**DEAD07** [02] Trevor O'Skully (Unmade)

Karl Jak

Level 1
Apr 24, 2019
Profile Link: https://multerra.zulenka.com/index.php?threads/shinku-ashikaga.810/
  • Appearance – refer to bio

  • Personality – In addition to his bio, I categorize him as chaotic good. He has his conscience but will disregard rules. He will not kill without reason but he would if pushed to the edge. He has a soft spot for kids so it'll be rare for him to intentionally hurt one rather, he'd be more inclined to protect them given the chance. Now, the rare situation for the said murder would be if the child is seen as a danger for others.

  • Possible Reactions – On this particular event, Shinku's main objective is to look for Jak, or at least know his whereabouts. Given that he knew him as once a finalist of Dante's abyss. He will actively hunt the other players for said reason but the worse he'd do is to simply disable them or do whatever means that could force them into submission (given that he can actually do that). Win or lose though, should he stay alive, he'd desperately ask about Jak. He has a picture of the long eared warrior with him. see link for reference. [2nd to the last paragraph].

  • Relationships – Shinku temporarily worked with John Connor in a mission so he'd have neutral relationship with the soldier. He might even partner with him if Connor would initiate it.

  • ‘Combat’ Style – Given a chance, he will not fight head on but will first find himself an advantage before choosing to attack. He might delay the battle if he can, should he gauge that he's at a disadvantage. In most of his fights, he often spams his teleportation skill, usually partnered with his stealth to land a surprise attack. Basically teleport to the target, land an attack then vanish.

  • Extra – He rarely speaks nor respond to a speech while in battle. Rare situation would be that if he figured a speech that could distract his enemy, or buy him some time for a trick.

  • Quotes
    • "Can’t hurt to be safe all the time."
    • “Don’t bother. I’ve taken care of the enemies. Now how do we get that ‘booty’ you all are talking about?”
    • “If I help you, then would you leave me alone?”
    • "Sure whatever, now let’s get on with it."