only somewhat mitigated by his censer pendant.


Father Gascoigne is a Daring Hunter. When not consumed by his bloodlust, Gascoigne is a gallant and soft-spoken man, fighting monstrous beasts in a daring bid to protect those he holds dear… and he does believe he will meet those dear ones again, in this strange new universe. In addition, Gascoigne is unhealthily dedicated to the hunt, and his thirst for blood keeps him… distracted, often requiring something to draw him out of the crimson haze. It may very well consume him again, one day.

Before he succumbed to his blood lust, it can be assumed that Gascoigne was a valorous and humbly religious man, having been given the title of "Father" while living in a foreign land (since the Healing Church of Bloodborne's primary setting, Yharnam, has no such title). He had a wife and at least one daughter, implying that he was a loving family man.

As a hunter, Gascoigne was dedicated to the hunt, his own blood lust sometimes keeping him longer than needed. His family would play a music box in order to break him of his blood lust and bring him back home. Over time, his blood lust began to consume him, his mind and body warping through the scourge of the beast. This led him to (possibly, details unclear) kill his wife and try to kill the Hunter player character in the game, rationalizing that they all would become beasts sooner or later. It is possible that there was a small part of his old self that was still present deep within him, reacting with pain and struggle whenever he heard the Tiny Music Box his daughter gave to the player character.

In the Crossroads, Gascoigne's memory of his family is indistinct, as his mind is still very much addled by beasthood and his unconventional resurrection on the world of Inverxe. He experiences vague echoes of familial protectiveness toward any "hunting partners" he might meet, behaving very much like an over-sized sheepdog around those he cherishes. He is soft-spoken and a little gruff when interacting with strangers, but will react in a far more affable way if they seem to be similarly engaged in the hunting of beasts.

Possible Reactions

Gascoigne will not run from a fight with any sort of creature, that is guaranteed. It would take a very convincing and dear ally to draw him away from a hunt, and even then he may lash out at them in his mindless quest for blood. Serious or fatal injuries will not slow him down; he will fight to the very end. He will not balk in the face of monstrous or eldritch entities, and will indeed ferociously protect his hunting partners from any ghastly foes. Any allies should be wary of Gascoigne, however, for he may succumb to the hunt and begin to also perceive them as plague-riddled beasts...

Those who wish him ill will be regarded with annoyance and general growliness, and in all likelihood will swiftly be dismissed as inconsequential. Gascoigne has a very short tether when it comes to bullshit. He will 100% launch any hecklers into the nearest hard surface (with EXTREME prejudice), even if there are many of them. He's not afraid to tussle with a crowd. By way of contrast, friendly and kind individuals will be treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. He is gentle with children, and would likely be deeply disturbed by any harm coming to them.


Sigmund Vrell - A fine hunting partner, if a bit puny. Gascoigne would gladly team up with him during the event. Described as “moon-scented” by the hunter, Vrell has already earned his place as a trusted ally.

Aster - She’ll make a fine hunter yet; Gascoigne would gladly accept her as a hunting partner. The beastly smell about her unsettles him, though, so if she becomes aggressive… he’d quickly attempt to slaughter her. He hasn’t noticed that she is a literal wolf girl, yet, either— the source of most of his goodwill…

Christine Calamity - They speak French to each other and flirt. As one does. Gascoigne recognizes her for what she is— a fellow predator. If she attempts to kill him, he will gladly accept her challenge. But… teaming up might be preferable.

Kefka - A former ally, Kefka slew quite a few beasts alongside Gascoigne and Wattson on Inverxe. Gascoigne thinks he is an odd, mad little fellow, but would probably team up with him if needed.

