**DEAD25** [24] Shikiria

Karl Jak

Level 1
Apr 24, 2019
Appearance: Shikiria has a very feminine figure, tall, and regal, her hair flows down to her waist like a waterfall of salmon roses, when in the sun, it looks instead to be the same crimson of blood. She wears a fine leather doublet that doubly shows her noble heritage, fine and gaudy in some areas with gold accents running down the sleeves and strange runic markings Izaneus added during their time together. Her eyes are the color of amber, and vaguely look like the setting sun.
Personality: Shikiria has a confidence in herself, and her abilities, which is purely logical, and a mask to hide her growing inferiority complex from everyone else. She strives to make her own decisions, but cannot help but feel she’ll always be within Iza’s shadow. Despite this she set out to search for him, as he was her only form of respite. She struggles to remove herself from him, but also struggles to keep him close.

She doesn’t completely know who she is as a person, and is constantly trying to find herself. She’s flawed, and she knows it. She understands there’s a great many things she doesn’t and can’t understand, but she’s continuing onward in stride of that, and of the trauma that occurred when she was small.

Possible reactions: As much as she’ll pretend, Shikiria wouldn’t trust herself to lead, or even to follow some orders. When it comes to things she hasn’t dealt with before, she would become panicked and confused. Looking around to find someone who knew how to do it, or she would uncomfortably try, and likely fail. When confronted personally, she would try to redirect the blame, or do her best to undermine her opponent. She would however do her best to defend those who she believes aren’t able to defend themselves as well.

Relationships: Shikiria has no preexisting relationships to anyone in the abyss, however she would be open to gaining new friends, and helping out where she can.

Combat Style: Shikiria, despite her normally meticulous nature, would find that sense of meticulousness fade away if thrown into a combat scenario, under normal circumstances, she would make the first move, first attempting to disorient the opponent, before unleashing her martial prowess upon them, otherwise, she would avoid a confrontation at all costs, finding it better to make love, and not war.

If confronted by someone she believes she cannot overcome, trick, or otherwise “beat” Shikiria would flee, or if that isn’t an option, she would go on the defensive, and do her best to protect any and all allies she may have, while trying to keep herself alive.

Eligible abilities:

Physical Conditioning
Agility 3 600

Endurance 3 300

Descriptor: Shikira has worked on her body since she arrived at the Phortea Estate, she first trained with Iza’s father, as since the attack on her and her family, they didn’t quite know when more of the same bandits would arrive. Thus she was to be trained as harshly as she could manage. After Iza’s father died, she continued her training herself, which allowed her peak physical condition.
Total 900

Phortean Prowess

Damage 5 500

Protection 2 200

Debuff 3 300

Shiki trained in the art of Self defense several times over, until she perfectly replicated a style of fighting unique to the Phortean ancestry, it can work with a weapon or by fist itself, every blow is a jarring one and sends the victim into a vicious daze. However defense is just as important as offense, and it thus allows her to counter her opponents attacks with her own, or defend against any melee strikes coming her way as best she can.

Total 1000

Magical Senses

Sense (Magic Signatures) 3 300
Ongoing 300

One of the magical abilities she learned from studying with Izaneus was to extend the magic you wielded around yourself both to protect yourself, and sense if anything, or anyone was around. After her initial night of blood and death, she never wanted anything of the same caliber to happen again, she would never be taken by surprise again.
Total 600

Fire Infusion Mk1

Damage 3 300
Ongoing 300 Weakness-75 Finite- 150

Shikiria focuses herself and her magic into her current weapon, or fists, coating them into an unforgiving blaze, if struck, the victim will find the Flame now grows on their body, Burning them over the course of 30 seconds, Shikiria can use this 6 times before she must re-attune her magic. It does not work against beings of flame
Total 450

Lightning Infusion Mk2

Debuff 4 400
Ongoing 400 Weakness-100 Finite -250

Shiki conjures a paralyzing lightning which courses around whatever she’s currently using to fight, be it a sword or her fists, once struck by this lightning, the victim will find themselves paralyzed for a total of 8 seconds, she can only use this spell 6 times before she must re-attune her magic, it does not work on beings of storm.
Total 550

Wind Infusion Mk3

Move object 4 400
Indirect 400 Weakness- 100 Finite -250 Chaotic

Shikiria molds a violent Vortex around whatever she’s currently using to fight, be it a sword or her fists, once struck by this Vortex, the victim finds themselves flying backward 20 feet, however, even if the blow misses within 3 feet of the target, the vortex still blasts them backwards. Once cast, the vortex is on a timer, and needs to be used within a 5 second period, or else it dissipates harmlessly. Shikiria can only use this 6 times before she must re-attune her magic, this doesn’t work against ethereal beings, those in a misty form, or wind elementals
Total 550

Craft: Stealth 5
Social (Persuasion) 5:
Social (Deception) 5
Subterfuge 5
Medical 5

Survival Plains 2
Survival Forests 2
Survival Mountains 2
Rituals/Arcana 2
Research/Investigation 2

Extra: Shiki is very confused about her sense of self, and very traumatized by her past tribulations, prone to making rash decisions or letting her emotions take over in times of crisis or panic. Otherwise, she’s cool headed like Izaneus, and tries to hide her emotions to all but most trusted allies.

Quotes: “ Hey! Let’s get moving on!” “ Honestly? I feel horrible, Memories don’t fade, and mine invade every time I take a breather.” “ Let’s take it easy now! No need for this to get violent!”

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