James Tiberius Kirk

James T Kirk

Level 1
Nov 13, 2018
Character Name: James Tiberius Kirk

Character Source: IDW Green Lantern/Star Trek crossover comics

Starting location: Inverxe

Spent Essence: 1500
Base Fund: 0

Physical Tendencies:

Personality Tendencies:
Aggression(A): 10%
Cunning(C): 35%
Support(S): 20%

Physical Description:

Character History:
James Tiberius Kirk is not native to the worlds of Multerra. He was born on a shuttle craft during a battle, one that took the life of his father George Kirk while the man was trying to protect his wife and son. Eventually, after goading from on Captain Pike, Kirk decided to take after his father and leave Earth behind while joining Starfleet. During this time he was instrumental in the defeat of the Romunlan who took his father's life, one called Nero. This led to his promotion to Captain of the USS Enterprise.

Years later Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise face Khan, an enhanced human with superior strength and intellect from Earth's past. However, the crew of the Enterprise managed to stop him, following the sacrifice of Kirk. They were able to revive him though with the help of Khan's blood and Kirk continued his five year mission on the Enterprise.

During this time they came across strangers flying in space, each wearing a costume of different colours. They were the Lanterns of another dimension, sent to Kirk's when a being known as Nekron ended their own universe. A war took place with the Green Lanterns, Star Sapphire, and Saint Walker joining Starfleet and the other lanterns heading to their own parts of the universe.

After a few years the Lanterns were running out of power and therefor went to search for Oa, the home of the Green Lanterns, in Kirk's universe. Unknown to them the Yellow Lantern Thaal Sinestro was doing the same. During this time Khan had been awoken and was now in possession of the Red ring of rage, and was hunting after the others.

A battle was fought on Oa where Kirk was given the first Green Lantern ring created in his universe and he, as well as the others, fought Sinestro and Khan leading to the villains defeat. Deciding to take some time off Kirk left with the Green Lantern Hal Jordan to learn to use his ring better while investigating an unknown planet orbiting a red sun. During the flight an unknown energy hit the two of them, causing Kirk to vanish in some kind of wormhole that flung him through space into some frozen hell hole of a planet.



Ring powered flight (total cost 500):
Effects: Flight Rank 2 (400),
Modifiers: Ongoing Rank 2 (200)
Activation 10 seconds Rank 2(-100)
Description: His ring grants him the power to fly, though it is not what it used to be. After taking 10 seconds to cover himself in a field of green energy Kirk can now fly contentiously at a speed of 30mph.

Bubble shield (total cost 225):
Effects: Protection Rank 3 (300)
Modifiers: Affects Multiple, 10 feet Rank 3 (150)
Weakness: Yellow Rank 3 (-75)
Concentration (-150)
Description: Kirk can create a bubble shield using the energy of his ring to protect himself as well as others. Like most things with a green lantern ring this shield is particularly weak against things that are yellow.

Comm Link (total cost 100):
Effects: Communication Rank 1 (100)
Modifiers: NIL
Description: The ring can act like a communication device that allows Kirk to talk to others. When in use their voice seems to come from the ring itself.

Energy Projection (total cost 675):
Effects: Damage Rank 2 (200)
Modifiers: Ranged Rank 2(100)
Weakness: Yellow Rank 2 (-50)
Effect: Move objects Rank 2 (200)
Modifiers: Ranged Rank 2(100)
Limited – Variable object Rank 2 (-100)
Effect: Variable Creation Rank 1 (200)
Modifiers: Ranged Rank 1 (50)
Weakness: Yellow (-25)
Description: Using his will power and the ring Kirk can create objects out of emerald energy. Anything he needs, tools or weapons, can be created to aid him. Like all green lantern rings though his creates is particularly weak against all things that are yellow in colour.

Master Skills: