V S M Unity

Victor Wolfe

Level 4
Sep 10, 2018
Mesa Roja
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An orb of rainbow coloured light flashed into existence in the square of Neo-Nippur, a shower of multicoloured light jetting out like water as the orb shattered and the emperor appeared in his very much alive glory. He felt heavy and weak. So much weaker than he had been towards the end of the abyss. Avoiding the gazes of the surprised onlookers the assassin emperor stormed into his office, taking a seat on his satin chair as he pondered what had occurred.

The abyss had been an embarrassing blemish on his reputation but he had learned some interesting details, the key point being that his former master was still alive and kicking. Whilst this brought hope it also presented some issues, Neo Nippur was still a mess needing some major work to properly be the capital of a great empire. The elves could be dealt with in time but for now, their labour was needed. But there were others that had long outlived their usefulness and thus had to be given their p45 in the form of a blade through the brain.

He had asked one of the servants to call for Dave the guard to report on the recent social changes that Victor would have hoped to have happened, pouring himself a whiskey Victor summoned up two icecubes as he awaited his employee’s arrival.

He thought over all that had happened in the abyss, that being he had become, no, been part of. The power they had felt flow through their fingers, the thousands of years of experience still floating through his mind, memories not his own flashing across, the power of the potaras and loss of it was like a hangover as he tried to remember more about who he had fused to, it must have been her memories that filled his mind and he had one question, what was this black and white dance with a neat rhythm that kept popping into his head?

Dave seemed to be in a somewhat good mood, Victor assumed that this meant the letter was delivered and he would not need to make good on any threats that he had proposed before they left for the Abyss.

“Good evening my sweet boy, I need a report on any major changes since I have been gone, and I am hoping for some exciting news” Victor kicked his feet up onto his mahogany desk as he leaned back, sipping at his drink.

“Uh, well productivity is up this quarter, the Nippurian crown seems to be doing well on the currency exchange, oh and we finally finished a silver statue of you, pretty well crafted if I must say so.” Victor waited with bated breath, his brow furrowing as Dave seemed to be finished.

“Is that… it? There was no other major event that happened, no other details that you are missing out on?”

“Uh, oh yeah they found some nice large rubies that they have used with some lights to create the glowing effect for the eyes of the statue, its a really nice attention to detail!” Dave said with his usual stupid joy.

“I meant with Ahana, what has our so illustrious general gotten herself into?” Victor was puzzled, the only time the actions of a dead woman should have concerned him was when Gabriella decided to be too vigorous with her teeth in sensitive areas.

“OH! Ahana is on a scouting mission, something about a possible threat to some miners on the outskirts, left with her elite guards yesterday to go and investigate.” A spray of cold alcohol covered Daves face as Victors drink found itself being shot out of his mouth.

“What? Its been like, weeks now, does no one read letters anymore? She should have been dealt with by now!” Victor slammed his head onto the desk out of frustration before straightening up, his fingers pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Actually sir it’s only been three days since you left.”

“Really? Feels like it has been longer. Hm, well that’s still no excuse when I say jump everyone should be jumping as high as they can as any less than their best is unacceptable. It should not be a case of I will jump when I feel like it.” Victor slowly stood up, his eyes half-closed as he let out a sigh and headed for the door.

“Clear my schedule for today, I should have never sent a knight to do the job of an assassin.” He was two hundred percent done with everyone’s incompetence, and as usual, it was up to him to actually achieve what needed to be done.


“Please, stop!” a voice cried out as their voice was silenced by a wooden cannonball smashing into their chest, blood and bone coating the ground as the miner fell backwards. “This is fun, bring up the next one!”

Ahana's death squad lifted up another of the captured miners, being unable to control her vile impulses she had come up with a plan to turn up “too late” to save the miners and blame their death of those black monsters that the emperor had taken a fascination too, she even had her squad craft some crude daggers and spears out of the tails of those that she had successfully killed before. The guards that had been placed at the outpost had not expected the violent shiving they each received from her most loyal men and this made it easy to take over and round up the miners.

Ahana was flushed in the face, breathing heavily as she mentally aimed another cannonball, her groupies ready to announce scores based on how well the body went splat, she launched straight at her target, a look of shock crossing everyone’s face as a silver object collided with the mid-air ball. The brutal wooden orb found itself crashing into the skull of one of Ahanas minions as they slumped to the floor, the shock causing the second of the two holding the intended target to jump back as the miner took the moment to flee for his life.

“What the fuck boss! You didn’t tell me you were going to kill Jimmy! Funny as shit though, I give it a seven out of ten, never saw it coming.” A more zealous mercenary announced with a hearty laugh.

“Well, that might be because Jimmy isn’t actually dead, and the only one that planned for that to happen was me. And seven? Really? Do you work for the IGN of death ratings? Do I need to buy up some ad space on the carry chair to get an eight?” Victor smirked as he approached the group.

“Oh, Victor, what a surprise, I guess that DA was just to easy for you and you have already won?” Ahana said with a sarcastic smile, a giggle spreading through her gaggle of men.

“I think that you will find that its Emperor Victor to you knave”

“So Victor are you just here to exchange barbs or are you going to let me get back to my fun” Ahana’s disinterested voice rung out through the cavern as she turned back to her men.

“Funny that you should mention fun because I am also interested in having some fun, the abyss can be quite stressful after all. And if there is one thing that we have in common a violent and gory exhibition can most certainly soothe the soul.” Victor’s eyes glowed bright crimson, the fires of the underverse being outshined in their burning glory. Even one as confident and irreverent as Ahana and her death squad seemed almost, skittish in the emperor’s presence.

“Uh, well we have plenty of victims to share, how about we hold one up and see if your blades can do as much damage as my canon balls?”

“I have a better idea, how about you stop wasting your time killing peasants, and instead we play a game, we can call it rabbit hunt! Because at the end of this a wolf is going to rip out the throat of a certain bunny!” Victor smiled as he walked closer a slow methodical pace as Ahana felt a cold sweat run down the back of her back.

“Come on now Victor it's just a few peasants, who is going to even notice that they are gone, besides you need me! Remember without my healing you would not have gotten that fucking throne! The feat that my death squad bring helps keep you in power!” She pleaded.

“No Miss Varma, you, Sigmund, Gilgamesh, everyone I have ever met seems to always get that wrong. I don’t ask for help because I need it, if I wanted that city, I would have taken it, and there is not a man alive that could have stopped me. I used you and everyone else’s help because it was fun and easier than the alternatives. I could have found a way to do it myself but I like bringing out potential, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing someone reach their peak. I saw potential in Siggy to be a great cult leader and uniter of people, so I put him in a position where he could more easily achieve those goals. If only I had known how right I was back then” Victor said with a proud smile.
“His father would be very happy. Now as for you, your old version would be ashamed at just how much shame you have brought to the faction! And I would go back and slap the former me for ever thinking that there was a scrap of redeemable quality in that husk you call a personality!”

“Do you really think that you can beat us? There is only one of you, and five of us, I knew that you have an ego Victor but I did not think that you were this level of insane.” Ahana laughed as her men got ready to rush the emperor.

“Well I guess even a broken clock is right twice a day because you are right about something, there is only one of me. And it doesn’t matter if there are five of you or one hundred of you. If they are all trained by yourself then I would be surprised if they had basic pattern recognition!”

With that Ahana launched two of her wooden balls at the emperor, who smirked and avoided their path as one of Ahana's goons rushed forward, his spear thrusts forcing Victor to lean back, eventually, the emperor using a hand to flip backwards, kicking the spear tip air-bound as Victor, now low to the ground rushed forward, his blade landing into the attacker’s crotch.

A high pitch yelp followed as Victor used the bravest of Ahanas men as a living shield, two more cannonballs smashing into his spine. Bringing the dagger upwards the emperor sliced through the stomach, eventually reaching and cracking through the sternum until he reached the neck of his Victim.

“Sing for me little birdy, oh wait, I just sliced through your larynx, well, time to finish a job!” Victor chuckled as his blade split open the jawbone, leaving half a tongue on another side of the mouth, and a perfect cross-section of a surprisingly not smooth brain.

“You know what, that was too easy, how about I give you a fair battle!” Ahana continued to launch ranged attacks, ineffectual for the much too nimble emperor to be bothered by as her remaining three men circled Victor. The lord of assassins dissipated his daggers as he started to hop from foot to foot, his hands now in a more boxing stance.

“You know, I wish that Ahana had developed you lot into a crew of misfit minions rather than generic copy-paste evil minions, would have made it much more fun and personal when I tore you all apart!”

Watching the group circle him Victor slowly reached down to the ground as if to tie his laces, the mercenaries around him careful to make a move.

“Oh don’t feel scared to attack, I promise I won’t summon up my daggers, I just want to kill you all in a different way, call it a mental list of things I want to cross off before I die. I don’t even know if most of these will work but we will find out!” Victor expressed with glee.

“Aghhhhh! Will you stop joking around and take this seriously!” Ahana screamed throwing a hissy fit in her chair.

“No, because that is exactly what you want, and as we all know I am not into giving you what you want, I have seen the way you look at me you bunny whore” Victor said with a wink as Ahanas men now enraged at the mocking rushed forward.

Throwing some volcanic ash that he had picked up from the ground earlier onto one of their eyes Victor stepped to the side of a spear blow and leaned to his side and back as he landed a high side thrust kick knocking the enemy off his feet. “I guess you could say that was quite the superkick!”

Turning his attention to the only healthy fighter left Victor gave a wave as he spun to dodge a rapid flurry of spear thrusts ending his spin by coming inside the range of the spear and landing a spinning punch to the side of the head. Placing a foot behind the already unbalanced psychopaths he gave a light push sending his target falling backwards. Before he could raise his spear Victor leapt, his boot landing with a sickening crunch as his enemy stopped struggling.

Victor stalked silently towards the second of the death squad who was still blinded by the sharp texture of broken glass under his eyelids from the volcanic ash.

“Hey, I have always wanted to try this, its my first time so please be gentle” Victor whispered into the mercs ear from behind as he swung an arm backwards before he could attack anymore Victor now facing the blinded merc used a hand to grab him by the chin, digging his nails in to get a solid grip. His other hand then shot forward, his thumb finding its way into the mercs now held open mouth as his index and middle finger pushed through his eye sockets, hooking downwards as he tried to scream in agony.

“I think its time for your facelift!” Victor grinned as he placed a foot on the minion’s chest and pulled with his hands, the force of his three fingers ripping out the front of the skull as blood and grey matter splashed onto the cavern floor.

“I am surprised that worked? Multiverse physics? Or just raw skill, who knows.” Victor shrugged his shoulders as he approached the final mercenary, the beefiest of the four by far he was now back to his feet after the kick to the jaw had left him flat on his back like so many people around Victor.

“Well, what are you going to do, thrust a spear? Oh! Maybe thrust it a few times, or maybe you will give it a little spin to win, it’s not going to work you know at the end of this you are going to…”

Before Victor could finish his taunting the large man dropped his weapon and charged Victor making up the distance with surprising speed as the emperor was tackled to the ground. Fist after fist slamming into him from all directions. He saw sparkles in his eyes as one of these wild blows connected with his nose, a crunch crushing it bellow the weight of the fist, his eyes watering from the pain Victor turtled up, guarding his vital areas. Something that his opponent in his wild rage had forgotten to do. Lifting his leg the emperor landed a low blow as he grabbed onto his opponent’s arms and with his own surprising strength.

