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Mar 9, 2019
Erde Nona
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Knight of Candegron, Duncan Hayle
Current Location: Erde Nona, Circular Isle of Callendesh, Kingdom of Paranus, West of the Kingdom of Candegron

Physical Tendencies:
Power(P): 20
Toughness(T): 30
Quickness(Q): 20
Skill(S): 30

Personality Tendencies:
Aggression(A): 30
Cunning(C): 35
Diplomacy(D): 10
Support(S): 25

Physical Description:
Hayle is a man of twenty years. His body is lean and strong from a lifestyle of combat, covered in little scars, and a couple of deep ones. His eyes are green, and his brown hair is short cut.

Character History:
Profession: Warlord
Hayle is a knight in a grouping of nations located on the largest island in a circular archipelago. There is constant infighting between the local lords, and the self proclaimed kings, but he seeks to change that, and he will use whatever resources he can to reach that end. Hayle is native to Erde Nona, having been raised into the warring nations and snapped up into a life of military service at the age of 11. His life before had mostly included heavy farmwork from parents who, while in the low nobility, believed that higher classes should be examples to the peasants rather than overlords.

Essence Limit: 3307
Essence Used: 1900

Steel Plate Mail
Protection - 3, 300, ongoing +300, (600)
Steel plate armour that he pulled off of his knight, after the battle had ended, him defending the corpse, then later being given his position.

Combat Hardened
Endurance 3, 300 (300)
Constant combat, coming and going by the day, he has become quite enduring in the face of hardship.

Steel Longsword
Damage – 3, 300, removable -150, (150)
Hayle's steel longsword, he uses it generally as an implement for grappling his foes to the ground and ending them with a quick stab in an armour break. It has since been reforged to hold a silver edge.

Refined Strength
Move Object - 2, 200, ongoing +200 (400)
He often helps farmers on his downtime, this includes lifting entire hay bails by himself and lofting them into the barns, and dragging ploughs through the soil.

Honed Hearing
Sense (Hearing) - 1, 100, concentration -50, (50)
Hayle is highly aware of his surroundings, able to pick out footsteps though they are attempting to be silent, and able to hear the movements of those who are not trying to hide, even if they are not within his field of view. He is unable to do this in the heat of combat or when he is not at the very least merely walking in a mostly quiet environment.

Battle Prowess
Agility - 2, 400 (400)
His combat experience and let's be honest, luck, have allowed him to evolve into a finer warrior than most, as he leads from the front and fights with fervor while there.
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