**DEAD20** [17] Nearl (Unmade)

Karl Jak

Level 1
Apr 24, 2019
Nearl, the Radiant Knight

  • Personality – Stoic and stalwart. When in stressful situations, she tries to be a leader. She wants people to flock to her a beacon of light. She is hopeful and feels protected by faith in her actions. Hates people who harm others purposefully, and will protect others that she feels cannot defend themselves.
  • Possible Reactions – Nearl tends to hate people that cause explicit harm to others without good reason. She will act hostile to them no matter the situation. If she is confronted she tends to be extremely stoic, despite whether the person is hostile or friendly. Her reactions are generally pretty simple to figure out. Handling them with a cool mind and a tight grasp. Typically Lawful Good.
  • Relationships – Nearl is fresh to the crossroads. She has no bad blood, or good blood for that matter, with any other contestants as she does not know them.
  • ‘Combat’ Style – Nearl is a protector of those that cannot protect themselves. She will do what she can to protect others within her ability. She tends to deal with situations head on and aggressively, should it be needed.
  • Eligible Abilities
    Glowing Radiance | Damage 6 (600)[Removeable -300]Cost: 300
    A glowing sword-spear on par with the length of a lance. When used in conjunction with Nearl's Arts the weapon emits a warm glow of light.

    Oripathy | Endurance 6 (600); Adaptation[Disease/Toxic and Chem Environments] (100)
    Cost: 700

    Despite the fact that the body is literally crystalizing from the inside out, those of the Infected display insane feats of strength and resilience that go beyond any mortal limit.

    Blazing Sun's Obeisance | Variable Creation 2 (200)[Removeable(-100) + Finite(-100)]; Damage 3 (300)[Ranged(+150)]
    Cost: 500

    A glorious beam of a light fragments the sun, pulling a shard of the star down to the earth. This wonderous crystalline fragment actively seeks to aid Nearl in her endeavors by actively searing burning light into her foes. To use this ability, Nearl must tap into her assimilated Arts. Once these Arts are depleted, Nearl has to refrain from using it for sometime lest she be drained of all her energy and it can be destroyed if enough damage is brought to bear. Her Arts for this attack can only last one post worth of time and dissipates if the font of damage is not destroyed before that time. This attack will be replenished when Nearl has spent two posts outside of a combat situation to rest and regenerate her Arts.

    Pegasean Legacy | Flight 1 (200)[Ongoing +100]
    Cost: 300

    Nearl's heritage and Arts assimilation allows her to create a golden set of Pegasus wings which can be used to manipulate herself in the air.
  • Extra – Nearl is a sophisticated knight. She hardly jokes around or takes situations lightly. She will always fight through hardship under the protection of her faith.
  • Quotes – 'Fear neither hardship nor darkness.' | 'So long as I hold radiance in my hands, so long as my heart still beats with faith, the hardships of our world will not fetter my step.'
  • Threads/Post - This is a new character so I have no threads besides the sign up thread - https://multerra.zulenka.com/index.php?threads/thrown-into-conflict-da-sign-ups.1749/post-15041