Noticing the dilemma Victor realised that he had to act quick, he was open to a canon ball and needed both his arms to hold down the man that he was now on top of. A vicious idea sprung to mind as the assassin leaned forward.

“You know, the only complaint I get when I am on top”

The mercenary let out a short muffled scream as Victor’s teeth sunk into his throat, ripping it out like a lion throttling a gazelle. Spitting out the chunk of flesh in his mouth Victor finished.

“I have been known to leave love bites!”

Standing up, a trail of blood dripping from the assassin’s mouth he reached up and reset his nose with a crack, the cartilage starting to heal instantly. Stalking over to Ahana Victor summoned up his blades to his palms, the cold metal clashing with the warmth of the blood coating them, not an unfamiliar feeling but one Victor had not felt in many moons.

“So Ahana, are you ready to get off that kiddy chair and die like a real woman? Or am I going to have to climb up there and drag you off it? I can go both ways… I can go a lot of ways actually” Victor said with a smile as he stalked towards the bunny girl.

“Do you really think you have won?”

“Well not yet, I still have the main event but considering that this is the second time this weak I have faced an overly confident idiot who wants me dead after killing a bunch of mooks to unimportant to remember the names of, well I think I am more than prepared for this situation!”

Ahana laughed wiping a tear from her eye “it really was like they said, get em, boys!”

Before Victor could react he felt all of his limbs being grabbed, unable to struggle as the men he had so easily disposed of had somehow reformed and now held him tightly.

“OK, explain!” Victor demanded, a low panic building in his voice.

“Well, I asked my boys here how they would take you out if our little tinpot emperor ever got to big for his throne and they pointed out what they thought where your biggest weaknesses!”

“That I just love too much?My sunny disposition? Seeing too much good in humanity?”
“No, overconfidence, you assume that you are the only one that can progress your abilities in this world like you think you are the main character of some fantasy story. And that you tend to try to view entire groups as the same as those that lead them. I don’t really get what they meant by that but it appears to have worked!” Ahana boasted before one of her men interjected.

“Essentially because the boss is dumb as rocks you thought we would all be the same and didn’t expect a well-placed trap. Like us letting you “kill” us so that we could play dead and let the healing she gave us kick in.”

Victor gulped as he saw Ahanas face light up with a smile as a cannonball made its way towards Victor’s face. “Hehehe, I’m in danger!”

Suwako Moriya

The Curse god of Moriya Shrine
Level 2
Mar 17, 2019
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Mist congealed in one of the fetid caverns that dotted Inverxe, the cave water’s native life-forms adding to a pungent aroma of filth and muck that could be smelled even on the dirty gravel above. The area was quiet, as mist slowly gathered, pulled subtly, slowly from the water it was built from, before congealing, forming arms, legs, well-made traditional clothing, and an additional hat.

Suwako Moriya’s form came up, fully formed from the light, and immediately the god-that-was-once-more-set-free let out a piercing scream through the din of the caverns.

Collapsing with her hands flat on the ground, the god gasped, feeling the sudden rush of individuality come back to her, the feeling of divinity once more fully seeping through her veins. The trials of Dante’s abyss were many, but not so many as the gifts. And yet…

Suwako looked to the water and, deciding that it wasn’t as though she could possibly ruin the natural musk, Vomited out the divine essence of half-digested cotton candy and popcorn into the water.

That feeling…

That intensity…

Was that what mortality felt like?

By Ameterasu’s talons, the feeling was enough to send the thousand-year-old goddess briefly to her knees. The Woman had experienced so much pain and death, life, experiences, good and bad in the last few thousand years that nothing usually fazed her…

But this? This was new. Suwako had been split, she’d been summoned and channeled, she’d been dispersed into phenomena and she’d even been drained of her own power by many incidents she’d dealt with in the course of her long life - and many more in the ridiculously over-dramatic stay in Gensokyo.

None of them involved taking in the essence of mortality - of a mortal - and certainly none of them involved changing from a basic level into someone else! After thousands of years, of being sure of what she was, of who she was, coming into existence fully formed as Suwako Moriya - the land of Suwa given breath and speech - she had been made something else. Open to new experiences echoing in her head, new knowledge echoing in her head.

Suwako groaned, putting a hand to the sides of her hat as she pulled it down over her eyes. “God, what do I even do with all of this…? Maybe Sigmund could…”

Suwako trailed off, as she caught the traitorous words in her throat. Victor’s friend. Not hers… well, not nearly as well, anyways.

“Oh, this is all kinds of messy.”

A chittering growl behind the Moriya left her wide-eyed as she heard something that was alien and yet familiar.

Well, it seemed these new stolen memories would be good for something, after all.

Turning, Suwako gave a hearty chuckle. “This would be quite the problem if…”

The Xenomorph behind her screeched, drowning out the rest of the words as it rushed forward… even as Suwako released an earthy spike that smashed into it’s chest and chipped at the durable armor of the great black creature.

“Oh, absolutely not, little guy!” Suwako added, before giving a bit of a snorting chuckle as she looked down. “Hah! I don’t actually get to talk again! I’m short as the day I was born again!”

The Xenomorph growled and rushed forward, which would likely have caught the Goddess off-guard and sent her flying into the nearby pool if she hadn’t already used her earthly ability to lay stone makibishi across the area, slowing the creature down as it shrieked from the acid. The Xenomorph kept moving, if a little slowed, intent on slathering it’s offending attacker with the acid it had released.

Suwako smiled. “Down, pup!

A miniaturized version of a shrine gate slammed itself into existence around the Xenomorph’s neck, and the Girl chuckled as it’s restrained form was kept firmly under wraps.
“I pity you.” Suwako said with a grin, tongue lolling out as any reason to restrain herself was firmly gone within the loneliness of the cavern. “You don’t even understand how stupid this match was.”

Suwako grinned as she brought her hands forward, Iron Rings flashing into her hands. “Take away my godhood, and I’m still a veteran of thousands of battles that happened before your poor little host felt an ache in their heart. And thanks to Victor, I have a pretty good level of intel on your miserable species.”

The Curse goddess got only a screech in response, but it was quite easily squelched in an instant by a hard swing of one of her loops of iron, the heavy things breaking the creature in half. The acidic blood melted some of the metal, but Suwako could always pull more metal to replace it from the earth around her - especially in inverxe

“I just finished fighting the best in the universe.” Suwako intoned coldly, giving the Xenomorph a little kick. “...But it turned out a little bit of a brawl got my head back into the game.” The girl added, before sighing.

She didn’t know these caverns that well, but she figured she could probably find New Babylon without much of a problem. Sneaking in - now that would be a much bigger issue. The dead Xenomorph near her twitched, and the motion was enough to subtly remind Suwako that she was burning… well, night never came on inverxe, but what passed for daylight. The Xenomorph wasn’t necessarily alone, and she didn’t want or need to be in these caverns any longer than she had to be.


Suwako’s sojourn through the caves was filled with quiet thought. She had a goal here, obviously, though it seemed that confrontation with Victor was likely. She’d had to quite literally pick his brain to decide what was likely, and she figured he’d be wanting a nap. She’d be able to ask for what she desired rather easily, then…

Well, unless something went wrong. Like Ahana…
Suwako slipped quietly into the city, as something cropped up in her mind. It didn’t take long for her to find someone with a communicator, and even less time to check up on something on said communicator, as her brow furrowed. If she remembered correctly - and she might not, this was a garbage mess of weaved, tangled memories - the one Vic had sent was more the direct, knightly type. Suwako had private doubts about the veracity of such a decision, and as she quietly looked through the phone, quickly found evidence about recent movements by one ‘Ahana Varma.’

Suwako blinked as calculations went through her head, and the girl wasted no time in rushing off!


The cannonball soaring through Victor’s face hurtled forward with all the speed and ferocity of a car with a brick on a gas pedal, Ready to crush him flat with the blast.

Or at least, it would have, had hands not reached up to pull the jovial emperor into the ground.

“What the? Do we have Zerg? Some sort of burrowers?”

“What? A Cute li’l girl like me?” A cheery voice called out, rising from the dirt that Vic was still stuck in.

“...It’s you!” Victor stated after a moment, trying to sort through names in his head. “Uhhh… Sutor.”

“No, that was us, Woriya-I mean, Wolfe!” Suwako managed, looking irritated at the slip as she turned to the group

Ahana looked up. “So that was the burrowing I noticed. I just figured there was an annoyed mole skittering around. Well, I haven’t killed someone so delicate in a long while. Are you getting in the way of our little… pruning?”

Victor looked up to Suwako. “So I can’t help but notice you left my legs full of compost, and these are not cheap shoes that you are causing dirt to seep’ into.”

Suwako’s response was to hum happily, walking up to the guards. “Golly, how would I ever do that? Do I look like some sort of scary monster, sir?” She asked, walking up to the nearest mercenary. Unimpressed by the display, he held his broadsword forward. “Don’t come any closer, freak.”

Suwako’s response was to gently but surely, skip and hop forward, past the man’s reach with an eerie speed. “Shhhh…” Suwako added, as she walked in for a very unexpected hug.

The man was caught off-guard, and everyone turned their eyes to this inane display by what seemed to be an utter fool.

“I want you to think about something special.” Suwako said with a smile. “I want you to think of a little frog, just like me. I want you to think about just how cute that frog is.”

The man’s confusion turned to pain, then a widened look as blood spurted like taffy from his face. The man attempted to double over, but the girl showed her confidence as she picked him up by the neck.

“And then I want you to think about how much effort I’ve put into sculpting that frog, when it’s honestly just wasted effort. After all… who’s going to see it out-growing the space left in your lungs, as it makes it’s way down the fleshy bits of your little meat sack?” Suwako asked with a large smile, before letting the man go, engorged belly and all, as he fell to the ground.flesh fell in chunks, forced out of the man like a meat grinder, as the unseen stone eventually ripped through the stomach lining and left a gruesome wound that split the man from the top of the stomach to the bottom.

Suwako looked to Ahana whilst licking her lips. “And that’s one.”

“But like seriously do I get to leave the hole at some point?” Vic’s voice rang out amidst the carnage. “I don’t. That’s okay.”

The bunny looked to the carnage, seeming more confused than anything as her men looked on in shock, before a laugh came to her. “You put a rock in his stomach! Ahahahahaha!” The woman “That was entertaining! That was classy! That was a riot to watch. How about you take his place? What are you anyways? Like a half-frog?”

Suwako looked at Ahana, and feigned a surprised expression. “Oh, me? No, no, I’m actually not a frog at all. I just really like frogs. They’re cute animals.” Suwako added, innocently blinking. “No, I’m what you call a real fucking god.”

Ahana’s smile didn’t waver as she shot a cannonball forward. “And already lost my interest. How boring.”

Victor was pulled underground with the little tunneler as she dodged, dragging the man with her under another one of the mercs.

“So what? You came here to save my ass? Didn’t expect you to fall for me this easy, Suwako~”

Suwako looked to the assassin and rolled her eyes within the earth. “Hey, I came here for one thing. It just happens to need you alive.”

