Chara Dreemurr

Chara Dreemurr

The Chihuahua of Flirting
Nov 22, 2021
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Character Name: Chara Dreemurr

Character Source: Undertale, Storyshift AU

Starting Location: Opealon

Character Behavior:
Chara is an Observant Mage.

As a rule, Chara is cautious while holding up an amiable front, taking a long time to decide who her friends are. beneath that front, she spends a lot of time studying people, checking for qualities that let her ascertain who they are. The girl is very nice to friends, but can make someone feel like a psychology subject - or just an easily teased target. She's usually at least outwardly friendly, willing to crack a joke and give a try at making a friend, but keeps the conversation focused away from her and sticks to small talk more often than not.

in combat, Chara tends to use her unique abilities to her advantage, taking the weaknesses she's observed and utilizing her toolset to pick that apart in detail. Not a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, she focuses on taking people apart with her unique set of tools - usually quite mercilessly, as she is aware of how fragile she is relative to the other members of the crossroad should someone's survivability surprise her.

Physical Description:

Chara is a 5'0 tall woman with brown hair and Hazel eyes that may turn red while she is using magic. she favors green outfits and keeps to a fairly casual clothing style.

Character History:

Chara Dreemurr is the eldest of the Dreemurr siblings, a mage who was originally born Chara Courtenay to an Opealon couple a long time ago. As a natural born mage, and a see, in the planet of Opealon, her abilities were distrusted, and though her family showed a fair amount of love to her despite, it was undercut by how inhumanely they treated others - despite acting loving and caring with their own family, they treated those not from the sky city as little more than animals. the inhumanity of her own station, the disgust others in opealon showed her, and the understanding of the corruption of the whole of Opealon drove her, after one incident with a peer, to run from the city of hope and end up in Erde Nona.

humanity was no kinder to her in Erde, and eventually she found herself running up a mountain that she'd heard of long ago. Mount Ebbott, a cursed place where people went to find one final, sudden stop to their own existence with a jump down a certain hole.

It was there, after falling into a flower bed and breaking her leg, that she found the real truth to it: That mount ebbott was a prison for a race that had long ago abandoned their old name and taken on 'monsters' as a title. In that place, she met a boy named Asriel, who quickly became her brother as she was adopted into the dreemurr family.

A lot of things happened since then in that place - a localized timeloop that was dismantled later, taking on a judge's position, seeing glimpses of the apocalypse that was the unmaking to come and the eventual freedom they gained. all of it caused Chara to age beyond her years, but she never forgot to be the sweet older sister to the brother she cared about, and as the dreemurr family moved to Markov the two got up to plenty of shenanigans. It wasn't until they met Hiro in Asriel's bid to become a hero of the world that things started to go all wrong, as the shadow of Darkseid's hand fell upon the city...

Since then, Chara has been surviving, using her special abilities and powers to try and find her family, and lay judgement on Darkseid's minions.

What starting Affinity does your character have? Gifted


Shortcuts: 825 essence
Teleportation 3 - 900
+150 - affects multiple 1
-150 - limited - only when visually unobserved
-75 - weakness - cannot be used if her legs are restricted.

Chara is able to use ‘shortcuts’ to walk around the world, keeping herself mobile with a simple move of her feet from one place to another. Somehow, the next step happens to be where she needs to go. This cosmic change is caused by her subtly altering the ‘coding’ of the crossroads itself, changing where she is about to go to where she needs to be. For reasons Chara does not fully understand, this coding becomes more rigid whenever another sentient being of the crossroads views her directly with their own sight, and thus stops her from using the ability, and thus, Chara cannot use this ability while being actively observed. She can, however, bring others on her shortcuts by taking them by the hand. This is limited to two people at a time, due to the obvious issues of her only having two hands to hold other people’s with.

Additionally, as this ability requires Chara to take - a step or two - she cannot use it in situations where her legs are restricted in some way, making this a less than reliable way to escape leg binding, or to escape should she be temporarily paralyzed. Teleportation can still be used if she has a limp, but there is no instance of ‘look ma, no hands.’ to be had.

