John Connor

John Connor

Ex-Resistance Leader against Skynet
Level 4
Sep 11, 2018
Erde Nona
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Character Name: General John Connor
Series: Terminator: Salvation to Final Battle
Location? Erde Nona
Occupation: General of the Human Resistance against Skynet
General John Connor is a Fearless Leader, one who plans to bring the Human Resistance to victory against Skynet.
Physical Description:


Character History:
Past history before coming:
Several years into the war, John Connor has risen to leadership of his own squad of soldiers within the resistance known as TechCom and served under the direction of General Olsen, he was a member of a mission to infiltrate Skynet VLA in order to obtain classified data vital to the machines and to rescue the prisoners there, Connor would leave after having infiltrated the base to try to rescue several prisoners being taken by a Skynet transport, this would be his salvation as the base exploded moments after he left due to a Skynet booby trap. He got picked up a short time afterward and requested to be taken to Resistance Headquarters. After arrival, he was denied entry, but forced his way in. While in the headquarters, he met with General Ashdown and told him what he'd found and that Skynet was more advanced than they should be. Ashdown, who was familiar with Connor's history, told him that he didn't believe it for a second, and that destiny could be changed in a second. He then revealed that the Resistance would be testing a new weapon against the machines designed to end the war. Connor volunteered for the mission to test it, and soon learned that he was the second target on Skynet's hit list, Kyle Reese was the priority target. Concerned for his father's safety, Connor persevered and buried himself in his work, including his nightly broadcasts to the survivors. He and his team captured a Hydrobot and confirmed that the weapon worked against Skynet. Not long afterward, they would test it on a larger target.

Around the same time Connor noted increased Skynet activity and ordered his pilot, Blair Williams, to investigate. Days later Williams and a guest named Marcus Wright arrived at the base; however, Marcus wasn't what he seemed. Connor was called to a secured room inside the base where he saw a new kind of Terminator that neither he nor his mother had encountered previously, it was different to the T-800, as not only did it have living tissue like the T-800, but it also had organs, thinking itself was human. The Series 800 was just living tissue over metal endoskeleton without any organ and now itself is just a machine. It was also too early for a Series 800 let alone an even more advanced model, meaning that the process had somehow been sped up. Connor and Wright faced off talking about how he was a machine and that he was sent there to destroy. Connor eventually left to consider what to do next and prepared for the worldwide assault on Skynet, but Williams was already working to release Wright from captivity.

Connor personally led the mission to recapture Wright. From a helicopter, Connor led the attack upon Wright. His pilot, nevertheless, miscalculated their position and got attacked by a series of Hydrobots. Connor was rescued by Marcus and the two came to an agreement — Wright would help them to infiltrate and rescue the captured Kyle Reese from Skynet Central. Connor agreed and let Marcus go. He urged General Ashdown to reconsider the attack, but the Resistance's leader would not agree and ordered Connor removed from command of his base. Instead, Connor made a final impassioned plea to his fellow Resistance leaders to halt the attack and turn against General Ashdown, so that he could rescue the prisoners. This led to Connor becoming the prophesied leader of the Resistance against Skynet. Not long after, he would capture and reprogram a Moto-Terminator to allow faster transport to San Francisco's Skynet Central.

Upon arrival at the ruin of the Golden Gate Bridge, Connor watched and waited for the agreed upon signal from Marcus. When the signal came — the location of Reese, Connor infiltrated the city and reprogrammed several of the lesser machines. He then accessed Skynet Central and begin his search for Kyle. He released the cages holding the human prisoners and, believing he found the teen, was attacked by T - RIP. Connor was able to break away by blowing a hole into the floor of the facility which the machine fell through and continued after Kyle. He soon found him at an execution chamber, but there was no time to relax as the T-RIP was already coming.

After several quick actions, the humans managed to reach a Terminator Factory beneath the base, where they were able to build explosives utilizing the power cells of the Terminators under construction. Connor and Reese worked together to build explosives when the machine attacked Connor. Reese helped Connor by firing a rocket propelled grenade at the T-RIP and temporarily disabling it long enough for Connor to break free. They began to fight hand to hand, and the machine was about to kill the leader of the Resistance when Marcus Wright engaged the Terminator in hand to hand combat to provide a diversion. The machine would make quick work of Marcus and continue after Connor, using the voice of Kyle Reese to distract him.

The machine was temporarily disabled by John Connor in a short time afterward. Connor fired a grenade causing molten steel to cover the machine, followed by a similar attack to a container of industrial coolant. Connor then proceeded to revive Marcus via CPR by pounding on his chest, which was unsuccessful, so he pulled two power cords from a nearby assembly robot arm, and used those as a Defibrillation on Marcus' chest. After Marcus was revived, the T-RIP broke free of the steel that was covering it, and impaled Connor in the heart. Immediately, Marcus knocked the machine's skull assembly on the machine's body. With the machine destroyed, Marcus turned his attention toward helping Connor up, who now acknowledges him as a friend. When the Resistance arrived, Connor and the rest of the group boarded the helicopter, which was flown straight to the main headquarters for immediate medical attention for Connor, as he detonated the building and everything around it while flying back. With Connor on the verge of death, Marcus tells everyone that he willingly wants to transplant his heart to Connor, which is successful. Later, Connor gives one more daily announcement telling everyone that the battle has been won, but the war is still on. It was implied that Connor had become the leader of the Resistance afterward.