Vic raised an eyebrow.

“Everyone else is at DA. I deserve a copy of the Sutor pictures! I don’t have my girl here either, Vic!” Suwako whined. “Don’t you dare hold out on me!”

The look on Vic’s face went from surprise to full-bellied laughter in a split second, as he heard that. “You are a woman after my own heart! Speaking of hearts…”

Victor burst out from the tunnel with a swift jump directly behind another one of the mercs with Suwako in tow. A dangerous grin adorned the Emperor’s face as he shifted his grip on his daggers.

“Let’s misplace a few of those for these fine gentlemen, shall we?”

The stabbing of daggers to the back was quickly reinforced with a pair of iron rings severing the second minion’s neck, and Suwako was quick to step hard on the man’s head with her foot. “Decapitation don’t always do it, right?”

“You are correct, miss!” Victor responded, dodging a cannonball with a quick twirl to the side that drew large chunks of flesh from the man’s back.

“Then I’ll just make it a bit more final! Suwako yelled, bringing both iron rings down on his head and reducing the brain matter of the unfortunately aligned mortal into brain mush.

“Fuck! Where did this bitch come from!” one of the remaining mercenaries yelled, taking a defensive stance with his spear. They’d been ready for Victor Wolfe to come and do this job - but they hadn’t bet on a newcomer, let alone a newcomer like this.

The Frog cracked her knuckles. “You know, I had a few thousand year drought of getting my hands dirty, But this past decade I’ve really felt something come back into me. Or is that just your drive getting me all confused?” Suwako asked Vic, who only offered a shrug.

“Don’t ask me, I’m not a fusion expert, hell, after I processed that Kanako stuff my brains still just trying to figure out whether or not it made me a lesbian by association.” Vic responded with a chuckle.

Suwako groaned in exasperation. “You would…” Suwako stated with a frown that could barely stay on her face for more than half a second before the look was replaced by a chuckling grin.

“Hehehe… hahahahaha!”


The two idiots were still laughing even as the bodyguard with the spear charged forward. It didn’t stop when suwako slapped the armored man with a kanabo to the back, or when Vic parried the spear into the ground. It certainly didn’t stop when Vic stabbed the man from the front of the chest and it definitely didn’t fade when Suwako used an earthen hand to push the man into the way of a cannonball meant for the little god.

“Alright you two, you really think you can compete with me?” Ahana growled.

“That’s my line. Your powers are divinely gifted… and yet you’re an embarrassment with them.” Suwako growled back, before spitting on the icy covering of the land.

“Pics aside, I was going to kill you anyways.” The enshrined god continued with narrowed eyes. “I’m part of a shrine. You know, of gods. Beings of divine power. Your existence cheapens our brand to intolerable levels. More importantly, I’m disgusted by the idea that you could possibly be in the same league as me… but as a responsible goddess, I’m aware that means the responsibility now falls on me to correct that idea.” Suwako explained in a sinister tone, gently dropping her hat down nearly over her eyes.

The response they got were cannonballs, and a running man now more desperately trying to avenge his friends who were far too damaged to get up any time soon.

Suwako chuckled, and Looked at Vic.

“Then I’ll go low!”

Victor was the first to land his shot, leaping up to plant 2 daggers into the top of the man’s back.


Suwako was the next to land her blow, going low and a hooked Kuwa,, a short spear, slammed into the man from below. With a combined groan of force, Vic put his body weight down as Suwako thrusted up and the two pulled the man in half from both sides.

Suwako then immediately gave a chuckle to Victor.

“You know, I did not think we’d get that synchronized.”

“Well, to be fair, you were in my head for a little while there. I’d imagine you had to learn quite a bit about spear-handling, if you know what I-”

“Enough!” Ahana yelled from her chair, and the two were immediately forced to dodge a sea of cannonballs.

“Great! Some overpowered douchebag with undeserved divine power trying to slap me with Giant killing orbs… this is like the first visit to Gensokyo all over again, except this time the shrine maiden’s a complete cunt!”

Victor Wolfe

Level 4
Sep 10, 2018
Mesa Roja
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Hopping from her throne the bunny girls annoyance at the insults spread across her face, she was used to it from the emperor but now a tiny woman was insulting her divinity.

“Stop mocking me! If not for that brat you would be dead you pompous, self-obsessed, sociopathic racist! What could you have done without my help! Its always all about you and what you want, but when I want to have a little fun this is how you treat me! How is this any different from what you did to the dwemer leadership!” Ahana stomped her foot as she ranted, Victor circling her, almost licking his lips with anticipation.

“Why my dull as a one-watt bulb counterpart its because I have a little thing known as impulse control! If I didn’t I may have desired to purge the entire dwemer population with that gas attack, but no, we needed people and unfortunately, elves do count as people according to some scholars. If I killed everyone who merely annoyed me, or every time I needed to blow off steam there might not be a Neo Nippur, just a mass collection of people strung up like the worlds most interesting art exhibit!” Victor grinned as he with a frighteningly quick movement found himself sitting on Ahanas throne.

“What you don’t get my former associate is that I spend most days of the week, having to listen to people I hate being around, finding ways to keep them alive, on a planet that I am pretty sure is trying to drive us all insane. All because there are about eight people I actually care about in that city and I want them to have the best life they can. And then you are out here, living that lord of the flies dream where everything is childish, hyper-violent and no rules apply to you!” Victor with ease lifted himself off the throne avoiding the cannonballs aimed at him, causing the chair to be obliterated.

“Will you just shut up and fight me!” Ahana screamed, her face red with rage as continued to try to hit the emperor.

“No, because all three of us know how this fight will go, you will get cut to pieces, you will heal, we will find a way to hit you hard enough that you can’t recover quick enough. Why its already pretty much prewritten so why not use this time to mock what a failure you are as a person.”

Suwako let out a yawn, for a supposed divine being this Ahana creature did not impress her in the slightest, regeneration powers and an inability to follow orders or think for itself, it may as well have been a worm.

“All you had to do was follow the train Ahana” The goddess said, somewhat surprised by her own words. Victor looking over a little confused.

“You know, normally I am the one supposed to do that, I guess I am not the only one shaken up from the fusion. Remind me to order you two number nines and a number nine large as a reward for this later friend!” Victor said with a grin causing Ahana to become angrier and angrier now stomping her feet against the volcanic rock that made up the ground beneath their feet.
Letting out a sigh Victor rushed forward, grabbing onto Ahanas arm and with one quick slash of his blade the limb was removed, like a knife through butter. Ahana winced a bit as Victor threw the limb to the side. Divine flames spouted from the stump as the limb quickly regrew Ahana standing with a smug grin.

“You see you pathetic emperor you can’t kill me…”

“You see you pathetic emperor you can’t kill me because I have my divine fire, yes I am well aware that your healing rate matches my daggers, but what do you hope to achieve? You are making this big show about how I cannot kill you but at the end of the day, I could still cut you into bits and have the bits spread across the land. You are like a sex doll Ahana, fun at first but once you realise it’s just going to sit there and take it without reaction I feel as if I would have more fun with my own hand!”

Victor petted Ahana on the head “Face it girl, eventually, I am going to find a way to keep you down, you struggle to hit me at the best of times and even when you do, I am just going to heal it. So unless you have any other tricks up your sleeve perhaps we should just skip to the fade to black death!”

“You want interesting? Do you really want a fight? Fine!” Ahana focused as an aura of flames pushed away the assassin her men who had mostly recovered from their injuries by now started to scream in terror as the fragments of divine flame that had held their battered bodies in one piece were ripped from them, more sparks came from the caverns, the pair assumed from her other followers who were also likely dropping dead from the injuries sustained over their training.

Victor watched intensely as the flames absorbed into their master before Ahana keeled over in pain onto her knees, curled up like the insect she was. Suwako having more sense than the assassin dived into the earth. Branches of flame erupted from Ahanas spine as she screamed until her voice rasped, blood spilling from her mouth to the floor. Unable to scream anymore Ahana laid motionless, the flames now taking a vaguely skeletal shape with large talons of white-hot flame. Victor noticed a glow from around him.

“Well, this is an issue!” Before the flame creature could cast its foul pyromancy the emperor was pulled into the earth.

Popping out from behind a rock the pair felt a blast of flame magic start to heat the basalt they had taken shelter from, knowing it was only a matter of time before the creature melted the rock they decided to strategise.

“So, what’s the plan to put this fiery bitch on ice?” Suwako questioned.

“Well its all going according to plan” Victor smiled.
Suwako sighed “of course the giant white-hot fire demon was part of your plan, why would that not be part of your plan”

“I wasn’t sure if I could kill her in her base form, but I had a feeling a power named the divine firemcthingy would have more uses than an infinite one up. So I used my greatest weapon, my mouth. My words are much like my knives, they can be very pretty, but also cut deep when I need them to! If that thing is her powers at their height, odds are there is not much left in her body to actually heal her, so if we damage it, and have a way to slow or stop her healing. I think you have that covered. Then we can actually properly kill her now! Plus it got rid of all her men so that is a major headache I don’t need to worry about”

Victor reached into his pocket and got onto one knee, now eye level with the goddess “So Suwako, I had a lot of fun inside your body, how about we do it again” Victor said with a wink as he revealed the Potara earrings on his palm.

Suwako Moriya

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Mar 17, 2019
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Suwako gave a wry grin to Victor. "So first you tell me about what a great weapon your mouth is, and then you wanna be inside me? Victor, you cad!"

Taking one of the Potara, she gave a chuckle and a smile to the Assassin, as the two looked at each other. "I can't believe I'm fusing with a human."

"'how about a friend?" Victor quipped back.

"Vic, please, at best we were drunken teenagers and you stuck it in the wrong-" Suwako added with a grin, before her eyes widened, and the assassin was chucked the other way, and out of the earth, just as the entire area they stood in liquefied.

"Woah!" Suwako yelled, leaping out the other side to avoid a hot and messy end. "Frog legs ain't on the menu, kiddo!"

The lava monster turned to her, but the goddess was quick, only taking a quick glance to check that victor, in fact, did have his earring and was busily putting it on.

With two hands forward, Suwako Focused her divinity, and the mud answered, a wet, dripping rope going around the flaming skeleton's neck. The rope pulled the creature's neck down in defeat, but Suwako could already see the mud turning to clay.

A hurried look was shot by Victor as Suwako put in the other earring, not wasting time as she very painfully jabbed it in. There was a bit more important things than a bit of ear blood at the moment.

Even as she did so, she gave Victor a look. "To fuse accidentally with one such as myself is one thing, but to willingly do it again... you're quite bold even as mortals go."

Vic would give a big smile from the other side of the area, as their bodies started to vibrate. "I'd watch all those masturbatory comments about ourselves. Karl already told us hands above the desk."

The creature stuck in the muck grabbed at the shimenawa, and even it's divine essence did not prevent it from being crushed into powder by what was probably the most boring fire yokai Suwako had seen in a while.

Suwako thought about all the things she could say before fusing. something dramatic, maybe something appreciative of how special this was, the gifts that the mortal had been given or the gifts the mortal, at the end of the day, had given her.

Instead, she settled on something else.

"...But seriously, swipe right on Karl jak?"