Real Knife - 150
Damage 1: 100
Ranged: +50

A knife. No more dangerous than the real mccoy, but can be thrown with unerring precision by its user, far more accurately than a real knife possibly can. Somehow, it always shows back up in Chara’s pocket afterwards.

Total essence cost: 150

FIGHT action
Ability Effects:
Damage 6 (600)
-concentration (-300)

Descriptor: Chara covers her blade in red magic allowing it to cut with a ridiculous amount of force. this strike requires Chara to concentrate negative emotions in her blade, focus them towards an opponent, and then strike. This attack takes a lot of magical energy from Chara - it also requires her to break her emotional focus - and thus, tends to leave her grinning in inhuman fashion after a successful strike, counter to her normal stoic demeanour. this leaves her mostly unable to focus on most of her advanced magic and abilities, and with most of her attention tunnel visioned on the target in front of her, leaving her open to attacks and with limited options to combine this ability with others.

Those actually struck with the attack are cut with unreasonably high force, but in all other respects the blade still acts like an ordinary kitchen knife - just one cutting through butter, and more durable than it has any reason to be.

Trained body: 400 essence
Agility 1 200
Speed 1: 200
Chara is a spry kid with a deceptive amount of speed from combat experience. She is no trained assassin and has obtained this speed and agility without much in the way of real training, but it lets her stay on her toes and dodge the attacks of an average mook.

Act - Check: 150 essence
Sense 3 (extrasensory): 300
-Concentration: -150

Chara’s natural magic ability is that of a seer - able to perceive details at an advanced level of those around them. This ability lists details to them that they can read the same way one would read a book, but is limited due to some lack of training and understanding of the skill. Most magical barriers can guard against this internal scrying the same way it can block any other ability.

Additionally, as Chara looks through this way of seeing the world, everything around them tends to change to code. While an incredibly disturbing way of seeing the world around them, it does allow them to see on a plane most are unaware of, allowing them to notice hidden things when they use the skill. The problem with seeing a bunch of unlabelled numbers, however, is that they don’t explain themselves, leaving Chara the problem of figuring out a bunch of unlabelled code in real-time.

This lends itself to making any information Chara notices difficult to translate at times, even for as simple a thing as determining the size, dimensions, and movement of things she sees in this fashion. Thus, any esoteric information can take her minutes to even hours to obtain with this skill, and in the heat of the moment she needs to concentrate to use this ability properly.

Fire magic - 100
Damage rank 2: 200
Ranged: +50
Chaotic: -50
Side-effect: Draining/overheating: -50

Chara can use fire magic in small bursts, the signature magic of the Dreemurr family. Being a ‘monster’ type magic style and due to Chara’s comparative lack of practice with it, preferring a precise approach, she’s quite terrible at it, needing to put a lot of concentration in for very simple effects, but can make various balls of flame to support her commands. Unlike the other Dreemurrs, however, they’re on the smaller side and lack the same level of power by a long-shot.

Because Chara has a very large lack of practice with the fireballs in question, she's far from accurate and if intending to hit a human-sized target can often miss outright at even a middling distance, and lacks any sort of precision with the blasts, making it impossible for her to do precise targeting or consistently hit small targets. The fact she doesnt use fire magic combined with the fact the heat is felt by her as she channels the blasts through her body causes her to overheat and suffer fatigue very quickly - a few blasts in quick succession leaves her unable to fully catch her breath and start sweating. continuous use can overheat her and cause her to go through heatstroke.

Ambition Severers
Ability Effects:
Damage 4 (400)
Ranged (+200)
Affects Multiple 1(+200)

Descriptor: Chara summons a row of red magical knives behind her back that accelerate towards a target at high speeds, blanketing an area with a shower of blades made of crimson magic. these bursts of magic cannot be picked up and quickly fade once they've struck their target, but cut sharper than any ordinary knife would. Chara used to be restricted to not moving while summoning these blades, but as time has gone on and certain traumatic situations have occurred, she's learned to fire on the go.

