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Tony Stark

Level 1
Oct 20, 2020
Erde Nona
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Hey man!

Thx again 4 getting us into the Kingdom DBs, they got sum crazy shit in those archives LMAO Gud thing I usd double VPN proxys, don want 2 get bagged & disappear LOL

Anyho I got sum mad info 4 u dood!!! Check out the pic I attached (dw theres no viruses <333)

Its some old douchebag hoo sayz hes an engie thats on the shutl 2 markov wiv me. I was like 'Yea rite u probs typ on a cell with ur index & hold it in ur other hand rofl' but check out that thing on hes chest!!! I used a scan & it got overloaded like WTF???!!! its got 2 b nanotech or sum shit!!! So i kinda probed him a lil & hes not just all talks. Im tellun u man this guys some expert ho knows his shit! But its reel weird cuz i cant find his face on the Medium lyk u think sum big prof or techy egghead lyk that wuld be in sum DB or on LinkedOn ykno. Idk tho he didnt look lyk sum secret gov agent or spy but hes def got more goin on than he let on, u catch my drift???

& nao the best thing: hes on his own!!! or he sez so cuz i asked him & he din say hes with the Guildies or Cyto or any1!!! Culd b lyin but idk he don look lyk it @ all!!! Mayb hes some1 from the CBA u think??? I din ask him cuz we r landin & i had 2 leav but he mite be useful 2 recruit. Just tell the horse guy 2 foot the bill LOL

Btw he mite be with this blonde chik. Lyk his secretary or wife or bguard or sumthin LMAO idk i dun think shes important but u mite want 2 b careful she din luk like she messd around

If u want 2 meet were landing in 20 minutes @ the spaceport, mite take lyk 1 hour before we get out cuz prosederz XD So u mite want 2 hury up

Ttys bro, lukin 4ward 2 workin with u agin soon!!!

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OOC P.S.: That physically hurt to write. I'm so sorry you have to read this, Ohm!