The thought got both of them laughing, 2 voices that started at a giggle and progressed to a laugh.

The Laughter continued even as the two were launched towards eachother, bringing Victor out of the way of a burning stream of flames in the nick of time, as the thing that was Ahana screeched in a combination of her original tone and that of some monster.

The two bodies turned to white and shifted amidst a hail of light, as the chamber was filled with a hail of divine energy mixed with the rainbow-sparked glitter of omnilium. energy coalesced as two silhouettes merged and morphed to become one....

And with that, the laughter of fused voices died down, as a singular entity stood within the ashy caves of inverxe, giving a quiet chuckle as she stood straight up.

Sutor looked at their own body for the first time in days. "And I'm finally back!"

The Fused warrior cracked her neck lightly, stretching out her arms as she looked to the fiend that had overtaken Ahana’s body.

The fiery skeleton cracked it’s neck as it turned. “...Who are you?” it rasped in a pathetic imitation of Ahana’s voice.

“I don’t really need to answer pretenders... But it’s not like I’m running low on time. Call me Sutor.” The fused voices rang out, tongue flicking out. “No need to tell me your name! We’d rather not have to hear that disgusting voice of yours again!”

The Skeletal creature pulled itself forward, almost seeming to be pulling along the figure of the bunny-girl inside it. Ahana’s slightly disjointed face gave a smirk as her neck bent to a hideously acute angle, and Sutor observed this with surprise.

“Well, and here I thought this was your ace in the hole, you pulling something new out of your ass!” Sutor yelled. “But it looks like that divine flame of yours is really just taking you for a ride, isn’t it!”

“Silence!” Ahana seethed, and Sutor was quickly forced on the defensive by a sextet of cannonballs. Hopping, skipping and diving through them, the Fusion took to harmonized whistling as she zipped through with effortless agility.

“Come on Ahana! Don’t tell me you’re giving up already!” Sutor added with a chuckle, before the Skeletal figure inhaled.

The fusion immediately swung a hand to her feet, creating a raised platform of earth that saved her from being baked in the initial flames that filled the surrounding cavern, and jumped through the air to relative freedom… right behind the flaming beast.

And then, Sutor’s eyes glowed red as her glare went through the corrupted Ahana’s body like a spear through the heart.

The infernal creature that was now Ahana shuddered as it stopped moving. “W-what did you do to… me?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Sutor asked with a smile. “Your body has realized what your little walnut up there can’t. I’m the oldest, strongest, and most spiteful of native gods combined with the greatest assassin the world’s ever seen. I’m more than either of those two ever could be. I am a transcendent existence.” Sutor added, walking confidently forward as Ahana’s body instinctively leaped back.

“W-what am i-”

“Your body, your power, both of them feel what you refuse to accept.” Sutor offered, before leaping above Ahana’s head. “...the fact that you’re going to die here. Violently. Horribly. All because you messed with the bigger bitch.”

Ahana’s response was a freakish, skeletal roar as gouts of magma erupted beneath Sutor.

“...But by all means, I do like it when they squirm~”

And with a teasing Chuckle, the God-empress was off, running past the magma with a chuckle as she headed towards the flame creature, concentrating as she brought her power forth and unleashed a hail of spiked underneath the flaming bunny’s feet, blood spraying and incinerating into smoke as the smell of it brushed past the celing.

“Now, I know what you’re thinking right now. After all, it’s easy to tell what an idiot is thinking. ‘No matter what, I can heal from whatever these idiots do! I will melt them down into ash.’

Sutor was springing on her hands now, jumping from rock to rock as the area turned into a lava-filled mess of devastation. the corpses that were once Ahana’s best men melted down and fizzled in the destruction.

“I am your end, Victor!”

“Oh wow, that wasn’t a half-bad line from you for once. Shame it came too late.” Sutor added, before tripping on her words - and a nearby rock - as the ground liquefied.

“Pretty last words!” Ahana growled, as she stepped forward, fire nearly completely encasing her body as Sutor was forced to spring off the flaming ground and closer to Ahana. Suwako’s divine body made the fusion more durable, but the burn still stung, and the fusion bit back a hiss of pain as Ahana came closer, ready to finish her as a ring of fire appeared around the two of them, descending towards Sutor and ahana to wipe the both of them in her divine flames. The fusion knew that if this hit, not even their combined form would be able to handle it.

...Luckily, Suwako and Victor didn’t spontaneously combine to create no fools.

A grin came off the fusion’s face.

“You know, Ahana.” Sutor added with a grin. “They were. They really were. Good job!”

Ahana gagged, blood flew, and the distinct sound of metal cleaving through flesh as Sutor held up a pair of abnormally long daggers.

“Suwako controlled earth and metal, but usually a power like mine wouldn’t be much of a threat to yours. Equal divinity, and all.” Sutor added. “Truth be told, it took me this long to figure out exactly what to do with you.”

“Your hand! Th-the burn!”

Sutor gave a grin as she gripped her hand, the palm healed as fine as ever. “A trifle for a fusion.”

Ahana Growled, as she tried to will the ring to close, to incinerate the fusion, to do something, but it seemed harder to concentrate.

“What is…”

“So did you know Victor came from a place with a god of it’s own there? One of creation, in fact! And he left my good component with a few souvenirs of creation of his own! If you think about it, this almost makes Victor Wolfe an angel of the divine! Now isn’t that something you’d never thought you’d hear.”

“Victor… what did-”

Sutor reached in and gave a solid slap to the side of Ahana’s head, as the flames dimmed. “Sutor to you. Now let me finish my story.”

Ahana’s only response was to gag, which seemed appropriate as the flames began to die down.

“Now, Suwako’s powers were over earth. So I combined that lovely rainbow energy the kids love with earthy sprinkles, gambled a bit on if it would work when I stabbed you, and what would you know?”

Ahana’s glare gave over to horror as she began to slow down, having an issue moving.

“Humans came from clay in some versions of the tales, after all. So wouldn’t it make sense, my dear little rabbit, if they could return to the soft loam from whence they came, if you just took that process and, with your transcendent powers, reversed it?”

“I-I’ll.. C-co…” Ahana started to gag… even as her mouth refused to move, and her tongue turned to a soft, earthen texture.

“Well, if you do, we’ll see how long it takes you. Until you figure it out, you’ll be a nice conversation piece for the living room.” Sutor added. “It’ll remind me not to keep mistakes like you around for so long in the future.”

Ahana’s eyes filled with horror, as her legs stopped moving, turning to soft material and becoming immobile. Her body could no longer plead, but her eyes finally matched the panic her victims often had.

“Oh look at that! And here I thought Ahana Varma knew no fear. Well, that works just fine for me. I’d much rather have your last look be of horror than some resolute, determined glare. This look fits you so much better - and pisses me off a hell of a lot less.” The Empress taunted, before taking a knife. “...I was thinking of just preserving the whole thing, ahana, but you know, it might be a bit heavy on the trip back. It’ll be pretty awkward to keep the whole thing in good enough condition to be glazed… besides.”

The old goddess pushed a hand directly into Ahana’s chest, pulling out something with a divine light coming off of it… something pulsing and glowing with power. With a smirk and a wink, spark ignited from Sutor’s hand, and the light changed shape with a rainbow-spattered restructuring, becoming an old style japanese scroll with markings and Kanji spattered all across. “I already went and broke you.” The fusion finished with mock shame in her voice.

Ahana’s eyes trailed down to the hole in her chest, her entire body turning rigid, and Sutor stood forward, getting up within inches of Ahana’s half-paralyzed face. The rabbit demon turned her eyes forward just as they turned to mud, and Sutor breathed a sigh of relief. She wanted no questions why Ahana’s eyes were looking below the desk in her final moments.

“So I’ll just take the head. Would you like that? Oh… sorry.”

Sutor smiled, a lightning-fast motion with the dagger severing the head just so that it fell into Sutor’s waiting other arm, not losing a single piece.

“After all, even if you can still somehow hear me, you’re not really in a position to answer, ever again. Right?”

The smile across Sutor’s face was broad, as she held her trophy. “Now then, let’s get back to my kingdom. I have a mantle with your name on it."

Victor Wolfe

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“Well, I guess I can check getting head from Ahana off our bucket list, although it was only there to shut her up for a few minutes. Guess I can check that off too!” Surveying the carnage in their wake, Sutor fell backwards, leaving Ahanas head for a moment as they swayed their arms and legs, creating an angel shape out of the ash and gore.

It had been a productive day, they had gotten rid of the leading cause of death in the nation and awakened one of her components' old abilities. Fear aura, the ability to override the central nervous systems of those around them by forcing them to think fear. They did not fully understand this ability, was it magical, science, a mind control power similar to Erik’s telepathy? Having killed off his teachers and all the researchers at the institute in one of their pasts they realised that they might never know the true origin of this power. But even at its most basic level, it had proved its worth. It even forced the look of terror on that idiotic bunnies face, one that was now permanently held in clay, something else to add to the exploration bank.

“Ohohoho! It’s good to be the god-empress! Thankfully uh, I guess mother and father were kind enough to have more than a one night fling. I have not felt this loved since that night with my tongue!” Sutor let out a sly giggle as they reached for their hot pants.

“I can think of no better way to celebrate my existence…” Before they could finish that thought the earth began to quake, small shakes at first, the half-god paused feeling the earth on their back, the shakes had already become more noticeable, and quicker.

“So either the moon is giving birth, or the volcano is about to erupt, that is just fantastic!” Sutor rolled their eyes, their hands still at their waist.

“Hmm, let them all die and get off, leave it for later and save everyone - decisions. decisions. I guess I can wait! After all, I have a lot to do before we abandon these knife ears to their fiery fate. Shame I don’t get to watch it.” Sutor smirked as they rolled back to a standing position.

“Hmm, you know if I turn up covered in viscera and gore again people might think the madness of the planet has gotten to us. Guess I could sneak into the cultist headquarters again and use the shower, maybe give Opel a good prodding with the tongue, she certainly knows how to use hers so might teach her a lesson, but now, time for a change!” Placing her hat gently on the floor Sutor summoned a table and some clothing sets with one hand and texted with the other.

Creating a group chat with Sigmund, Cho and Dave Sutor typed out a message.

“Hey boys. its ya girl! The Goddess with the hotness! Sutor Woriya! I accept worship in the form of bowing, praying and lewd thoughts! But enough about your new weekly work rotation, we have a major fucking problem! It seems that our little city might not be long for this world. Cho sugar lips can you confirm that?

Sweet boy?

Well, shit, he needs to hurry and revive, don’t suppose that you could ask old Gal’skap for a favour on speeding that up Sigmund could you? Actually now that I am a god does that mean Gal’skap is like my brother?

Sigmund is typing…

Sorry! I kid, but seriously, grab everyone important and everything you want to keep, Dave tell the other special forces their jobs, I have already sent you the plan, we have limited space on the ship so can’t save everyone, but we can save a lot.

Also, boys, Pink or black ;)” Sutor sent a picture of both sets of underwear over their crotch before turning off their phone and picking black, there was an edgy boy in her girly heart after all.

Now dressed the frogsassin headed towards the most important target, the imperial palace.
Quickly reaching the marble steps she spotted someone else who was letting their position go to their head, also being carried by servants Snobsworth gave a polite nod, his eyes, however, betraying a lustful hunger as he ogled the girl.