This is your Dante's Abyss Conquest history, Connor:
Dante's Abyss Conquest 2021
The first Dante's Abyss I entered in a war zone.
Here is my info during said stint:
Occupation: The Commander of Parts of the Miniskirt Armada, General of the Babylonian Miniskirt forces.
Placement: 2nd Place

Event: Done
-He met with a cyborg Dragon named Ridley
-Met a Fire Lord named Azula woman who was his past Commander in the "games".
-Lead soldiers to victory against the Unmade threat.

-A solider, Lt. General and Commander in the Conquest games.
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John Connor arrived in the crossroads after fighting a near impossible war back home. Once Almost attacked by a terminator, he found himself on Erde Noda.
- DA 2022
-The second DA I entered was a item gather quest
During my time in this game:
I got
Occupation: Still the same

I won
1st Place, The Winner of DA!
Relics and more

DA 2023

-Kyle Reese went in my steed, took the Terminator with him in a mech battle!


Endo Battle Rifle

Damage 3 (300)
-Removable (-150)
-Affects Multiple 1 (+150)
Description - Rifle capable of spraying in a wide arc in front of John, able to hit multiple targets at once.

Rail Plasma Sniper Rifle

Damage 6 (600)
Ranged (300)
Removable (-300)
Descriptor: Both versions use Red Plasma Cells, and have a base power reserve size of 24 units of Phased Plasma

Plasma Infused Warhammer

Damage 6 (600)
Removable (-300)
Descriptor: Warhammer with the effects of superheated plasma inside. Causes burns to not self but others.
Essence Cost: 300


Ability Effects:
Damage 6(600)
- Ongoing 6 (600)
- Ranged 6 (300)
- Removable 6(-300)
Descriptor: A flamethrower that John can wield against the strangest of foes.
Essence Cost: 1200

Plasma Rifle TC2000-R
Ability Effects:
Damage 6 (600)
-- Ranged (+300)
-- Affects Multiple (+300)
-- Indiscriminate (-300)
-- Removable (-300)
Descriptor: The TC2000-R is based on the M-25 Pulse Rifle seen in The Terminator. It is a bullpup that fires the 5.56mm NATO ammunition.

Horse Riding

C1 Personal Comlink [Encrypted]
Communication 1 (100)

Descriptor: John has a small, handheld C1 personal comlink, which she can use to communicate with other communicators. It is a small black square with a big black button on the top he has to press to speak. This is encrypted to prevent others from spying on him.

Essence Cost: 100

TECH-COM/ Base defense
(27,825 coins)


Military Officer//Command (500)
Soldier (250)
-Athletics (Soldier) Rank 6
-Social (Officer) Rank 6
-Social (Battlefield Leadership) Rank 6
-Knowledge (Military Tactics) Rank 6
-Intellect (Military) Rank 6
Survivalist- (250)
- Escape Artist (Soldier) Rank 6
- Marksman (Officer) Rank 6
- Herb and Medicine knowledge (Soldier) Rank 6
- Technology (Hacking) Rank 6
- Technology (Tech Expertise) Rank 6
Master Skill -Knowledge (Guerilla Warfare) 6
-Master Skill- Knowledge
Speech Reading/Speeches (300)6
Riding (Horses) 6



Armor Piercing Rounds
Mimic 3 (1200)
Limited: Firearms (-150)
Finite: One Magazine (-150)
Removable (-150)
Debuff 10 (1000)
Finite: One Magazine (-500)
Removable (-500)
Indirect (1000)
Limited: Physical Defenses & Barriers (-500)
Descriptor: Produced by Cytokine Wetworks, these modular munition packages can adapt to most infantry-scale ballistic firearms. Simply identify your weapon configuration before engaging with hostiles, and the nano-factories inside the module will automatically produce one magazine’s worth of armor piercing punishment to whatever target you want.
The Cytokine APR module is guaranteed to penetrate most* reinforced armors and fortified positions. AP Rounds will even remain lethal after penetrating most forms of battlefield cover, such as walls, fortifications, and so on. Unfortunately, the APR module is not effective against magical shields or energized deflector defenses.
Coin to be deducted: Total: 1,250

Essence Cost: 3000

Total Essence Spent: 8050/ Total Coin Spent 27850
-Marcus Wright
Served as a past enemy, but now serves as a Sgt in John's past army against Skynet.
Blair Williams:
Pilot for the Human Resistance, medical assistant, and Pilot against the unmade threat on Cevanti.
He's alright, Not sure what to think right now. Seems like he's got the same goal as me.
Roy Mustang:
Served as John Connor's Commander in the Miniskirt Armada for a short time in Dante's Abyss 2021
Served as John Connor's other commander during Dante's Abyss 2021 during the Miniskirt armada's change into Babylonian forces.
Unlikely ally during a mission against the unmade with a handful of mercenaries.
Shinku- The Assassin of Shadows is both an ally and not, not sure about him yet.
The rouge AI who killed 3,000,000,000 people in the world with humankind's own nuclear missiles. It caused a near endless war against itself and its terminators.
Tech-Com Resistance
Your base that helps fight Skynet and the Unmaking. Welcome home.

Contains Resistance soldiers
Black Hawk Helicopter
Contains 2.87mm machine guns​
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John Connor

Ex-Resistance Leader against Skynet
Level 4
Sep 11, 2018
Erde Nona
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Sgt. Kyle Reese
Info: .... Your paradoxical dad that died in 1984 but is back from the dead.
-Resistance soldiers X100
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