‘Combat’ Style

As a hunter, Gascoigne is well-versed in self-defense and has accumulated years of experience killing monsters of various shapes and sizes. He is relentless when engaged in the hunt, stalking his prey across whatever environs they may inhabit, his dogged pursuit ultimately culminating in a vicious and bloody slaughter. He will charge in for a direct melee struggle, swinging his axe in an attempt to maim or decapitate his foe, before following it up with a powerful, bone-shattering blast from his hunter's pistol. He is also fairly skilled at dodging, and will duck and roll to avoid attacks before charging right back in. If he gets one hit in, you can almost always expect many more to follow, each one more devastating than the last. He tends to get more aggressive the longer a fight goes on. It can be assumed that he would defend some allies with just as much ferocity. [Boss Fight Video]

Eligible Abilities –

Damage Rank 5 (500E)
-- Ongoing (+0E)
Move Object Rank 2 (200E)
-- Ongoing (+0E)
Endurance Rank 6 (600E)
Adaptation: Immune to Pain (200E)
Total Cost: 1,500E

Gascoigne is an incredibly strong hunter, not at all weakened by his powerful lust for blood. His bare-handed strikes are the equivalent of being struck by a speeding car; even with a sturdy defense in the way, his blows can cause an enemy to stagger, and it's likely that such blows will leave lasting damage that continues to hurt for a long time afterwards. He is also capable of lifting up to 200 pounds/90kg for an extended period of time, his endurance and resistance to pain being at such a level that not even losing a limb is likely to slow him down for long.

Hunter’s Reflexes
Agility Rank 3 (600E)
Speed Rank 3 (600E) REDUCED TO SPEED RANK 2
Total Cost: 1,200E

Gascoigne has been hunting beasts for a long, long time. Even at his age, he still has refined dodging skills on the same level as a professional athlete. He is also able to employ short bursts of speed during combat, charging toward opponents at up to 45 miles per hour/72kph.

Beastly Scent
Debuff Rank 5 (500E)
—Ongoing (Specialized, +0E)
—Affects Multiple I (+250E)
—Indiscriminate (-250E)
—Limited (Only works against organic beings, -250E)
Total Cost: 250E

"The reek of blood. That intolerable scent. It sickens me."

A foul stench of beasts and blood seems to cling to Gascoigne, evoking an instinctive sense of revulsion and fear in others. In addition to his immense stature and general air of "don't fuck with me," this hunter is regarded with a cold fear by allies and foes alike, usually within a 10ft radius. One noted benefit is that this effect makes enemies less willing to engage him directly, encouraging them to cower away or ‘freeze up’ when coming into contact with him. This effect only seems to impair the perception of organic beings, not robotic, artificial or spectral/intangible targets.

Injury Resistant
Protection Rank 3 (300E)
—Ongoing (+0E)
Total Cost: 300E

Even without his usual hunter’s garb, Gascoigne is physically formidable. His natural toughness allows him to mitigate the damage inflicted by average small arms or grazing gunfire.

Debuff Rank 4 (400E)
—Ongoing (+0E)
—Affects Multiple (+200E)
—Activation (10 seconds, -200E)
—Limited (Only works when contact with Gascoigne’s blood is made, -200E)
Total Cost: 200E

Frenzy is a painful ailment, manifested physically in brackish thorns growing inside a patient’s chest. The growth won’t kill you, but the insanity they cause might. All enemies who make direct contact with Gascoigne’s blood will be driven into a frenzy over the course of ten seconds. The ailment persists for an ongoing period of time, rendering the afflicted utterly unable to discern friend from foe, even attacking themselves in their feverish state.

Shapeshifting (Single Form, 1000E)
—Ongoing (+0E)
—Activation (30 seconds, -100E)
—Chaotic (-50)
—Limited (Only works when taking extreme amounts of damage, -50E)
—Side Effect (Feral, -50)
Growth Rank 2 (400E) REDUCED TO GROWTH RANK 1
—Ongoing (+0E)
—Activation (30 seconds, -200E)
—Limited (Only while in Beast Form, -100E)
—Side Effect (Feral, -100E)
Total Cost: 850E

”…Beasts all over the shop... You'll be one of them, sooner or later..."