“Before you get any ideas Sir Elf, I am half Victor, fusion you see, and we have business I need to discuss, so if you could turn around, and walk up those stairs. I think you will love the offer I am about to make you.” Sutor said with a grin.

“Well then good fell… miss? What am I supposed to call you?”

“You can call me whatever you want so long as I am on top!” Sutor said with a laugh.

“Miss... “ the fat Dwemer started before he felt as if his heart was about to stop, his body shaking as unearthly fear crept into his bones.

“Seriously though, ‘your Divinity’ or ‘Empress’ will do, also get off that chair, it looks ridiculous, you servants, you are free now, leave!” Snobsworth shook his head in shock as he was forced off the chair, his servants walking away to enjoy an early day off.

“I am sorry my empress but surely you cannot just do that, those were my employees!” He complained. Struggling to keep up with the speed and grace of Sutor, who was now climbing the stairs backwards, allowing her to continue the conversation.

“Well, I just nationalised them.” They smirked as they watched the aristocratic elfs face burn red with exhaustion and rage.
“But you can’t just do that! What about laws protecting rights to property!” He yelled but still followed.

“Since when were you so brave as to raise your voice to me? Did Snobby finally grow a pair? Well, then I guess you are ready for my offer because this all ties into it. I am an absolute monarch, there are no laws in these lands other than what I decide. If tomorrow I wanted to enslave everyone in the city and start an orgy pit on Thursdays, I could. I just chose not to but I grow tired of it.” Sutor let out an exaggerated yawn as they reached the doors to the palace.

“Whilst I was a fine leader I fear that my new transformation makes me, unsuitable for the job, I should really just find a nice man and settle down, but to do that I would need a sizable fund to live in the level of comfort I want.”

“Well yes, can’t have a women ruling, next the peasants will be wanting to vote! or read! I think I know what we must do then to fix this!” Snobsworth got down onto one knee, Sutor had to hold back vomit in their mouth as the flat of a sharp knife delicately slapped against the bottom of Snobworth’s chin, pulling him back up to a standing position as the fusion’s smile turned from pleasing to deadly.

“Wait why? If I marry you I can be emperor and you can live in comfort!” He pleaded.

“Not what I was going to suggest. Buy the empire from me.” Sutor reached out a hand and summoned up a contract and quill.

“What do you mean, buy the city? Is that… Is that the price?! I may be rich but I don’t have that kind of cash! Sutor leaned down until they were eye level with the dwemer, making sure no servant could hear she whispered.

“Well that is almost a lie, it’s not that far off your families total wealth, I had you audited, and those tax payments are looking a little low, but since you lied I am increasing it by the amount of tax you cheated me out of” With a flick of the wrist the number on the contract changed causing Snobsworth to wince.

“Oh Relax Snobby. Remember what I told you, this is an absolute monarchy. As soon as I hand this place over all of it is yours, so there is plenty you can give from the city itself to make up for the shortfall, and with all the mines, the gem village, and the infrastructure improvements we brought, you will make it back in no time. I will give good value for that statue of Victor, and I will also accept celestial gold and stygian silver at just ten percent less than the going rate.” Snobworth fired back

“Less? Shouldn’t it be more?”

“Fifteen percent less now, think about it, you can sell it in bulk now because I want as much as we can get, you don’t need to work out how to get it to the surface to be taken off-world and risk attack and loss of workers or resources, that’s why it’s less, we are taking extra risks on our side that you would normally have. Besides, as I said.” Sutor placed her hand on Snobsworths back and turned him towards the skyline of the city.

“Is there any price too great to claim your birthright? Money can be earned back, but absolute power, that does not come around often. Trust me. one half of me has been around for a long time. Look, if you had one shot, one opportunity, to seize everything you have ever wanted, would you capture it, or let it slip away?”

Snobsworth signed the contract with a pained expression as Sutors eyes lit up, they quickly handed the crown over and gave a mocking bow. “All hail Emperor Snobsworth! Long may he reign! Now my men will be here to collect my money and that statue. Just remember, if you screw us over, I have already wiped out the leadership of this city once-desu!”


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“Wake up!” The shrill cry pierced whatever veil clouded the Earthbenders mind. Flavia knelt over his body. He’d practically poofed into existence a few feet above his bed in his chambers, Flavia had barely managed to scramble out of the bed as he appeared. She wrapped her hands around his shoulders and shook.. Repeatedly. His eyes rolled around in his head as he was shaken awake, the rest of his body limp and barely responding. Finally, his eyes focussed on the blonde shaking him around. It took him a moment to fully wake, but as he did, a brief panic took hold. He shifted a little and booted the blonde in her stomach, launching her back a ways, the breath forced from her lungs. Cho pushed himself to his feet, breathing heavily as he glanced about his familiar room. Realisation struck him as he set his gaze on Flavia. She was knelt on the ground, clutching her chest as she struggled to catch her breath.

“Shit. Flavia, I’m so sorry! It’s been.. A hell of a week.” He rushed over to help her to her feet, an arm looped around her elbow.

“Urgh.. yup. I saw. Fourth place though.. That’s not too bad.”

“Yeah, well, it was mostly Sigmund. He, uh, did the majority of the legwork.”

“I wouldn’t say that you did some-” Flavia was silenced by Cho holding up a hand, his other hand brought up to rub at his forehead.

“Look, I really don’t wanna relive this whole thing already. I kinda just want to get something really fucking good to eat, get out of these shitty clothes and figure out what to do next. Should probably check in with Sigmund as well..”

“You need some company?”

“Uh, if you don’t mind, no. I kinda want to wander around on my own a bit. Y’know? Unwind a bit. Victor probably wants to see you as well, might be worth tracking him down if he’s back.”

“That’s.. Fair.” The blonde hung her head a little, dejectedly. Cho grimaced somewhat.

“I’ve got some stuff to look into, okay? I wouldn’t be very good company.. My heads all over the shop. I died like 4 hours ago or something. Some guy ate my head, Flavia!”

“Sure, sure. I get that.. We’ll catch up at some point?”

“Mhmm. I’m sure we will.” Flavia tugged at Cho’s shoulders and pulled him in for a quick embrace. He sighed and sunk into the hug for a moment before catching himself and backing up. He flashed a brief smile before turning and leaving the room. He traipsed through the somewhat quiet halls of the palace, quickly emerging into the much busier streets of the city. He pulled the smartphone from his pocket and half glanced through the message he’d received from Sutor. He grimaced and stuffed the phone back in his pocket. The contents on the message were wildly inappropriate. He froze in that moment, though. He’d elected to wander the streets barefoot. Doing so allowed him to feel the vibrations of the earth, feeling as though he was connected to his elemental affinity in some way. Usually, there was just the odd vibration due to seismic activity or the footsteps of the wandering masses. Today, however, was different. There was a deep, sinister rumble in the ground. Much deeper than the usual surface level activity, these vibrations felt as though they were rising from the core of the Inverxe itself. He clamped his eyes closed and sighed heavily as he retrieved his phone once more.

Yep, something’s brewing. Not sure how long we’ve got right now, but I’ll keep tabs on it. He replied to the God-Empress’ message, quickly scrolling past the lewd images. Dave, send me directions to Sigmund’s place, would you?

He waited a few moments until his phone vibrated once again. Dave had replied, providing him with directions to where he should find Sigmund. He followed the vague directions, getting lost a couple times along the way until he made it to the temple. He entered and immediately called out into the hallways.

“Sigmund! It’s Cho! I gotta talk to you!”

Sigmund Vrell

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Sigmund stepped out into the halls of the temple, his footsteps echoing through the silent halls. He glanced around for a moment, frowning a little.

“Why is it so quiet?” The high priest asked, glancing over at Cordie. The priestess grimaced in response, pausing for a few moments to find the right words.

“Well, I have bad news and worse news.”

“Gods… what did I miss?” The scion sighed. “Give me the bad news first.”

“Something spooked the monsters down in the beast cages. They all ran out into the caverns below the temple and Devon took off after them. Everyone is kinda on edge.”

Sigmund’s heart sank. Devon was capable, the cultist didn’t believe he was in any real danger, but the beasts panicking was a greater problem.

“By Gal’skap… what’s the worse news?” He asked, dreading whatever his subordinate was going to tell him.

“Well… how should I put this…” She started, fidgeting a little and turning bright pink, struggling to meet his gaze a little. “I’d just like you to know that I support you and any ways you wish to… entertain yourself.”

“I… huh?” Sigmund asked, bewildered.

“Opal found your phone and the, uh, images of Sutor.” Cordie mumbled.

“What images?” The high priest asked, suddenly very worried. Before she could respond, the priestess was cut off by a bellowing cry ringing through the halls.

“SIIIIIIIIGMUUUUUUUND!” Opal roared as they stormed down the hall, phone in hand and death in their eyes beneath their mask. Amethyst and Yorn both clung to the shaman, desperately trying to slow them down.

“Can everyone pause for a moment and tell me what’s going on?” Sigmund said, glancing around between the assembled cultists. The shaman wriggled free and furiously showed the head cultist his phone. Specifically, the images Sutor had sent him of herself in numerous lewd poses.

“Care to explain this?” They asked, staring the scion dead in the eyes.

“The emperor fused into a single being with a self-proclaimed goddess and, apparently, sent me suggestive images of themselves as a joke.”

“You really expect me to believe that?” Opal asked before pausing for a few moments, their fury draining away as despair took its place. “Gods… he totally would. Sounds like you've been through some crazy shit.”

“You have no idea.” He sighed. The cultists were silent for a moment as they contemplated whose employ they were under before Cordie visibly perked up.

“Oh, there’s a stranger in the temple.” She said, cocking her head to the side for a moment. “They say they’re looking for you, Sigmund.”

“Ah, alright.” The scion said. “Go greet them, please, I’ll meet you there.”

The priestess nodded and the cultists averted their gazes. They still weren’t sure exactly how she teleported, but they knew to just look away and let her go.

Across the temple, Cho wandered the quiet halls, calling for the high priest. Soon enough, the silence was broken by a quiet whisper followed by an excited “Hello there!”

The bender whipped around, finding himself staring into a pair of black eyes with prismatic irises. He practically jumped out of his skin as the strange girl appeared behind him, lashing out and knocking the wind from the priestess. She stumbled back a few steps, but didn’t seem very phased by the blow.

“You’re Cho, right?” She wheezed, grinning at the youth. “I saw you in the abyss with the high priest. Pretty good placement, all things considered.”

“No offence, but can we not talk about that?” He replied, shifting uncomfortably. “So, you’re one of Sigmund’s followers, then?”

“Yep, my name’s Cordie.” She said. “I’m the high priest’s right-hand woman.”

Before the bender could respond, the high priest rounded the corner, waving to his revived friend excitedly.

“Cho! Good to see you. I take it the resurrection went well?” He said, giving him a warm handshake.

“Yeah, more or less.” The youth replied. “I’ve got a lot to talk to you about.”

“Of course, of course.” Sigmund said, ushering Cho through the temple and into a lightly furnished lounge. “So, what did you want to talk about?”