Essence Cost: 800

Ambition Refuters
Ability Effects:
Damage 5 (500)
-Ranged (250)
-Area of effect 1 (250)
-Indiscriminate (-250)
-finite (-250)
-Concentration (-250)

Descriptor: A knife of red magic that periodically flashes a stark golden yellow, marking it as different than the rest of Chara's usual attacks. This blade is usually sent in the middle of one of Chara's standard barrages, and explodes with violent force, creating a golden explosion. This blast will harm anyone in range, and dispel any ambition severers or other magics Of Chara caught in the blast. this spell requires Chara some magical energy and time to create, focusing energy into a new version, though she usually has a magical 'charge' stored up before any given battle. It takes Ten seconds of time for Chara to restore her supply after using it up, and she can only hold on to one at a time currently. It also requires the majority of Chara's focus to aim and set off the explosion - a lapse in concentration can cause it to simply evaporate as a dud.

Essence Cost: 250

Ability Effects:
Protection 6 (600)
Ongoing (+600)
-Limited: slowly reaches potential with damage (-300)
-weakness: Never available when Emotionally compromised. (-150)
-Concentration (-300)

Descriptor: Chara's soul is that of determination, allowing her to impose on reality with nothing but sheer force of will. this determination frequently needs a kickstart, however, especially when her particular brand of determination tends not to wake up until forced...
As Chara gets more injured, this protection slowly goes into effect, causing damage to be lessened or simply not happen as things strike her. It often appears inexplicable, as though an energy blast simply winks out, or as if damage that was there one second disappears in another, as though it didn't happen.

This ability can be a pain to actually use, however. As stated, it takes significant damage already inflicted on Chara for this ability to go into effect, as well as a reasonable amount of focus and willpower on not taking damage. This requires Chara to be mentally on-tempo as well - if she's driven by rage, entirely too complacent, depressed, or just generally distracted, this ability won't work even if Chara actively tries to access it.

Essence Cost: 700

Ability Effects:
Healing 5 (200)
-Finite (-50)
-limited [only wounds suffered within the last ten seconds] (-50)
total: 500
Teleport rank 1 (300)
Finite (-50)
-Limited: only teleports to a position Chara was previously in before being injured (-50)
-total 200 essence
Descriptor: Chara views the world with a different eye than the rest, and can use that to create, with the power of her own determination, a different 'state', saving a copy of earlier physical statistics and forcing herself back into that past state. This allows her to remove wounds that were there previously, though this ability is somewhat limited - while it can overwrite wounds to an extent, severe enough damage is too difficult to rewrite, as Reality chooses to snap-back against certain levels of damage. Doing this forces Chara back into a position she was before taking these injuries, sometime in the last ten seconds, teleporting her back.

While this allows her to heal injuries, it is limited to recent injuries - those incurred within the last short span of time. as a result, it cannot be used to heal injuries that are any older. This is made worse by the fact that the ability may only be used once before Chara needs to take a brief breather - roughly ten seconds or so - to focus her own magic and determination through her body to recharge the ability. Thus, if she is disabled from using the ability, or runs out of charges, any further damage before that timer cannot be fixed by use of this ability.

the teleportation is similarly limited - while she can teleport away from attacks using this ability, she is strictly limited to a convenient position she has already physically been in within the last ten seconds, down to the exact stance and pose she was in. If every single one of those positions leaves her in danger - well, that's just tough.

Essence Cost: 450

Cast-iron Stomach

Ability Effects:
Adaptation: disease (50)
limited: only food-borne (-0)
Adaptation: Chemical or Toxic environments (50)
Limited: only food-based (-0)

Descriptor: While Chara's mother is an incredible cook and she has somewhat adapted to Cevanti life, Chara's life among monsters was problematic - she is used to eating Hamburgers made with glue and sequins, Steaks made entirely out of cardboard, or hot dogs made out of water sausages. Thus, her own digestive system has adapted to a society in which a pack of instant noodles is the pinnacle of fine dining, letting her eat actual garbage with basically no negative effects. which she has also done. This does leave Chara immune to most gastronomical issues, including actual poison, though things that affect the blood, through breathing, or basically any other source still render her as helpless as the average human. It also makes her gross.