Upon suffering extreme amounts of physical damage, Father Gascoigne may undergo the violent, bloody transformation into a beast. His bones will crack and the sinews of his body will twist as the beastly scourge reaches its unnatural peak— an indescribably painful process. The already quite tall man grows to an immense size (a whopping 12’ tall) and, while maintaining his humanoid shape, becomes very hairy and werewolf-like in appearance. A mane of wild silver hair covers his body, elongated limbs and enlarged canine jaws completing his animalistic image. He is also reduced to a more feral state of mind, something any hunting partners should remain wary of.

This alternate form can be activated over a period of 30 seconds during which Gascoigne must accumulate more and more damage, enough to kill an ordinary man. Beasthood is an ongoing condition that cannot be controlled by Gascoigne, so this alternate form will remain active for an indefinite amount of time following its initial activation. Perhaps a particularly brave ally might be able to draw him out of the haze of blood, stalling the effects of his transformation…

Survival (Beast Hunting) Rank 6 (300E)

Descriptor: Gascoigne is an experienced hunter of beasts, skilled in tracking, attacking, and slaying them. He can do so over most any terrain with little trouble, aided by his enhanced senses.

Social (Pack Tactics) Rank 6 (300E)
—Affects Multiple (+0E)
Total Cost: 300E

”Shrouded by night, but with steady stride. Colored by blood, but always clear of mind...”

It is not uncommon for hunters to cooperate when taking down larger or more difficult prey. When with a single hunting partner or even multiple, Gascoigne is able to seamlessly modify his combat style to complement that of an ally, always anticipating the next move of their prey and hedging for weakness. Through verbal or nonverbal cues, he can also grant similar benefits to his hunting partner(s).

Pebble (x2)
Debuff Rank 5 (500C)
—Ranged (+250C)
—Concentration (-250C)
—Removable (-250C)
Total Cost: 250C Each

Descriptor: A small pebble that can be thrown at foes. Quite thrilling.

A thrown pebble serves to distract or agitate, the sound gaining the attention of its target when it skips across a hard surface. When a target investigates the source of the unexpected noise, they are left open to an attack.

While it only takes a moment for Gascoigne to pause and throw a pebble, he must concentrate completely while doing so. Naturally, these pebbles can be taken from Gascoigne’s person, seeing as they’re just rocks.

Blood Vial
Healing Rank 5 (1000C)
--Transferable (+250C)
--Activation (10 seconds, -250C)
--Removable (-250C)
--Side Effect (Addictive, -250C)
Total Cost: 500C

Descriptor: A vial containing special blood used in ministration. This item provides minor healing when injected into one's leg, a process which takes up to 10 seconds to complete. It can be used by Gascoigne's allies and is a physical object that can be taken from him. The intoxicating nature of transfusing blood creates an addiction-like desire for more blood. Users will want to be drenched in it, mired by its foul stench...


A running gag for this character is that his name is difficult to pronounce. Some examples: DiGiorno, Gas Cone, Gucci Mane, Papa Guacamole, Calzone, Papa G, Gaston, Gorgonzola, Cologne, Gas Can, Gasoline, What’s-His-Face, Gasternome, Gastronomy, Father Gasablanca, G-Money, Geezer, Mascarpone.

Dialogue Tips:
  • Gascoigne will often comment on the scent of things. Seems to rely more on his sense of smell than anything else. He is at least partly blind due to the advanced state of the beastly scourge overtaking his body.
  • Has a tendency to cackle or chuckle in a very concerning way. Will probably give a light-hearted chuckle when not feeling the effects of the hunt, but cackle in an unsettling manner when he's begun to succumb to his more feral tendencies.
  • Speaks with a Southern Irish accent and has a deep, raspy voice.
  • Praises difficult enemies for being a worthy hunt.
  • He can speak French in addition to English.


"Beasts all over the shop... You'll be one of them, sooner or later...”

"... Beasts everywhere... I like the smell of this hunt already! Ha ha haa!"

”Ooh, what's that smell... The sweet blood, oh, it sings to me! It's enough to make a man sick.”

"... Well, well. A hunter is it? Ahh, tonight, there's something different in the air... Men leave as hunters, and return as beasts... Let there be no doubt. If it moves, you can be sure it's a beast. And even if it doesn't, well, don't take any chances! Ha ha ha ha ha hah!"

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