“I’ve been having weird dreams lately. Dreams where a voice has talked to me, telling me to come find it in the ‘spirit realm’. And it knew my name.” The bender said, clasping his hands together nervously. The cultist stroked his chin thoughtfully, flipping open the Manic Codex.

“Communing with spirits is common in dreams. When we sleep, we’re closer to the beyond than when we are awake.” The priest’s hand was poised above his tome as he glanced between its pages and his companion. “Did it give you its name?”

“Uh… Shaan.” Cho replied. “It changes its appearance whenever it appears to me too.”

“Hmm…” Sigmund mumbled, his hand pausing above the pages. The cultist chewed his lip for a moment before gently closing the book with a little shake of his head. “I can’t say I’ve ever heard of a ‘Shaan’ before.”

“Oh… what does that mean?” The bender asked, furrowing his brow a little.

“Well, my knowledge of spirits is not absolute. I’m very interested in this Shaan figure. Do you know what it wants from you?”

“It told me that it’s not sure yet, but it has something to do with maintaining balance.”

The scion crossed his arms and stared off into space, mulling over what the youth was telling him.

“Fascinating… I’ll need to look into this some more. I can’t really comment much on any specifics at the moment. What I can say, though, is that something is trying to contact you. If it visits you again, let me know. We’ll work this out together.”

“Thanks, Sigmund. I appreciate it.” Cho said, giving a weary smile. The two remained in silence for a moment before the high priest leant forward, resting his hand on his chin.

“So, are you going to be returning to Victor’s employ?”

“Well, yeah, I guess so.” The bender replied. The cultist nodded slowly, sighing a little.

“Very well. If you ever grow weary of his… antics, you always have a place here.”

“I… I’ll keep that in mind.” Cho nodded.

Suwako Moriya

The Curse god of Moriya Shrine
Level 2
Mar 17, 2019
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It didn’t take long for Sutor to find their way to Sigmund’s temple, something about being the god-empress of the whole place meant that she knew her way around her own city.

There were more than a few passing glances thrown her way as Sutor walked down the street, and in her mind that was as it should be. She was a combination of two incredibly attractive individuals, and the result was…

Well, Divine didn’t even cut it anymore. Still, while it was both nice and expected to cause a few pulled neck muscles wherever she walked, it wasn’t really the prey Sutor was usually after.

That would be Sigmund, who she was quick to walk forward and introduce herself to.

“Oh, excuse me, is this the Temple of Gal’skap? I’ve heard so much about this place, and I was thinking of joining.” Sutor said with a grin, stepping forward as they invaded the space of a familiarly cloaked individual, running fingers across his shoulder.

He immediately jumped, but turned around with a relatively bland expression under the cloak. “...Victor, You sent me pictures, and we fought together during DA. I know it’s you.”

Sutor’s response was an exaggerated pout. “Drat. You’re too smart for me, SIggy.” The girl responded, though a slight bit of irritation hit her as she was referred to as ‘Victor.’ it wasn’t wrong, but it wasn’t totally right, either.

Well, it was a very minor thing coming from Siggy, and she had no issue forgiving such a thing from him, after all.

Sutor leaned casually back on a nearby pillar, blowing a bit of hair lazily out of her face as she did so. “So where’s Cho? I need my adorable earthbender to check on that volcano. Among other things. I’ve felt these odd things on my chest recently and I was hoping he could give an inspection and-”

“Okay, okay.” Cho cut in with a grumble.

“No, I’m serious, look, you can see them.” Sutor responded with a smile, turning to see Cho with a grin. “But seriously, it’s a treat getting to see you with my own eyes for the first time.”

Cho actually looked slightly thoughtful at that, though the irritation hadn’t totally faded. “...So you’re really a different person now…”

“I’m both of them, but I’m also me. It gets a whole lot less confusing when you don’t over-complicate it by thinking too hard.” Sutor replied, looking at Cho. “I’d be happy to explain the new life situation in a little while, but it’s a little more important we evacuate on time, and that’s rather hard without an ETA, kiddo.”

Cho looked a little surprised at the last thing, though there seemed to be something clicking in his head. “I’d say we have, maybe a few hours at most? It’s hard to tell from here. Earth-bending is not an exact science. Or, it is, but I haven’t gotten to that level yet.”

Sutor gave a nod, as the fused warrior looked to Sigmund, then to the temple around, and after a moment gave a large sigh. “It is a shame. It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen such a wonderfully opulent temple. Purpose-built but purposefully grand. I suppose it says a lot about your own devotion to supply this, but if I didn’t know just how devoted you were to Gal’skap by now, even without a pretty temple to prove it, I’d have had to be blind and deaf.”

The tones were nostalgic and regretful, losing a bit of their usual jokey tone as Sigmund leaned forward, seeming interested.

“I appreciate your concern, Sutor.” Sigmund responded. “But the worship of Gal’skap is done with or without the temple. While it may attract worshippers, supply lodgings, and create a place for our knowledge to be stored, it may simply be rebuilt elsewhere with the help of the faithful.”

A friendly smile came to Sutor at the statement. “Well said! Just avoid repeating it too much in front of the masses! At least, if you’d like your budget intact.”

Sutor looked out to the city behind them. “Well, you may as well repeat it to some of those here. If anyone left behind actually lives through the volcanic eruption, it will have to be a miracle of Gal’skap anyways.”

Cho’s mood and smile vanished at the statement. “So it’s as bad as it feels, then.”

Sutor nodded. “Yeah. I’m not sure if Ahana turning into the world’s worst fire demon helped trigger it, or it’s just unfortunate timing.”

“Fire… demon?”

Sutor would just give a chuckle and a nod. “And don’t worry, she’s not in any condition to do much anymore.” Sutor would offer, before simply pulling out a scroll from behind her back. “...But we have gotten something important back from her, so she’s no longer necessary.”

Sigmund would nod, though Cho looked a little perturbed. “There’s a level of human mistreatment I won’t tolerate. Ahana crossed that line like she was trying to set a record in long jump.” Sutor explained. “...And it wasn’t right to leave divine power in the hands of a psychotic animal like that.” She’d add with slightly more venom.

A look of slight surprise fell into Sutor’s face as she felt that combined hatred from her components. Victor’s was far more long-suffering, but Suwako’s certainly felt raw. Then again, gods tended to make their minds up far quicker than humans.

Well, the god gave a shrug. “We don’t have the time to think about it, either. Sigmund, I’m sure you can get the temple fully evacuated in no time?” Sutor asked, getting a quiet nod in response.

“Then I do believe that means you’re with me for now, Cho.” Sutor would add with a relatively serious expression. “We’re going to take a bit of a walk.”

“Walk?” Cho would ask.

“Exactly. There’s undoubtedly at least one thing that will go wrong in the evacuation planning. It’ll be our job to be available to solve that problem, one way or another. Besides, it’ll be easier to see just what kind of problems might be erupting in the streets-hm.” Sutor would think as she re-thought the word. “Unintentional wordplay. The point is I’d like to know about any monkey wrenches before they get thrown into the works.”

Cho nods, the youth more focused as the discussion turned to something more familiar - making sure people are safe.

“I’ll be looking to you for support here, Cho. And not just for your earthbending. Although we’ll probably want to have a conversation about that later.” Sutor would add, a few rocks coming to her hand to form a small sphere that looked like a reasonably accurate recreation of a miniature Inverxe, causing a look of surprise to show on the earthbender’s face.

With a smile, Sutor would continue. “No, I’m more interested in seeing how your judgement has developed. How sharp you can be in a crisis. Show me who I’m relying on.”

Cho gave a nod, looking a little uncomfortable but resolute. “Uhhh… understood.”


Victor Wolfe

Level 4
Sep 10, 2018
Mesa Roja
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It had been a quiet mission, Sutors well-placed plans had seemingly gone smoothly, with wheelbarrows of celestial gold drawing the occasional glance from suspicious onlookers, but the blades hanging from the guard’s belts, and the serious expressions on their faces keeping the small crowds at bay.

There was a strange atmosphere in the air, one of uncertainty, clearly, Snobswoth was not able to keep the announcement a secret and the regime change, as well as the removal of a lot of their wealth, created a miasma of confusion amongst the people. Somewhere happy that they had gotten rid of their human overlords at last and a real dwemer would be taking over. Some were worried that without the protection of said overlords that the gains their city had made over the past two years would be hard to maintain, there were even the occasional sceptic who had twigged that something might be causing them to leave.

Victor and Cho had set up a checkpoint from the main road through the narrow pass that led to the elevator, the one route towards their ship. Cho would use the vibrations and his earth sense to work out the weight of the wheelbarrows and Sutor would add it to her checklist. A way of making sure that they got their full pay and that none of the guards were trying to sneak contraband on board.

“I swear to me the next special forces operative that tries to sneak out a dwemer fertility idol is having their genitals removed for a month. The only fertility goddess they should be worshipping is me!” Sutor stamped in a mock huff with a laugh. Cho let out a bored half chuckle, not really willing to say anything to antagonise his boss, but not able to fake enthusiasm.

“So, you are taking this death thing pretty hard, lighten up kid, you lasted longer than I did, even if that is only because someone didn’t throw a shield on time, not mad about that though,” Sutor said with a smile Cho just turning like a sulking teenager

Sighing the former Empress added. “Ok if it’s about the whole, ‘I want us to get to the last three so we can kill each other’ thing, death tournaments do bring out the worst of my personality. Well, that and entitled weaklings. But mostly its death tournaments! You are new to this whole thing I am not, I also knew that you would return from the dead so from my perspective, killing you in that tournament would have been no different than knocking you out in a sparring session. Death is awful to experience, but it's a fact of life in these worlds, at least you have someone around who will always be there to dust you off and kick the grim reaper in the dick to bring you back!”

Turning back to his employer Cho fired back “That’s the issue, it’s always someone else! I got that far because you and then Sigmund helped keep me alive for so long, I couldn’t even do what I was supposed to and get a single kill. All of this power and I am being outclassed by a cultist and a normal human! That’s what's getting to me, When am I going to be able to stand proudly on my own two feet!”

Sutor jumped across to the rock platform Cho was perched on and kneeled down, looking directly into Cho's eyes. Before flicking his forehead, a small trickle of blood sliding down the side of his nose.

“OK, sometimes I forget the power boost that this body gives me but still you deserve that. This Sasuke-like arc needs to end! Spare me the pity party boy. So what if you didn’t kill anyone, you got to a rank that I have literally killed a lot of people trying to get. And never succeeded, and only died when you came up against the one person in this universe I could never kill. DA might be a death tournament but at its heart, the island format is about survival and luck, many will remember my run but it got a target painted on my back! You went under the radar and got to the final.” Cho started to fire up ready to give Sutor a piece of his mind.

“But I only got there because…”

“Because Sigmund was there, who cares! You are only alive out here because I carry you outside of DA! If not for me you would have probably been cannibal food or fallen for some dwemer plot, or just been killed by the fauna here!”

“This isn’t helping!”

“Then let me finish. What I am saying is that you are part of Neo New Babylon, we all carry each other. Its how I designed this civilisation. I look out for you, you prevent me from becoming a cannibal chow for a few years. I help Sigmund by giving him the platform to spread his cult and the military expansionism needed to keep gaining new potential followers, he helps me by giving our people a unified belief system making them easier to control. You know what separates Gods from humans Cho?”


