Beatrix Zulenka III

Beatrix III

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Jul 20, 2018
Erde Nona
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Character Name: Beatrix Zulenka III
Character Source: OC

Location: Erde Nona
Profession: Sellsword
Spent Essence: 1,900
Base Fund: 0

Physical Tendencies:
Power(P): 20%
Toughness(T): 15%
Quickness(Q): 40%
Skill(S): 25%

Personality Tendencies:
Aggression(A): 35%
Cunning(C): 35%
Diplomacy(D): 15%
Support(S): 15%

History (Native of Erde Nona):

Age 32
Maiden Name: Reichgeist

Widowed – Vladimir Zulenka II

Enlisted in Arcadian Military Age 16

Rose to Serjeant-at-Arms in Arcadian Army during 5-year contract.

Discharged from army at 21 and inducted into Crazy Eights to pay off gambling debt accumulated during off-time. (Crazy Eights, gang in Arcadia, leader is Jack Foehammer (Jackhammer)).

Paid off debt while simultaneously being trained by Vladimir Zulenka II, a retired assassin and expert warrior. They spent five years honing her skills until she was nearly as good as he was in every regard. (Age: 26)

With her debt paid she approached Foehammer about a real position alongside Vladimir. The dwarf agreed and the two became the official hit squad for the Crazy Eights. During their time together, the duo fell in love and they began a courtship which resulted in their marriage after two years.

In her 29th year of life and less than a year into her marriage with Vladimir he was struck with plague and fell ill. After a few agonizing months of watching the love of her life and teacher fade away he succumbed to the disease and was buried in Zamara’s cemetery.

Cutting herself off from the gang Beatrix began taking assassination contracts and bounty contracts on her own. An unfortunate accident during one of her contracts in her 31st year of life left her imbued with various Blood Magic abilities and granted her the moniker “The Sanguine Phoenix” among the community.

After getting into a bar fight in Arcadia and being threatened with jail time for not paying her tab on time, the drunken Beatrix was bailed out by a sorceress named Jaina Proudmoore who paid her tab and paid the woman for a job, once she sobered. They became lovers of passion over the next year.

Jaina would never admit it, but she desperately wants Beatrix to like her and while she knows little of the woman’s past, she tries her best to keep the woman out of trouble and interested in her.


Sanguine Spear

(Damage - Rank 1) 100E
Modifier: Ranged (+50E)
Descriptor: Due to her Blood Magic, Beatrix can summon a spear made completely out of liquid vitae and hurl it at her enemies. If the spear makes contact it coagulates on impact creating a piercing weapon, otherwise it remains fluid, and thus harmless.
Cost: 150 Essence

Belt of Throwing Knives
(Damage - Rank 1) 100E
Modifier: Ranged (+50E), Area: 20ft (+100E)
Modifier: Limited (3 Targets at Once) (-50E)
Descriptor: A belt around Beatrix's waist that conceals three different throwing knives. Generally used for silencing guards from a distance, she can hit one target or up to three at once, fanning them through her fingers.
Cost: 200 Essence

Wrist-Mounted Crossbow
(Damage - Rank 1) 100E
Modifier: Ranged (+50E)
Modifier: Removeable (-50E)
Descriptor: A simple, yet elegant iron construction using the remnants of an old butterfly knife and a custom bow string. Fires one steel tipped bolt at a time. Has to be wound before using, making it ineffective in a close quarters fight.
Cost: 100 Essence

Golden Garrote
Damage - Rank 1 (100E)
Debuff (Choking) (+100E)
Modifier: Removable (-50E), Limited to Unaware Targets (-50E)
Descriptor: A gift from one of her very first contract kills, the left ring contains a tiny spool of platinum wire. When Beatrix wants to use the the garrote she presses the rings together and draws the wire from it's place. Useful for silent kills, as trying to choke someone who is aware that they're being choked leads to injury.
Cost: 100 Essence

Blackened-Steel Longsword
(Damage - Rank 1) 100E
Modifier: Removable (-50E)
Descriptor: A longsword forged from blackend steel that Beatrix keeps on her back for use in emergencies and when combat gets in too close. Kept in a midnight black scabbard adorned with a single red ruby at the base of the sheathe.
Cost: 50 Essence

Sellswords Acuity
(Senses -Visual- Rank 1) 100E
Modifier: Ranged (+50E)
Descriptor: During her younger years and while training to be an Assassin, Beatrix picked up visual tells and cues that assist in tracking targets, fighting in combat, verbal contract negotiation, or just the ability to bullseye a dartboard.
Cost: 150 Essence

Kyocera DuraXTP
(Communication - Rank 1) 100E
Modifier: Removable (-50E)
Descriptor: A device that cost the redhead a months pay at a local offworld trader. This Cevanti age flip-phone was built for military use and was probably really expensive brand new. However, now it's just how the woman keeps it touch with anyone who leaves the planet, or how any offworlder gets in touch with her for a job. She keeps it secured in her bra at all times.
Cost: 50 Essence

Jaina Proudmoore
(Summon - Rank 1) 300E
Descriptor: Master Sorceress Jaina Proudmoore is a non-native of Erde Nona, hailing from a completely different universe. After certain events upon the return to her home city of Kul-Tiras west of the Eastern Kingdoms, she found herself on Cevanti deep in the wilds where she was rescued by a passing Golden Dragon named Palaxia. She served in an advisory role for the Mages of The Guild before becoming disillusioned with the Kingdom of Palatinus. From there her travels took her to where she is now, serving in the Kingdom of Arcadia in various roles where her arcane experience could resolve problems. She is ultimately the one who saved Beatrix's life when she became a victim of powerful blood magic. When the husband of Beatrix died, the two connected on a more emotional level, eventually ending up as partners and then lovers. Jaina is the voice of reason and logic to Beatrix's brash and abrasive approach to nearly everything.
Cost: 300 Essence

Elven Runeblades
(Damage - Rank 5) 500E
Modifier: Removable (-250)
(Endurance - Rank 3) 300E
Modifier: Removable (-150)
Descriptor: A pair of dual short swords forged of mithril and sharpened to a razors edge. Strengthened with etched rune magic to increase blade durability and cutting power. Runes are written along the base of each blade near the hilt and glow a faint blue color. The blades are said to grant the wielder unerring stamina on the battlefield, allowing the user to last longer in an engagement before needing to rest.
Cost: 400 Essence

Banded Leather Armor
(Protection - Rank 1) 100E
Modifier: Ongoing 100 E
Modifier: Removable (-50E)
Descriptor: A set of form fitting custom leather armor that has been modified over the years with various customization's and adornments for tools and equipment befitting the needs of an assassin. At one point or another the armor was given to an armor smith who banded thin layers of plate along the torso, bosom, and shoulder areas.
Cost: 150 Essence

Chinese Repeating Crossbow
(Damage - Rank 5) 500E
Modifier: Ranged 250E
Modifier: Removable (-250E)
Modifier: Finite (-250E)
Descriptor: A crossbow of ancient Chinese design capable of firing up to 8 bolts in a minute when properly handled. Constructed of fine mahogany and plated with silver this crossbow is designed to be fed clips of ammunition that, by cranking the lever on the left side, will feed the mechanism an arrow and allow continuous and rapid use of the crossbow. Rotating the lever primes the bow string and moves the clip, feeding an arrow into the barrel. Upon pulling the trigger the bowstring is released and the operator is required to crank the lever once again. In this configuration the weapon is primarily used for stealth missions and for rapid fire suppression of enemy infantry.
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