Essence cost: 100


Ability Effects:

Communication 1 (100)

Descriptor: Chara's cellphone. It is a standard touch-phone, emerald-green, with a stickers of a tanuki and flowers on the back. Chara has a strap for it in her hoodie pocket to keep it from getting loose in casual combat. it does everything you'd expect a standard touch-phone to do.

Essence Cost: 100

Judge's Tools

Ability Effects:
Skill group rank 5: (gifted affinity)
Awareness: Lie detection (rank 5)
Knowledge: Psychology (rank 5)
Knowledge: body language (rank 5)
Skill: information gathering (rank 5)
skill: Composure (rank 5)

Descriptor: Chara Dreemurr Was once a judge - someone who was given the power to decide, and then judge, the humanity of someone who she had met. while her main skill of scanning gave her a lot of information, she was further trained in the art of telling truth from lie, knowledge from falsehood, and just what can be told unintentionally by a single facial expression. She's also learned to keep her own emotions away from her face when she's properly prepared, keeping her mind sharp even if her emotions grow hot, though she is still a far cry from her teacher in these aspects.

Essence Cost: 250

Secret Pop Artist

Ability Effects:
Master skill group: (gifted affinity)
Hobby (singing) 6
Hobby (guitar) 6
Dancing 6
Crafting (Stage props) 6
Knowledge (Acoustics) 6

Descriptor: Chara used to help her brother with a lot of talents he wanted to develop, only to find a talent with them herself. Among those was a natural talent with quite a few performance arts, playing the guitar, singing, dancing. As they were stuck in a literal hole, she had to learn to make a stage and props herself, and without a lot of other monsters in the underground to teach them, figured out for herself how to ensure a stage location would sound good for them. She dislikes using these skills for herself but has never lost them, and had a small following back in the day, as well as after the brief concert in Markov - a following she has completely disappointed with her lack of showings.

Essence Cost: 300

Name of Ability?
Daddy's Girl

Ability Effects:
Master skill group: Green thumb (gifted Affinity)
Knowledge: biology 5
Knowledge: Botany 5
Profession: Florist 5
Knowledge: Conflict resolution 5
Profession: Medic 5

Descriptor: Chara spent a lot of her time with her dad growing up, tending to monopolize her time whenever Asriel was busy learning from mom. Asgore's teachings left her with a fantastic understanding of living creatures, in particular plants, and even more particularly, flowers. She did learn more than that, however, as Asgore ensured she understood how to end conflicts peacefully - for even as a child, Chara's powers would make her a danger if she did not know how to do this - and medical care on human beings, a craft not often practiced in the underground, in case she needed to help herself or another human. Chara spent a lot of time working with her fathe and absorbed absolutely everything she could of what he knew on these subjects

Essence Cost: 250

Skill group - Quantum physicist - 300
Science: Math - rank 6
Science: Physics - rank 6
Science: Quantum Mechanics - rank 6
Science: Cosmology - rank 6
Investigation - time-space anomalies - rank 6

Chara is, surprisingly, a scientific prodigy, learning quite a bit from the king of the monsters during his stay under Mount Ebbott and following up on it by publishing papers. She has a Ph.D in Theoretical physics and a good amount of understanding under her belt from a surprising amount of time spent studying the subject. She’s what one generally considers a genius in the field, garnered in part from her unique understanding of the world around her, and has kept busy learning all she can in several fields.

essence spent: 4725

Affinity: Gifted
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Chara Dreemurr

The Chihuahua of Flirting
Nov 22, 2021
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Consumables, bases and minions:

-Arterial Severers
-Damage 10 (1000)
-ranged (500)
-Indiscriminate (-500)
-Side effect [Berserker, power lock] (-500)
-Affects multiple 4 (2000)
-Indirect (500)

Total cost: 3,000 coins

-LV 20:
-Damage 11 (1100)
-Affects multiple 1 (550)
-Side effect: [Berserker, power lock] (-550)
-Debuff: Armor 6 (600)
-side effect: [Berserker, power lock] (-300)
-Debuff: natural resilience 6 (600)
-Side effect [Berserker, power lock] (-300)
-Debuff: Magical Protection 6 (600)
-Side effect: [Berserker, power lock] (-300)

Total Cost: 2,000 Coins

Healing 8 (1600)
-Side effect [Berserker, power lock] (-400)
+triggered [on taking damage] (+400)
Protection 8 (800)
-Ongoing (800)
-Side effect [Berserker, power lock] (-400)
Adaptation: Immune to pain (200)
-Side effect [Berserker, power lock] (-50)
Adaptation: Non-biological Anatomy (300)
-Side Effect [Berserker, power lock] (-50)

Total Cost: 3,200 Coins

Void blink:
Teleport 5 (1500)
-side effect: [Berserker, power lock] (-250)

Total cost: 1,250 coins

Descriptor: A syringe filled with black liquid, one of the last of it's kind from the underground. This Particular sample is filled with Raw HATE, and is made of a mixture of raw, emotional magic, and the Raw essence of determination itself, sourced from numerous human souls. If injected, it bequeaths a number of powers on the user... for a short period.

Chara is rarely willing to use this mixture, due to the sheer mental damage it does. The mixture's HATRED mixed in leaves the user, temporarily, more or less a sociopath, still recognizing who their enemies are and what their initial goal was and following it, but losing empathy or care for friends and allies. The high leaves one unable to use any concentration abilities due to the sheer level of euphoria, and makes them focus on killing enemies with far less care for their own health and safety, and making them far less capable of noticing details they otherwise might have. As a result, they lack the ability to do much of any planning, and also lose access to any master skills they may have had - their focus is entirely on fighting. She cannot notice (and would not care if she did) of any sustained damage while under the influence and plans primarily around hurting the opponent, rather than avoiding injury. Chara simply becomes a slave to the art of violence until their body gives out. It also locks her out of her regular powers.

It also leaves a lasting effect on the user's psyche for some period afterwards, in a far more minor form, as the hatred lingers and can fester in her body.

However, it does give a massive power boost, and allows Chara to access many powers that she does not normally, At the cost of locking down her normal magical abilities and leaving her unable to access her usual set of skills.

While the DT Injection is active, Chara's eyes turn pitch-black with her eyes always glowing a dark red and different parts of her body may appear shadowed, indistinct, or even not there at different times, with her knife-arm in particular fused to the blade and uniformyl turned an inky black. During the transformation, this extends to her blood as well, inky black replacing the normal human shade of red.

Arterial severers

Unable to use ambition severers, Chara gains a differing version. Not as versatile, these black daggers outlined in red are simply fired en masse at Chara's target, blanketing the area in black, exploding knives. These weapons are extremely dangerous, slicing through even thick armor with ease, and allow her to blanket a battlefield in corpses if they are not evaded or blocked appropriately. These weapons manifest much like the Original Ambition severers do, appearing at places of Chara's choosing, though rather than her usual hunting pattern of forcing an opponent into collisions by leading her shots, she just throws enough knives that it doesn't really matter.

LV 20:

Chara's Kitchen knife fuses with her arm and the FIGHT action reaches full power, as Chara's will for violence is channeled through the blade with each swing. The boosy from the sheer commitment to violence bulldozes classical defense with a stunning level of power, creating shockwaves of dark energy with every swing. Even an indirect hit deals an incredible level of destruction, allowing her to bulldoze areas, but direct contact with the knife almost always causes major damage - magical durability, physical armor, and natural resilience are all heavily reduced in effectiveness against the attack's brutality. While the Knife is fused to Chara's skin, making it impossible to remove, it also removes her ability to throw the weapon. there's a certain scream, and a Red flash with each thrust, slice or slash that comes along with.


