Labor 9

Labor 9

Level 1
Sep 29, 2018
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Character Name: Hiyoko Tosaka
Character Source: Hatoful Boyfreind

Profession: Former Surgeon’s/Biological Researchers Assistant

Spent Essence: 1600
Base Fund:

Physical Tendencies:

Power(P): 50%
Toughness(T): 40%
Quickness(Q): 0%
Skill(S): 10%

Personality Tendencies:
Aggression(A): 30%
Cunning(C): 5%
Diplomacy(D): 30%
Support(S): 35%

Physical Description:

Approximately 10 ft tall, they also have two heads, one of a young looking blond girl and another of a slightly older looking man of shaggy long brown hair and glasses, and a whole Bleeding Heart Dove nailed to their waist.

Character History:

Orphaned at the age of 7 due to “unknown circumstance” , Hiyoko was homeless for a majority of her late childhood and early teens, despite this she still went to school thanks to her childhood friend's,Ryouta Kawara, mother paying for it. If your wondering why she didn’t live with them, while both Ryouta and his mother offered multiple times, she didn’t want to be a bother and was taking care of herself just fine, liking the “Hunter-Gatherer” lifestyle as she liked to put it.

It was the last year of High that took her life on a new path. It was on the first day there that she met Shuu, the school’s doctor, when looking for her friend to go home together. She had always heard rumors of him, most of them bad or spooking, but she had never met them due to her exceptional health.

Something about the weirdness surrounding that man fascinated her, and he was intrigued by her fascination in a man she thought was dangerous. Over the course of the year they began to form a complicated bond as hiyoko learns more about the secrets he’s working on.

When Hiyoko finally confessed her ‘love’ for him, Shuu took her outside the city limits to his “private place” where she finally got the full story. Shuu was continuing research into how to “improve” people, research that most people would she as “unethical”. She didn’t mind though, in fact, after school finished she began working with him in it, it didn’t matter what he did, she would follow him, no matter what.
And so she did,until that day. It came like any other normal day. She woke up at his place inside the city, he was nowhere to be found. This was normal, he would normally go out to the lab early, and she would follow him to help, only this time… he was gonna ‘help’ her.

"Red Cap" Trinket (Santa's Helpers)
Adaptation: Incredible Cold Environments


Robotic Body [1200]
Adaptation: Nonbiological Anatomy (300), Immune to Pain (200), Starvation and Thirst (50)
Growth R1 (200) + Ongoing (100)
Protection R4 (400)
-Due to recent events in her history, Hiyoko is now a part of the “Labor” unit of Cybernetically Enhanced Human. Being designed as the “next step” of humans, the body of the machine is significantly taller, and removed the need for most human organs. The metal used is also quite sturdy.

Arm Swing [150]
Damage R3 (300) + Chaotic (-150) + Concentration (-150)
-Hiyoko swings the arm of the Labor-9 model towards a person, The robot’s significant strength injuring them if hit. Unfortunately, being a test model, the limbs very difficult and clumsy to control, meaning she needs intense concentration to try and hit someone and the move is very likely to miss due to it being heavy and off-weighted. Labor also has a habit of using this move when trying to be gentle.

Lift [100]
Move Object R2 (200) + Concentration (-100)
-Being designed as the “next step” of humans, the robotic body Hiyoko now possesses is stronger than most humans. Unfortunately, being a test model, the limbs very difficult and clumsy to control, meaning she needs intense concentration to try and move then in a way harder than in the general direction of something.

Hiyoko's Head [350]
Sense R1 (Sight, Hearing, Smell) (300) + Indirect (100)+ Concentration (-50)
-When being turned into Labor 9, Hiyoko's old head was kept as a keepsake, and she can now register anything it sees hears or feels with enough concentration.

Master Skills:
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