“The drive, gods just, exist as a representation of their core concepts, and unless their followers’ ideals change, they tend to be very static, when I fused part of me discovered that drive, the desire to grow, to expand, to dominate. That and the ability to work together is why humanity is the superior species in this universe. We are not tied to any strings of fate, if we work hard enough no matter how hard the world kicks us down we can get back up and use that experience to become stronger. So Cho, grow up. And stop holding yourself back with self-doubt.”

Cho seemed stunned, a lot rushing through his head after the goddesses speech.

“When I brought you into the fold I made an investment in you as a person, and you have yet to disappoint me, so just keep growing. You will be carrying in no time! Besides if you want to carry I can think of a few positions…”

“There is another wheelbarrow” Cho announced as he changed the subject.

“The weight doesn’t match, that’s not the gold. Stop, we need to inspect your cargo!” Cho announced as he had so many times, expecting another fertility idol, or some copies of Altmer gone wild.

Sutor scanned the stranger driving the wheelbarrow, not a word that should have crossed their mind as Victor made sure to have profiles on all of his men, this stranger did seem somewhat familiar. The strangers' cargo was covered with a tarp, their hand reached underneath the material.

“Cho get away!” Just as the empress shouted the wheelbarrow exploded Sutor felt a stabbing feeling in their gut as they saw purple clouds of smoke rise from the now destroyed wheelbarrow. Reminiscent of the poison they had used to kill the cities leaders years before. As the dust and smoke settled the earth bender was nowhere to be seen, the stranger peeling away their cloak.

“So Nisse, that was a bit of a dick move, still pissed that I killed your simp goddess, that is a new one, simp? Victor must have picked that up on his dataverse device, not sure what it means but I feel it fits!”

“Ha, call me whatever you want, the last gasps of a soon to be dead emperor, god I am going to enjoy this after you took everything from me! I am going to tear out your heart like you did to her, and me, in fact, why don’t I drag that big-titted bimbo you gave the royal invitation to and make you watch her suffer”

“So let me get this straight, you did all this because I killed that psycho bitch before Ahana-senpai noticed you because trust me boy I saved you a lot of hassle, she had one thing on her mind and it wasn’t the kind of penetration you wanted. You could have gone a thousand years and you still would have just been the annoying dog humping her leg! I got deeper inside her than you ever would have when I punched through her chest!” Sutor taunted as Nisse launched forward with surprising speed.

Their punch sent the fusion flying into a wall leaving an indent of their frame, ripping their arm out of the wall the fusion launched themselves forward only for their punch to be ducked, an uppercut from the emo kid landing on their chin and knocking them backwards. Sparing no time, Nisse picked up a rock and charged catching the still mid-air Sutor and slamming them to the ground, standing over their body as their arms raised to protect their head, the rock leaving cuts and bruises where it landed.

“Oh fuck this” Sutor drew a dagger and plunged it directly into Nisses chest. His shirt shredding and revealing his body, the veins from his chest and out to his arms glowed purple. The irises of his eyes having the same venomous glow. Unaffected by the blow he grabbed Sutor by the arm, pulling the knife from his chest as the wound sealed over with purple fire, and bashed his head against the fusions, dragging them to their feet and throwing them backwards.

“Ok explain now!” Sutor demanded as their legs shook, their head still spinning as their body rushed to steady their brain from the concussion.

“The mushroom poison can work as a steroid, however, the toxic element usually kills before anyone can use the full effect, my healing rate is keeping it in check. I managed to convince the fragment of the divine flame within me to stay until I have gotten revenge! With this, I will burn you, that priest, this entire city under divine flame before I burn out I am finally stronger than you Mwuhahaha!” Nisse laughed maniacally.

Sutor chuckled along to the laugh as they dusted themselves off. Cracking their neck and knuckles as Nisse rolled his eyes. “Victor or whatever your name is now, I have watched every fight you have ever had here, I know your powers and know that you just went all out, and did about as much damage as a fly to a lion face it girly, this was only ever going to end one way!”

“Oh really? You have a point, that was Victor’s current limit although knowing that boy he will probably have already surpassed it if we ever defuse again. You know Nisse, I am almost impressed, you actually took the beating I gave you all those years ago and grew in power, you are easily in the top five strongest fighters in this city now. I would almost be willing to recruit you and say all is forgiven but there are some things that are just, unforgivable.”

“Oh? And what would those be?” Nisse replied in a mocking tone as he removed his knife from his belt.

“Well for one, you compared yourself to me, the fucking god-empress of this world, there is one man in existence that can do that and you don’t have that jawline, second of all you threatened a Vrell in my presence, whilst I might not like some of his cultists Sigmund is a cinnamon bun that I will protect until the heat death of the universe. And third, you killed part of my harem route, this is for Cho you bastard!” Sutor braced themselves as the ground around them began to shake.

“AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” They screamed as pebbles and rocks started to float and crack around them, their hair turning from blonde to glowing gold as their hair stood up forming spikes of hair, a golden aura glowing around them.

Bursting forward they landed a punch to Nises gut, twisting the fist as they lifted his keeled over limp body, with a spin the goddess threw them through a bunch of stalagmites. Slowly lifting to his knees Nisse vomited up a pile of blood and poison, the red and purple mix leaking from his mouth as he shakily got to his feet.

“Ok… your turn, explain!”

“Let us keep it simple shall we, I am a god so the form my power takes is entirely up to me, and I signed a sponsorship deal with Karl that my powered-up form would have spikey golden hair and a glowing aura, he wanted me to change eye colour too but I threatened to not sign the contract, so now we have, Super Sutor!”

“Ah good… a worthy challenge for my… final...Victory” Nisse slumped back to his knees.

“I should also mention, remember the stab wound? I didn’t charge any energy into that, it was basically a normal slice, I just wanted to see what you would do if you thought you could win, and all that bravado, now I get to take you apart and watch the hope die in those pretty eyes of yours, there are going to be two kinds of splash zones tonight!”

“Wait wait! I can change my mind, let me follow you!” Sutor flew forward, their knee colliding with Nisses chin and sending them through a pile of rocks.

“No, for the reasons listed before, time to die…”

As the dust settled from the crash the boyish figure of a young earth bender was revealed.


“What? You had it, besides I had to raise this to block the explosion! Besides, wasn't this all for Cho you bastards!” Cho said with a boyish giggle causing Sutors face to turn red.

“Ok, Cho! You forget you heard that and help me kill the witness, and I won’t have to add you to the removal list.” Sutor grabbed the still down Nisse by the throat and lifted them as Cho nodded and turned the earth below the floating simp into a pool of magma.

“This still won’t burn as bad as what you would have caught had Ahana fulfilled your fantasy, goodbye Nisse!” Sutor smirked as the former Babylonian caught fire, Cho's lava bending splitting the pool in two to swallow the near-immortal like a flaming venus fly trap.

“Well done Cho, you just killed maybe the fifth strongest person in this world, congrats on moving up the table!”

Somewhere across the city.

“We need to evacuate the city!” a stern fist slammed into a workbench, a flash of red light and the loud screech of sirens filling the lab. Several dwemer were in a panic bustling around the building as they examined their golden implements.

“It could just be a false alarm like the last few times, and our emperor and his entourage don't seem to be worried about the reports we have sent so far, they might know more than we do. That boy that follows the emperor around has earth powers right?”

“Huh, that is, unsettling” a third dwemer put down a wall phone as he turned to his fellows in the geologists guild.

“So apparently we are getting our funding cut, Snobsworth doesn’t believe in the fake science of geology.” The tallest of the elves pinched the bridge of his nose, letting out a deep sigh.

“Wait, Snobworth? That bratty blueblood? I thought Victor decided how funding was allocated? The man might have been a tyrant at times but at least he had the common sense to keep us funded.” the first of the three questioned.

“That's the weird thing, apparently he sold the empire, for quite the profit, and to make up for the loss of funds Snobby is making cuts all over the place. Meanwhile, most of the talented humans we gained when the new regime took over are currently leaving.” The head researcher shook his head as he approached the screen on the workbench, seismic activity had suddenly spiked overnight and there had been reports of a noxious gas building in the outskirts of their cavern.

“That son of a bitch! He is robbing us for everything we have and leaving us to die! I had heard that he didn’t like elves, but genocide? We need to warn everyone and start a mass evacuation!” The first of the three elves shouted in a blind panic.

“Fine we will make the announcement, hopefully, we can at least save those willing to listen.”

The three froze as a knocking sound was heard from the door.

“Hello, Pizza delivery!”

“What is pizza?” The three looked confused.

“Uh, Lasagna?”

“Still nothing”

“Pasta?” The voice from behind the door panicked as the three elves reached for nearby heavy objects, one picking up a metal microscope, another an office chair, and the final elf picking up a globe.

“Its a food delivery, the emperor wanted to treat you all!” The first of the three elves cautiously slid open the metal bolt, pulling the door backwards as a masked figure about five foot in height and of a slim build filled their frame, a pizza box in their hand. Reaching into the box, the voice, full of pep announced.

“Now, it may sound cheesy! But I am the girl of your dreams!” Before the three elves could respond the pizza box was on the floor, and so where they, their vision growing dark.

The lead scientist awoke, groggy from the experience, he tried to stand but found his limbs had been bound, there was a small needle still sticking out of his arm, shaking a little he managed to dislodge the object. Bits and pieces returned, it was a gun inside the pizza box, but rather than bullets, sleeping darts. Whoever had planned this operation had wanted the scientists alive.

“Ah I see you are awake sir!” their shooter replied, sitting on the workbench, the alarm lights and siren now deactivated.

“I am so glad that I got the dosage right, too much and I might have killed you, and master would be furious if I did that. Says I need to earn a kill like this. Can you believe it? But he is one of the golden generation, so he must be right. Oh Right, you are probably wondering what is going on!” The masked assailant pointed to two red glowing dots in the top corners of the room pointing at the scientists, and with the push of a button, two spotlights focused onto the group, the heat causing a slight sweat on the brow of the head researcher.

“Oh right, you cant talk, mouth is bound, master did not mention a preference for that but hm, something to think about in a bit. For now, let me just be clear, yall are very naughty elves. I mean you went and figured out this whole eruption thing quicker than even my master anticipated. Almost ruined his plans but thankfully he had me come and check, and as always he was right!”

“You know, I didn’t think it was possible, smart elves, what a world we live in that even lowly maggots such as yourselves can rise above your failures as a species and show some thinking power!” The masked figure clapped rapidly in what was supposed to be genuine praise but only came off as a mocking display.

“So I am here to give you three special prizes all organised by my master congratulations!” The figure pressed a button on a dataverse device as the final fantasy victory music played, the masked figure genuinely seeming happy. Walking over towards the head scientist the feminine figure removed the gag in his mouth.

“I decided, it's better with this removed.”

“So, do we get to leave with the rest of, I assume you are a human?”

The scientist's face lit up red as a quick slap planted itself on his cheek.

“Don't be disgusting, our prize is even better than that, rather than carry on the miserable existence of being an elf, you get to survive in this bunker of a lab. We also got you a new plasma widescreen TV.” The assailant pointed to where the screen that displayed seismic readings used to be to find a tv flicking through different cameras around the city.