Chara's determination - if to kill - is heightened in this form, allowing her to do things like catch enemy blades in her hands, or simply shrug off bullets. This is further supported by a regenerative factor derived from her usual ability to come back from death, allowing her to heal her wounds simply by pretending they aren't there in the first place, black goo stitching her back together and replacing dead matter. In this form her ability to feel pain is completely gone, to the point she can no longer notice damage without some visual reminder, and her body repairs itself automatically. As the black ink replaces vital functions, this allows Chara to function far past when a regular human would have lost all ability to fight, breathe, or otherwise exist, as her organs become more of a suggestion - until the injection wears off, of course.

Void Blink
Chara loses the ability to teleport and bring others with her through the shortcuts, but her power over reality shifts. instead of finding loopholes to move through space and time with, she can simply punch a hole to wherever she wants to be, allowing her to blink across the battlefield regardless of observers and completely unrestrained. Chara can abuse her ability to simply appears where she wishes, tearing her way through the void with reckless abandon.

Chara Dreemurr

The Chihuahua of Flirting
Nov 22, 2021
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Asriel Dreemurr:
Chara's younger brother, and the Last known Boss monster, Asriel is known for having a big heart, a quick wit, and an impulsiveness that gets him into trouble. His powers are second to none, however, as is his sense of justice and empathy, able to see into people in a way even Chara cannot, and find the good intentions hidden within. this does blind him to the worst of someone's thoughts, but in a way that lets him reach out where Chara fails to.

Powers and abilities:
Summon: Asriel Dreemurr

Ability Effects:

Summon (300 essence):

Bullet Hell protagonist:
Speed 2 (400 essence)
Agility 2 (400 essence)

Descriptor: Chara’s brother, and a boss monster. Son of Asgore and Toriel dreemurr, and inheritor of their power, he is the strongest of his race… theoretically. His own youth and inexperience have been tempered by the war with the unmaking and his earlier experience underground, and he is now determined to stand beside his sister against the darkness, and to stand as an equal.

As a goat-person, he stands at a rough 4'8, and is incredibly fluffy, though this is not always visible beneath his typical set of clothing. compared to a normal human, he is built almost entirely of magic, with a pure white soul at it's core - that of a boss monster. As a result, he is built more of raw emotion and magic than flesh and bone, though he is hurt by physical trauma all the same.

He has a natural predilection for fire magic, as a member of the Dreemurr family, and Star Magic, his own personal specialty.

Bullet hell Protagonist:
As a boss monster, Asriel is naturally built for speed. While not at his full potential, especially after recent experience, he is faster and more agile than the average human even so. He cannot, however, keep that speed up for sustained periods as of yet.

Essence Cost: 1100

Chaos Saber
Ability Effects:

Damage 5 (500)

Descriptor: A melee weapon Asriel has learned to summon to his hand. The blade has a heavy sharpness, and the weapon takes the form of a white saber - concentrated Star Magic that Asriel consciously shapes into a wicked edge. the blade strikes hard, and is materialized or dematerialized on Asriel's own will.

Essence Cost: 500
Fire Magic (Asriel's Variant)
Ability Effects:

Damage 3 (300)
-ranged (+150)
-Affects multiple 1 (+150)

Descriptor: Asriel’s variant of fire magic. While not structurally different from Chara’s, it has much more power due to his increased talent with magic and affinity as a boss monster. He still doesn’t train with it much compared to his star magic, preferring to master his unique brand of magic instead of focusing on his parent's version.

With this power, he can create fireballs that can cover an area with a level of expertise and control Chara lacks, allowing him to only cause harm to what he deems necessary, and can call up a deluge of flames in an instant. They do fade in a couple of moments, and due to his more pacifistic nature will not catch things alight, the mental state required to cause such suffering to other beings quite beyond him.

Essence Cost: 600

Shocker Breaker
Ability Effects:

Damage 4 (400)
-ranged (+200)
-indirect (+200)
-Concentration (-200)
-weakness: can’t be used in close quarters (-100)

Descriptor: one of Asriel's most dangerous forms of magic, the Shocker breaker calls down multi-colored blasts of energy that act and sound much like lightning on specific areas. The goat-son simply has to hold up his hand, and an electrical charge will develop above the areas in question. the lightning is telegraphed by a white glow on the ground beneath Asriel's target, though it only gives a half-second of warning before the area is covered in the lightning blast, and while he can prepare a set of them in advance, they will still go off one at a time.

In addition, there is a range limit. Due in part to making sure he doesn't hurt himself with the ability by losing control over what is a new power Asriel cannot use the shocker breaker within twelve feet of himself, restricting it to long-ranged use only.

Essence Cost: 500
Star Blazing
Ability Effects:

Damage 4 (400)
-ranged (+200)
-Area of effect 1 (+200)
-Chaotic (-200)
-Activation 1: (-200)
-Concentration (-200)

Descriptor: Asriel summons a constantly-expanding star of magic nto the sky that sits in the air, growing for roughly ten seconds until it reaches the size of a mini-van, before exploding, peppering the area with dozens of star-shaped rainbow projectiles the size of a football. The pattern is somewhat random and not entirely up to Asriel, so while he can usually avoid hitting friendlies, it is harder for him to specifically target an opponent, giving them lots of blind spots to avoid damage in the area. It takes him a while to charge up thge star, and he needs to focus on feeding it magic in order for it to grow to full-size and properly erupt - any interruption will cause it to fizzle out.

Essence Cost: 200

Star Platform
Ability Effects:

-Flight 1 (200)
-ongoing (+100)
-Affects multiple (+50)
-activation 1 (-50)

Descriptor: Asriel creates a thin, multi-coloured platform out of star magic. it does not move particularly fast, but can hold himself and others, allowing them to float in the air on the platform as it flies wherever Asrel wills it. It takes him roughly ten seconds to shape his magic into a suitably sized platform, however.

Essence Cost: 300
Chaos Buster
Ability Effects:

Damage 4 (400)
-Ranged (+200)
-Side effect: Immobilized (-200)

Descriptor: The Chaos Buster is a large, white blaster that fires off a wide, rainbow-colored beam at an opponent. While it is powerful, it takes a second to charge, and while it’s charging in Asriel’s hands he can’t really move due to it’s sheer size compared to him, leaving him open to attack. The blast’s sheer power makes up for a lot of that, but until Asriel de-summons it he can't really move faster than a turtle under it's sheer bulk. Like most of Asriel's weapons, it is summoned and de-summoned to his hands magically, as it is another manifestation of his star magic.
Essence Cost: 400
Healing Magic

Ability Effects:
Healing 6 (1200)
Ongoing (+600)
Self/Other: (+150)
Side effect: Draining (-300)
Concentration (-300)
Weakness: Mechanical targets (-150)

Descriptor: Asriel focuses magical energy to his palms, and green sparks between his fingers. Asriel is capable of focusing his unique magics in order to heal others, with these sparks touching an affected body and allowing him to heal their wounds. While able to continuously heal someone from the verge of death, Asriel can also use this to heal his own wounds - provided he is conscious, that is. Though he is able to heal people quickly, it can be quite taxing to someone new to healing magic to heal a lot of wounds fast, and the ability drains quite a bit of stamina from him. It also cannot heal robotic or mechanical targets, more suited to fixing magical beings, or living tissue. Additionally, sparks only travel a couple feet from his body at most before fizzling, limiting the abilities range. Lastly, Asriel needs to put all of his focus into fixing someone, giving him little ability to concentrate on anything else while he does so.

Essence Cost: 1200

Total essence cost 5,100
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