“ You get to not be burned to death by the magma, this lab was reinforced to ensure that you would be forced to sit and watch all the people you could not save burn to death. But then after a few hours of dealing with that despair, this room will be totally buried in the magma, so my master gets to watch the broken wreck you become, suffocate to death on the camera. That is our gift to you, a perfect specially designed death! So unlike all of these nameless civies, your death means something to someone! That's more than we can say for most elves!”. The masked figure laughed as she grew into her role more and more.

“But, this is madness, you are killing all of these people for what? Entertainment? Revenge? What do you have against elves.”

“Clever play, if I was to actually list all we have against elves I would die in this trap too, so let's just narrow it down to everything! Anyways I have a ship to catch, so kindly be quiet, I did only remove the gag because I thought that my master might enjoy your cries of anguish along with the hope dying in your eyes. At least, I think that is what he wants, it's all he ever talks about in art of a good kill 101. God, I cannot wait until I get to 201. That's when environmental kills advanced gets taught! The masked figure slammed the door shut leaving the scientists to their fate, the helmet coming off to reveal a young face with red eyes, framed by locks of blonde hair. Flavia smiled as she rushed to report her first successful mission to Victor, Sutor or whoever their master had become.


A few hours later, on the ship

“So Sutor, you said I had just killed the fifth strongest person in the city right?” Cho questioned as he Sutor and Sigmund were strapped into their chairs, Sutor letting out an erotic and exaggerated moan as the straps crossed their body.

“Tighter dadd… Oh Yes! That was a thing I said, what about it?” Sutor brought down their inflight dinner tray as they leaned over, the side of their head resting on their fist, their elbow on the tray to support the weight.

Deciding to ignore what he had just heard trying not to give the fusion the satisfaction of knowing that their lewd comments bothered him he pressed on.

“Well, who are the other four? Who would I need to beat to become the strongest?”
“Oh that, it was just a thing I said to get you pumped up, listen, kid, if there is one thing any experienced fighter will tell you its this, you might want to write down this as it is the most important of age-old wisdom. You listen to Sigmund!” All ears turned to the empress, wondering what sage advice would come from their mouth, or more likely what nonsense.

“Power levels are bullshit!” The rest of the cockpit seemed taken aback, many had expectations of what was about to come but none had predicted those exact words.

“A fight isn't like a sport where if you are more skilled and better physically than your opponent you will always win. Look at that fight with Nisse, he was lucky that there was a rock of just the right size and strength to make it easy to bash it into me. And I was lucky to have an earth bender around so that I didn't need to waste time finding a lava pit to dump that kid in.” Sutor giggled as she leaned back, looking at the ceiling of the spacecraft.

“There are so many small factors that go into every individual encounter that trying to figure out a ranking of who beats who is what I call mental masturbation, you are thinking about it so much but all you are doing is playing with yourself. Preparation, the environment, the moods of the fighters, how well your abilities match up, what might be a good match up for someone else might be an awful one for you.” Sutor pointed at Sigmund

“Take for example everyone's favourite bishounen, he is what I would consider the second strongest person I know in this world, easily at least Victors equal. But even defused Victor would be an awful matchup for him, As I mean, Sigmund can throw Victor, but Victor doesn't need to get close to do damage, and they both cause fear in their opponents. But against you, someone who has no resistance to psionic attacks, Sigmund might be able to put you down in minutes.” Sutor grinned much to Cho's annoyance.

“I, however, would find a fight vs a version of you at full power to be rather annoying, you have ways of blocking most of my attacks and if you could keep up with my speed and power, you with your control of the earth might actually be able to prevent me from easily moving through it. Then all I would have would be my fear aura. At least until about a week after you beat me where I find a way to surpass you again!”

“Ready for take-off, Sir… Ma’am”

“Oh Davey boy, just call me god-empress, but go ahead, I am just about done with this icey rock, onwards for adventure glory and conquest!”

The ship launched itself into the atmosphere as Inverxe and all the adventures that had taken place on it were left behind as a speck in the rearview mirrors.


“What do you think I am going to stay an unemployed leader of men for long? No this is a chance for real estate shopping, and trust me, with our power set, it's all free real estate! We stick to our ways, find a nice city, kill the ruling class, replace them, expand, ??? Profit!”

The ship soon found itself approaching a desert planet, the warm sands picked up on the scanners bringing back vivid memories for the assassin.


Level 2
Sep 30, 2018
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Cho grumbled, irritably as ever. He quickly lost interest in Sutor’s lecture quickly turned to their prowess in combat. He’d grown to expect it, by this point, but it always unsettled him a little. Something about people boasting just.. Rubbed him the wrong way. Not that he’d describe it that way in front of the self proclaimed God-Empress. Who knows what manner of depravity they’d spew if he did? He turned his nose up and scootched around in his chair a little, facing away from the fusion. His frustration was quickly diminished when the ship lurched around, most likely due to turbulence or something. The Earthbender, however, was a complete stranger to travel via spaceship. He’d set eyes on one once before.. When he arrived on the icy frontier of Inverxe.

He let out a stifled gasp as he clutched onto the seatbelts, his knuckles turning white from the pressure. The others gave him a vaguely concerned look as his breathing quickly intensified. He wrestled with the seatbelt and let himself free. As he stood, the ship lurched once again, throwing him off balance. He tried to plant his feet into the metal of the ship’s floor, to no avail. He was cut off from the earth that kept him stable and granted him some sense of security. A resounding thud echoed out from beneath his feet. He was used to the vibrations of the earth taking a little while to return, but this was entirely different. Almost within an instant, the vibrations within the metal rung beneath his feet. It threw him a little. His seismic sense was something he’d grown accustomed to using on the regular, it was reliable, a comfort if anything. He would use it now and then to ground himself and calm down. Somehow, he was able to pinpoint each and every individual's position on the ship, instantly. If anything, it was a bit of an overload.

“Cho?” Sigmund’s voice called out to him, breaking him out of his thoughts. The earthbender turned to face the cultist, his chest heaving still, his features drained of colour a little.


“Are you okay?” Sigmund peered at the teen, having a little experience with him from the events a day or so prior.

“Yeah, no. This is a bit much.” Cho forced a laugh, “Can’t say I’ve ever taken part in space travel. Hell, before last week or whatever it was, I’d never flown anywhere before. There’s airships n’stuff where I come from, but it’s not something I’ve ever been able to afford.”

“Would you like a massage? I’m sure I could help you relax a little.” Sutor piped up, a wide grin grew across their features as their tongue lashed out at their lips.

“Not now. Can you go back to when you weren’t so openly.. Weirdly attracted to me or whatever this is? I can’t be bothered with it.”

"You know what, sure. You had the balls to actually turn me down, considering I could have hurt you, or thrown you out the airlock for that disrespect. I can respect it, so congrats for standing up for yourself." Sutor looked around at the shocked faces. "What? Just because y'all are a bunch of eunuchs that kowtow to my every will doesn't mean that is all I want from those around me!"

“Seriously?” Cho’s demeanour shifted from almost panicked to sheer anger, “Is there any question I can ask without you either threatening to kill me or hurt me?”

“Cho-” Sutor began to speak as the Earthbender approached and threw a punch at the God-Empress’ chin. Light as the hit may have been, it threw the fusion off kilter. He stood over them for a moment, breathing heavy and labored.

“Just.. just piss off!” He growled and turned on his heel to skulk away from Sutor. The empress let out a sigh as they wiped the mark left on their chin, rushing to their feet quickly catching up to the boy and grabbing him by the arm.

“Well, you certainly grew a pair, now shut it and follow me, I am as tired of this as you are” Gone was the playful taunting. The fusion dragged the earth bender to a wide open room, piles of gold filling most of the area, a small arena set up in the middle. Sutor pressed on a panel activating the locks.

“Ok Cho, if you want to hit me go ahead, just tell me what you want, do you want me to drop you off on the nearest planet? Do you want me to pay you more? What is it you actually want from me?” The fusion demanded, a rare serious expression crossing their face.

“I just want.. A little fuckin’ empathy or something. I dunno. You, Victor, were the first person I met on that shit hole of a planet. I’m a little out of my depth here and I could really, really use a little less “look how good I am” at every damn turn.” Cho huffed, “Yeah. I get it, you’re a damned lot more powerful or whatever than I am. I could care less. Brilliant, you could kill me with as much as a glance. I know. I’ll say it again; I’m out of my depth. I had my fucking face eaten off by some dude in a fucking death tournament that you told me to sign up for. I killed a fucking cannibal. I’m not asking you to drop me off or whatever, but is it too much to ask for a little understanding? Even if it means you gotta stoop down to my level, just for a fucking minute?”

Scanning the room to make sure they were truly alone, the fusion sat back on one of the piles of gold, a loud sigh as they stared into Chos eyes.

“Fine, you want empathy I will tell you exactly what Victor feels, he is half of me after all. He, We get it! These worlds can be fucking brutal. Do you want to know what happened to me in my first few months when taken from my old world?”

“No, but you’re gonna tell me anyways.”

“I had my face melted off by a hulking undead high tech warrior, was strangled to death by a plastic bag in that very same death tournament you just achieved more in one go than I have in three tries. And when I finally thought I had something, people I cared about, a home, a dream to work towards. I got to watch the people I care about die, one of them the man who gave me everything being sent to a hell dimension because I wasn't strong enough.” a small tear dripped down one side of the fusions face.

“That is why I push you so hard, I push you as hard as I push myself. Because I have seen what happens when we are not at our best, and ready for the worst. So I am sorry, I know I have not shown it as much as I could have but do care. I see so much potential in you that I want to grow, you are a lot stronger than you think you are. Ask yourself this, would someone who doesn't care about you or your life, willingly rip a piece of their own essence from their body to make sure death didn't stick?” Sutor laid back on the gold and stared at the roof.

“I, I am just tired of everyone around me ending up dead or missing. That's what Victor feels at his core, tis why he works so hard towards this fleeting dream of galactic conquest, cant have a war if there is no one to fight, well other than civil wars but no need for those if you rule well.” the empress let out a half hearted chuckle.

Cho gave a grumble as he listened, he sighed, heavily. “Well, that’s where you and I differ. I’m not after something as grandiose as galactic conquest. I just want to get by. Wanted to get by. I dunno. Things have gone pretty pear-shaped pretty quickly. Uh- Sorry I hit you. This is the most that’s happened to me in a long time. I don’t- I’m not used to this. Maybe you are.”

The Earthbender shifted a bit, clearing his throat to fill the pregnant silence that permeated the room, very obviously growing more and more uncomfortable.

“Maybe things’ll calm down when we get wherever it is we’re going.”

“Heh, me I hope so, let us agree never to go to that moon again, between the madness in the air, the monsters and the natives I hope you can see why I had to be so high strung. Just, keep training, I know that you want a normal life and that's fine, I will do what I can to help you get that when we land. But always make sure you are strong enough to protect that normal life. Next time you want to hit me though we are sparring, after all.” Sutor leaned forward and held out their hand to Cho, “I need a worthy opponent to train with.”

“Yeah. I’ll try and keep the cheap shots to a minimum..” He took the fusion’s hand, pulled them to their feet and forced an awkward grin, “Uh.. sorry again.”